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Vernon Jones Deputy Director & Commercial Manager.

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1 Vernon Jones Deputy Director & Commercial Manager

2 Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham, Doncaster c1.5 million population Former coal mining and steel manufacturing community (Formerly) Area of economic deprivation judged on EU standards Also some isolated rural communities e-learning driving much of the regeneration European Union funded The South Yorkshire e-Learning Programme

3 Objectives increase educational attainment address social inclusion reduce the digital divide increase the skills base to attract inward investment by high technology companies increase the ability and competitiveness of the business community in South Yorkshire Overall, since starting in 2000 and including the feasibility study, the programme will have invested over £72million on computer infrastructure, ICT training and skills training over six years.

4 sub-regional VLE 24/7 content repository student tracking all secondary schools all FE colleges community access SMEs Creative & Digital SMEs High tech manufacturing SMEs Environmental SMEs Bio-sciences SMEs Financial Services feeder primary schools Libraries, community centres etc. cluster networks of 370 SMEs network of 149 organisations SMEs 30% general ©

5 Site budget for – –Hardware –Software –Staff development To create a learning culture throughout South Yorkshire To raise the skills levels of individuals and organisations throughout South Yorkshire To enhance companies development of ICT and e-learning What is on offer to SMEs and why?

6 What Training is Offered? Basic Skills Literacy Numeracy Personal & Workplace Time Management Health & Safety Communication MS Office Skills Word Excel Access Outlook Powerpoint Basic ICT Skills The Internet & e-Mail Keyboard Skills ECDL HR Management Presentation Skills Communication Skills Equal Opportunities Health & Safety Legislation Management Meetings Skills Health & Safety Equal Opportunities Appraisals Advanced ICT Skills E-commerce Networks Internet Security Web Page Design Hardware Support

7 Recruitment as at September 2005 Against an original target of 370 SMEs we have now recruited 450 SMEs throughout the sub-region

8 Course Enrolments

9 Recruitment - assesses suitability of engaged SMEs. Addtionality – value added to the business. Displacement – effect upon the business with regard to its competitors. Multiplier Effect – influence on the local economy. Deadweight – the value the SME places on the service provided. Delivery & Impact – satisfaction and integration. VLE & Content – capability to meet SME expectations. Evaluation & Monitoring System

10 The® programme, which is revolutionising learning opportunities in South Yorkshire, has been awarded the very first prestigious SEEL Quality for e-Learning Regions and Cities Award 2004 In the view of the panel, South Yorkshires e-learning programme is a model that could be transferred and adapted to other regions in Europe® Gets SEEL of Approval

11 E-Learning Networks Award The programme has been awarded a UK national prize by the e-Learning Network for: The best example of supporting learners online 10 th November 2006

12 Lessons Learned Engagement must have support of decision makers in the recipient organisation Sustainability doesnt just happen Content doesnt just happen Context is an imperative Tailored training

13 Biggest Lesson The early bird may get the worm, but …………. Its the second mouse that gets the cheese!! Steven Wright

14 Contact Details Vernon Jones Deputy Director & Commercial Manager SYeLP 6 th Floor, Derwent House 150 Arundel Gate Sheffield S1 2JY Tel: 0114 205 3245 Fax: 0114 205 3242 Mobile: 07795 2909

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