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2 WHAT IS FUSION? Innovative project central to companys needs Graduate Fast track career College Increased relevance to industry Company Improved capability Partnership with benefits for all Cross Border Partnership Technology and Knowledge Transfer

3 ARE ALL COMPANIES ELIGIBLE? Mainly Small To Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) That: –Have a technology development need within the company –Demonstrate they lack capability in a specific area –Are financially able to complete and exploit the project (normally 2 years audited accounts required) –Demonstrate commitment from senior management –Have appropriate resources to participate in FUSION including staff

4 HOW CAN FUSION HELP SMEs? Typically Through FUSION Companies Can: –Develop new innovative products –Enhance existing products –Streamline production processes –Introduce product design capability –Integrate IT systems –etc

5 WHAT IS THE SUPPORT PACKAGE? Company Costs Budget Graduate employment costs (50%)* 12,350 Graduate training and development 1,125 Graduate travel and subsistence 1,125 Project equipment and consumables 1,125 University/College Costs University/College support 14,050 University/College travel & subsistence 2,250 Preparation of proposal 1,125 TOTAL 33,150 * SME pays remaining 50% of Graduate employment costs i.e. 12.35k per annum For a cost of 12.35k company gets leverage of 33.15k

6 WHAT ELSE DOES INTERTRADEIRELAND CONTRIBUTE? Additional hidden support worth approx 35k including: Costs for the Graduates Diploma course at Smurfit School Cost of Master Class to help with FUSION application Costs for recruitment of the Graduate including advertising in national papers (normally Belfast Telegraph and Irish Independent) and jobsites Project management costs for experienced consultant to oversee project Cost for provision of FUSION helpline to provide addition advice

7 Geographical Spread Of Projects So Far in Phase III

8 HOW IS YOUR PROJECT MANAGED ? Quarterly Project Management Group Meetings Monthly Technical Meetings Ad Hoc Informal Meetings/Contact

9 WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS TO COMPANIES? Access to much wider reservoir of world-class R & D facilities in our Universities, Colleges and Research Centres across the Island of Ireland Financial support package worth over £15,000 over 1 year Increased performance, capability and profit for company Excellent support with application process Ongoing support from FUSION Consultant Opportunity to attract and retain high calibre graduates FUSION network / community Opportunities for strategic alliances through FUSION

10 PROJECT BENEFITS TO ACADEMICS Funding of over 17,000 for 12-month project Support mechanisms for preparation of proposal Support mechanisms for management of project Publications in journals and at conferences Case studies for teaching material Under-graduate and post-graduate student projects Year-out and Summer student placement Guest lectures from company personnel

11 LONGER TERM BENEFITS TO ACADEMICS Fits with College strategic plans Opportunities for strategic partnerships with companies Opportunities for further funding after FUSION Clustering and networking opportunities Increased profile for College across the island of Ireland

12 MANAGEMENT TRAINING FOR THE GRADUATE Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice accredited by UCD (level 9) Delivered by The Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business, UCD 5 (two-day) modules over 1 year combined with FUSION practical work Modules –Strategic Management and Project Management –Management and Financial Accounting –Marketing Strategy –Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Change Management, –Human Resource Management/Organisational Behaviour Grooms graduate for senior management positions in the future.

13 James Hackett (Irl) Ltd and UU Improve Design Capabilitiy of Company to become a Design house for new lighting design Academic team Ian McCrum, Dominic Logan Academic Benefits –interact across all levels within the company –exposed to new case study material –design competition for students James Hackett Ltd Benefits. –Several new product lines designed –New IP Generated –Products under contract manufacture in China –Large orders from new project

14 Limavady Gear Company Ltd and ITT Research new Heat Treatments, Identify Best Materials for each Process/Application Academic James Dwan Academic Benefits –Experience of heat treating heavy industry components –Development of metallographic samples, increasing stock of gear failures for case studies –student placements in carbonising steel Limavady Gear Company Ltd Benefits. –Better understanding of Steel Heat Treatment –Much Lower Component Failure –Process improvements leading to increased profits of £30k in year 1 after project

15 Contact Details Fusion Administrator: Catherine McCaghey Tel: 048 3026 0700 Email FUSION Consultant: Jim Fitzsimons Tel 087 2845760 Email:

16 BOTTOM LINE ON FUSION!! If your company has a specific technical issue to solve Use FUSION as 1.1. Access to college for free to help 2.2. Grant to cover roughly half salary for 1 year 3.3. Technical person is also trained in business on weekends 4.4. Easy application process



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