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WisDOT - Bureau of Structures Brandan Burger & Dave Kiekbusch.

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1 WisDOT - Bureau of Structures Brandan Burger & Dave Kiekbusch

2 Anything structural – change in loading, structural capacity, pile locations If in doubt, call us! See Structures Contacts Handout Remind Contractor to go thru Construction Staff for answers

3 Measure Twice… Cut Once!


5 Send electronic files via e-mail to: Craig Wehrle: Girders, rails, exp. joints, bearings, etc. Steel fabrication Who inspects?: BOS Structures Maintenance BOS hired Consultants

6 Prestressed Concrete Girders Plant has one Quality Verification (QV) inspector Weekly approval @ plant - QV reports QV reports with girder acceptance recommendations are sent to region materials staff and forwarded to project personnel. Issues from the fabrication plant should NOT be re-visited at the job site. Final approval is made by project engineer at job site - any shipping or erection damage.

7 Initial sweep is critical Fabricators responsibility Measured at the plant Long term sweep only a concern IF intermediate diaphragms dont fit.

8 Mostly occurs w/ steel & wide flange (>4) prestressed girders Contractors responsibility Strapping top flanges & bracing bottom flanges NO welding to top flange of steel girders or prestressed girder rebar!


10 Proper rebar clearance Release joint straps ASAP – before set

11 Anchorage for Steel Railings Hold anchor bolts up – thread connection

12 Plan details for fill at wing tips Proper Fill = Minimize Future Erosion

13 What to look for: Materials Backfill – Material, Compaction Reinforcement – Strap Placement Panels – Damage, Filter Fabric Construction – Obstructions Drainage If designed and built correctly = Quality Product



16 Overhead sign supports, sign bridges, traffic signal monotubes, high mast lighting poles Contractors responsibility Anchor bolt tensioning: DT2321 - each structure Submit to the engineer - permanent project records Engineers responsibility Contact region traffic or maintenance - set up inspection as soon as each structure is complete

17 FOUNDATIONS: Too Low/Buried Removal of Excess Formwork Shaft/Bar Cage Not Plumb or Centered Missing Rodent Screen

18 ANCHOR BOLTS: Use of Lock Washer Out of Plumb Leveling Nuts Improper Tensioning

19 Bolted Connections: Missing Bolts on Truss Loose Bolts on Splice Prepped Splice Plates

20 Bolted Connections: Faying Surface Gap Use of Lock Washer Incorrect Bolt Size/Length

21 Sign Connections: Approved Hardware Oversized and slotted hole Over Tensioning Blank Signs and cover

22 505.3.4 Placing and Fastening Plastic chairs – support bottom mat of rebar Continuous chairs – support top mat of rebar off bottom mat NOT ALLOWED – individual plastic chairs to support top mat of rebar Reminder: Hardware incorporated in deck must be galvanized, epoxy coated, stainless steel, etc. Welding is not permitted on epoxy steel.



25 New Section 550: similar to STSP used for the last few years. Modified Gates – Required Driving Resistance Specification Covers: Steel, Cast in Place & Precast Concrete Piles Pile Points Providing test piles Driving piles Determining required driving resistance Preboring Pile redriving

26 Weld splices conforming to the AWS D1.1/D1.1M Structural Welding Code-Steel.

27 Contractor certifies the quality of field welds as follows: 1. Designate who inspects welding. Must be an AWS certified welding inspector (CWI) or a department-approved individual. 2. Evaluate field welding at suitable intervals. 3. Complete DT2320 for each structure 4. Submit form to the engineer - permanent project record.

28 If piles drive longer than plan length, pay for field splice Current policy: Splices paid as equivalent to the contract price for: HP piles = 9 feet per pile spliced Other piles = 6 feet per pile spliced ONE payment per pile. Possible revision for 2014

29 Section 550.3.11.3 Painting: See the departments approved product list Paint Systems for Exposed Piling

30 Inspect temporary structures before opening to traffic Conform to NBIS & departments structure inspection manual Guidance in CMM: Chapter 5 Structures Contractors Responsibility Included in ASP 6 Submit DT2007 to the engineer & BOS Maintenance Section Inspector must be department-certified active team leader List online – see CMM

31 New Structural Approach Slabs US Highways & Interstates

32 Every Day Counts – FHWA Initiative Bridge Manual – ABC chapter Completed WisDOT projects: Precast deck panels, abutments & pier caps; Inverted T girders; Superstructure lateral slides; Geosynthetic reinforced soil (GRS) abutments

33 Upcoming WisDOT projects: Self-Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT), precast columns and pier cap, precast inverted T WisDOT continues to look for projects where ABC provides clear benefits.

34 Call us with Questions We look forward to another great year of bridge construction!


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