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Examples from Elsewhere. Low Level Bridge, Edmonton Opened 1902. On City of Edmonton's 'A' List of the Register of Historic Resources Rehabilitation Project.

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1 Examples from Elsewhere

2 Low Level Bridge, Edmonton Opened 1902. On City of Edmonton's 'A' List of the Register of Historic Resources Rehabilitation Project 2006. Assessment: deterioration of structural steel paint coating, corrosion of steel truss web members and bottom chords. Rehabilitation Strategy: to maintain the bridge for 25 -50 years. Work to ensure that the appearance and character of the bridge will be maintained. Major structural steel repairs; grit blasting and painting of the bridge; repairs to the concrete deck; widening of the sidewalk; other minor structural repairs. Environmental considerations are at the forefront of discussions on work strategy.

3 Low Level Bridge, Edmonton Jim Montgomery P. Eng., structural engineering partner … The biggest challenge with this project was the replacement of nearly half of the main structural members without disrupting the river below. As a team, we were also very conscious of maintaining the historical integrity of the bridge while upgrading its strength and durability with 21st century materials. We are thankful to the City of Edmonton for their great client performance and teamwork, and to everyone on the project team for the strength of their contributions.

4 Minto Bridges, Ottawa Constructed: 1900-1902 Designated Heritage Property City of Ottawa Rehabilitation Project: 1995-96 Assessment: Immediate need for critical structural retrofitting- coating and structural work. Funding approved under Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Program

5 Alexander Bridge, Ottawa-Hull Built 1898-1901. Designated by the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers as a 'National Historic Civil Engineering Site'. Rehabilitation Project: 2005, Buckland and Taylor Ltd. (well-known in field) Rehabilitation plan: strengthen and retrofit steel structure and piers and increase their seismic capacity; replace centre lane concrete deck; replace wooden boardwalk; install inspection walkways; install damping mechanisms to address the vibration of the structure. Environmental considerations.

6 Hartman Bridge, Waterloo, Ont. Constructed in 1936 Designated Heritage Structure 8 panel Pratt through truss, with riveted connections. Centerpiece for New Hamburg, uniting the east and west sides of town. Rehabilitation Project: 2004-05 Assessment: Increasing frequency of localized deck failures expected. Corrosion of the steel trusses.

7 Quebec Bridge Opened 1919. At that time it was the longest cantilever, steel truss railway bridge in the world. A National Historic Site. Photo Credit: Urek Jurek Wyder Rehabilitation Project 1998-2007 Used an innovative technique of waterjetting and selective water cleaning, which cut the estimated cost in half - using ultrahigh pressure (30,000+ psi). This level of pressure easily removes rust scale and all coatings. Ref: Environmental Science and Engineering. June 2001. (

8 Examples from the USA Following Examples are via the Historic Bridges Organization of North America

9 East Delhi Road Bridge, Michigan The (about) 120-year-old East Delhi Bridge, originally erected in the village of Delhi Mills, was closed in 2005 due to severe deterioration. Similar to Traffic Bridge - deteriorated to the point where it had to be closed. The one-lane bridge was reopened to vehicular traffic in August 2009 and now has traffic lights controlling how vehicles can cross the river.

10 Calhoun Street Bridge, New Jersey Restoration Project: 2010 Public-involvement process helped guide the project team. Built in 1884. The bridge is a Phoenix Pratt truss, the longest through-truss bridge in the Commission's 20- bridge inventory. Registered as a National Historic Place

11 6 th Street Bridge, Kent County MI Grand Rapids Constructed in 1886, this bridge is made of wrought iron 535 foot span, restored as a fitting tribute to its builder, the Massillon Bridge Company of Massillon Ohio. This bridge is a perfect example of the sort of treatment that all truss bridges should be receiving. Restored in its original location, this bridge continues to serve its original purpose of carrying vehicular traffic.

12 Our Consultants tell us… Each of the three options has a significant contingent of community support. All three options address City Councils directive that vehicular, cycling and pedestrian traffic modes all be accommodated. The main differences between the options lie in the estimated capital and operating costs, the heritage value, level of function, and aesthetics. The heritage value of the Traffic Bridge resides in the following character-defining elements: Those elements which speak to its status as a landmark in the community, including its form and massing and its location on its original site; Those elements that reflect the propertys engineering technology, such as being the Steel truss architecture; and Those elements that reflect the development of Saskatchewans early concrete quality control testing methods as demonstrated by the original large concrete piers and abutments.

13 Our engineers know we can... There are numerous Best Practices as shown, and companies that are well versed in such projects to indicate this is doable. I can only assume the Traffic Bridge is like 90% of truss bridges and the severe section loss is isolated to areas around the deck level. - Nathan Holth, Historic Bridges of North America

14 Our Opportunity Lets get the best information before us to ensure the best rehabilitation and... - fix what CAN be fixed -modify what CAN and SHOULD be modified -and replace where replacement is NEEDED.

15 Our National Treasure: Education Nationally, it represents a critical period in the settlement of Western Canada, the years 1896 to 1911, when the vast majority of settlers arrived here and when cities such as Saskatoon developed as regional service centres to their rural and agriculture hinterlands. This was the culmination of Sir John A. MacDonald's National Policy …and is thus symbolic of, Saskatoon's transition from settlement to city, it is more representative of these larger events in Canadian history than it would be otherwise

16 Our National Treasure: Architecture The Traffic Bridge is architecturally significant in that it is one of the few, and possibly the oldest, surviving examples in Canada of a riveted, Parker through-truss bridge of the camel back style. Saskatoon's Traffic Bridge may be the longest and oldest of the bridges in this style.

17 Our National Treasure: Added Revenue Programming, Education, FUNCTION and added Tourism.... WIN, WIN, WIN...

18 Our recommendation… The Saskatoon Heritage Society supports the recommendations of the MHAC to rehabilitate the Traffic Bridge and designate it municipally and pursue provincial and national designation Our Traffic Bridge is listed on the Holding Bylaw currently – illustrating publicly the value of this founding bridge as an important landmark. The Planning & Development Branch have provided significant rationale for pursuing designation due to its historic significance and potential for funding.

19 Additional Information…



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