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Guitar… a retrospective One year into the project.

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1 Guitar… a retrospective One year into the project

2 Why Guitar? Artistic Reasons – Reach alternative (non BOC) kids – New blood in the program – Raise coolness factor – Inject some fun Pragmatic reasons – Fill schedule (pull-out lesson battles, empty periods – Teaching load (# of students) – Access to potential band recruits – Keeping up with the Joness

3 All the basics Instruments… Student owned? (pro/con) School owned ($$$!) Brands? Costs… El Cheapo vs. Quality (4 or 5 to 1!!!) Local stores vs. online retailers GSOs How much time can you devote to them? When do you have to pull the plug? Triage clinic afterwards…

4 Basics cont. MATERIALS!!! – Lots out there... Web, print, etc. Very easily disseminated (text tab) – Shaped by class philosophy (see later) – Home grown vs.= time Electric? Acoustic? Nylon? Steel? – Ideals… vs. reality – If they own it, they want to play it – Uncle Frankies Axe – Dealing with the beast

5 Philosophy ALL NOTES (ANTI-TAB) – What do they know? – Prior music classes – Is TAB bad? Or just misunderstood? ALL CHORDS (NO SINGLE NOTES) TAB/NOTE HYBRIDS (guitarplayer mag, etc.) BLENDED METHODS – Some blended differently than others… POP vs. FOLK vs. ???? – What are your goals

6 What Works for Me… My Philosophy: –Functional guitar Some songs, recognizable Variety of SONGS Some melody (solos, improv) Have fun, encourage further learning – TAB is good. Yes it is. They already know it. It IS musical notation. Historical HYBRID notation – Chords YES You can play songs Simple chords – Single note reading is.. Meh. Not enough prior music knowledge Not many band kids yet Cunfuzzled. – Ensembles? Sounds good but…. What's a part? What line? Go back to letter what? – The Perfect Book – I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THAT!!! Cant reinvent the wheel… Turnkey curriculum (like a real teacher!)

7 Books Gazillions of them… Lots of different approaches If there's money to be made someone will publish it… What I used… Mastering Guitar by Bay/Christiansen PROS: some TAB, CD, Ensembles CONS: no pop music, drilly. Ensembles. NEVER TAB and notes. BETTER (shoulda) SUPERBOOK A little of everything… 5 books in one Same cost as other books POP songs, Beatles and Elton John are at least… poppier. Some melody tunes, simple Drills Pentatonic scales, solo licks TAB CDs

8 Tunage ULTIMATE! – Take a song and transpose to a key they know – Play along MIDIs (vanBasco) ESSENTIAL in my philosophy (must have songs they know and want to play) Metallica trumps Molly Malone EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK Variety.. Examples all use G, C, D, Em, Am or variants – Unforgiven – Mad World (transposed) – Hey Soul Sister (transposed, good for Uke!) – Wonderwall (transposed) – Good Riddance – The Joker (Steve Miller, with editorial discretion)

9 Extensions Several experienced students Some basic students UKULELE!!! – Lazy…. – FUN!!!!!!!! – Baritone Uke and guitar TOP 4 (DGBE) Reentrant tuning vs standard Span Nylon Mandolin – Closely related to violin – EASY 2 finger chords (C,G,D,A,Em) – Bluegrass, folk, rock MULTICULTURAL+++ BUZZ CHEAP IDLE HANDS, etc. BASS – Good for basic kids – Good for a band feel Barre Chords/ Capo Electric Violin+Distortion=ROCK!

10 DEALBREAKERS Not many…. The F chord Barres Note reading??? (I have mixed opinions…) Hacking… Pick Loss… where the heck do they go? Calluses (ouchies)

11 Easy Fun Stuff Get a Pedal (digitech, $50) Electric Guitar – Some things MUCH easier (barres!) – COOLNESS FACTOR Pentatonic Scale Power Chords Palm Mute Rock chords are EASIER than legit chords

12 NEXT YEAR!!! Units/ proficiencies/ structure More tunes Set the stage for more note reading in Guitar 2. Level better (hope?) More Guitars…. DonorsChoose here I come! ROCK BAND??? More Band kids? FUTURE: Bluegrass (All-state Jug Band?) SUCCESS?!?!

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