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Class Meeting 7: Packages of Information

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1 Class Meeting 7: Packages of Information

2 Any trouble – -finding / using call numbers? -navigating physical library? -navigating library website? -using print reference? -using an index? -using a bound journal? Questions? Comments?

3 Source of additional relevant material Learn what other scholars feel are the founding sources of discipline Check facts and figures Keep in touch with advancing scholarship

4 Online bibliography htm htm Academic Search Premier – Cited References Leggatt, Judith, and Christopher Parkes. "From the Red Room to Rochester's Haircut: Mind Control in Jane Eyre." English Studies in Canada 32.4 (2006): 169-188. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 19 Aug. 2010. db=aph&AN=32498335&site=ehost-live&scope=site Scopus doi:10.4103/0022-3859.43512

5 Each reference is its own information package Scholarly Information Packages are linked to others in pattern of scholarly communication Specific types of information packages are preferable for different functions

6 Books Encyclopedia articles Documentaries Letters

7 Gift of the Magi Guns, Germs, and Steel Amazing Grace Ulysses Nutrition Facts on bag of Jolly Rancher

8 Journal Articles Book Chapters Monographs Dissertations

9 Where does each package fit on theInformation Timeline?Information Timeline What does this tell you about the information inside?

10 Peer review involves submitted articles being judged by a jury of peers and experts in the field Not everything authors submit is published! Journals will be more formal, have less reiteration of material Professors like peer reviewed journals, as they are more scholarly than other packages Even refereed journals have non-refereed sections (comments, letters, book reviews, etc)

11 Databases like Academic Search Premier and Academic OneFile are gateways to various packages – journals, magazines, newspapers, even books Do a sample search in OneFile on a topic Results are organized by date automatically (most recent to least recent) Can also organize results by package type – links at top of results for journals, magazines, etc. Can also limit to peer-reviewed publications Limits applied after search affect only current tab

12 Select different fields to search from Can search for terms in one field – words only in the title, the authors name, by subject terms, by keywords Modify searches by checking boxes under the search field Limit by time period, one journal title, document type Cant find it in full-text? Use the Find It @ MU button Will locate article in full-text in another database OR allow you to search MERLIN print holdings If you still cannot get the text you want, you may request the article through Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

13 OR: searches for synonyms and related words (dog OR canine)(congress OR parliament) Use parentheses when using OR Truncation: searches for multiple endings to a word root Symbol varies, but is often an asterisk (*) Nurs* finds nurse, nurses, and nursing Wildcarding: searches for alternative spellings that vary by a letter Symbol varies, but is often a question mark (?) Wom?n finds woman, women, womyn Can also be used to replace multiple letters by using multiple symbols: Fr?nc? Finds France and French

14 AND: combines search terms together, finds results with all included terms hospitals AND nursing AND instruction NOT: eliminates a word from the search results children NOT infants Quotations: use when searching for an exact phrase; finds words side-by-side heart disease President Bush Check out – a search engine with suggested limits for your search results (Google does it too, but usually gives fewer suggestions)

15 Search Smarter, Search Faster bjxA bjxA Start at 310 for Boolean review University of Sydney

16 Perform a search in Academic Onefile on a broad academic topic of your choice (ex: World War II, Photosynthesis, etc.) Experiment with ways to make your search more specific and less specific following worksheet instructions. Complete worksheet and bring next week. Worth 5% of your grade, due next class period.

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