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SmartSkyways In Branson. SmartSkyways Inc. Funds Requested $227,000,000 Type of Funding Joint Venture or Contract for Services.

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1 SmartSkyways In Branson

2 SmartSkyways Inc. Funds Requested $227,000,000 Type of Funding Joint Venture or Contract for Services

3 Smartskyways, Inc. This project has two components that highlight its attractiveness. Urban transit and real estate combine to create a project with a multiple revenue stream model while the real estate component brings short-term returns, the transit component brings long term earnings that stretch for decades Overview:

4 Main Street Traffic in Branson. MO.

5 Our Prototype Technology Is a configuration of guideways, controls, propulsion and vehicles.


7 Chassis Functions Optional)


9 Wall Mart Hwy 76 $128 Million to build a 6.6 mile route on Main Street shown in blue. The red line is a second route for later Mall

10 The Initial Public Stations * Vending * phone * Ticketing * lockers

11 Growing Stations into Pedestrian Villages At each station there is over 1.5 million s.f. of land area within an 850 ft – a two block walk.

12 City approvals and Public Vote$2,000,000 Engineer, prep and construct 6. 6 mile Route$128,000,000 (Includes constructing ¼ mile model $6,000,000 Real Estate Development Optional Purchase improved land$27,560,000 Purchase 50 acres adjacent raw land $26,000,000 Plan, design, engineer and permit villages$1,500,000 Market land and condos nationally$1,000,000 Construction for Condos, Townhomes and Retail$41,000,000 Real Estate Total$97,060,000 Total Required Funding$227,060,000


14 Branson Ridership Assumptions Tourist Riders at 15,000 p/d 14,500 x $3.00 x 315days Employee Ridership 1,000 x $1.00 x 315 days Local Residents 500 x $1.00 x 315 days Total Daily Ridership 16,000 Cargo & Packages $ 300 x 315 days Advertising $1,000x 315 days Annual Revenue 22,600,000 Daily Ridership 18,500 Daily Revenues $62,700 Start up year NOI $14,300,000 Growing over 25 years to $58,000,000

15 CAPITAL CONSTRUCTION COST[in $1,000s] DIRECT COSTS Per MileUnit6.6 Miles Construct 1/4 Mile Sales Model and Ops Hub6000000 Approvals/Engineering at 7% of Constr1,062,000job$6,860,000 Conc Guideway 70' beams fabricated @$13,333 ea1,000,000mile$6,626,500 Steel Roadbed track528,000mile$3,484,800 497 Columns & footings at $8800662,667mile$4,373,600 497 cross beams every 70' at $5300 ea399,106mile$2,634,100 Shipping to Job Site150,000mile$990,000 497 Erections @ $5,000 each497,000mile$2,485,000 Electric Power Distribution1,100,000mile$7,260,000 Control Systems1,700,000mile$11,220,000 20 Stations@ $850,000 ea3,400,000stations$17,000,000 Maintenance Facilities/model151,515min$1,000,000 Vehicles assume 200 to start2,339,394each$15,440,000 Off site Civil @5%727,273mile$4,800,000 Moving utitlities signs walks, driveways1,212,121$8,000,000 Contingincy at 10% 1,487,712 $9,818,900 Subtotal Direct 14,874,848$98,174,000 INDIRECT COSTS Insurance % Misc at 3%$2,945,220 Administration (5% project cost) $4,908,700 Underwriting Fees at 12%$11,780,880 Interest Reserves at 14%$13,744,360 Subtotal Direct and Indirect $30,433,940 TOTAL COSTS 19,486,052 $128,607,940

16 By Growing a Revenue Base from increasing riders and pricing against a Fixed Cost Installation Fixed Cost Installation Operations Profits years

17 By developing Pedestrian Villages

18 By selling travel info & reservations We Do Group Presentations This also helps tourism while earning extra money. This is a new area to be explored with mobile technology. Internet Ports for each Seat and Station Kiosks - growing up to 100,000 users per day over time

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