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1 Arkon Flow Systems Company presentation Version 05-2012

2 1.Our Company 2.Product Range 3.Our Markets And Distributors 4.Applications 5.Installation References 6. Calibration 7.Our Production and Premises 8.Certificates 9.Contact Details CONTENT

3 FLEXIBILITY to customer needs and technical development. CUSTOMIZED SERVICE to offer the best solution to customers. R & D to offer products with newest technologies, meeting customers requirements. Main activities: Design, production and distribution of electromagnetic flowmeters Arkon product range is completed by: Ultrasonic flowmeters and levels Parshall flumes Flow indicators Clamp on ultrasonic flowmeters PHILOSOPHY 1.OUR COMPANY

4 Arkon Flow Systems, s.r.o. is a Czech based company established in 2000 with a previous history from UK (Arkon Instruments Ltd, RTM Group Ltd.) Arkon Flow Systems, s.r.o. offers its products via worldwide distributor network. ARKON offers a flexible approach to the customers needs, offering customized solutions to each applications. ARKON's main activity is the design, production and distribution of electromagnetic flowmeters. Arkon's product range is complimented with ultrasonic flowmeters and level meters, Parshall flumes and flow indicators. ARKON's philosophy is to work with its customers on a personal basis, understanding individual customers needs. ARKON is determined to be perceived as a player of lasting importance on the world flowmeter market, and to offer superior value by specializing in electromagnetic flowmeter technology.


6 Flow indicators Electromagnetic flowmeters Ultrasonic flowmeters and level meters Parshall flumes 2. PRODUCT RANGE

7 Electromagnetic flowmeters

8 You don't pay for options you do not need You can build a flow meter exactly as per your requirement You can upgrade your flow meter at any time in the future The MAGX2 has an innovative modular design Plug & Play; it is a fit-all, flexible, low-cost flow meter all at the same time. The transmitter consists of the low-cost basic unit plus optional modules according to the end user's requirements. Each module is in fact a small electronic board, the size of a large stamp, which can be freely installed and removed from the main board in seconds.

9 Features, Advantages and Benefits: Accuracy ±0,2% of actual value Temperature sensor to measure temperature of the measured medium Communication protocol: all communications via MODBUS RTU Automatic electrodes cleaning Unique Built-in design for upgrades Graphic display: multi-language menu Intelligent sensor design: digital communication allows communication between the transmitter and the sensor up to 500m Data-logging on micro SD card GPRS, GSM-SMS and TCP/IP communication available Sizes from DN10 to DN1000 Connections: DIN, ANSI, other on request Modular design suitable from most basic to most advanced applications.

10 Battery powered flowmeter for special applications and installations. Accuracy: 0,5% or 2% depending on the size Empty pipe detection, automatically turns off the excitation to prolong battey life Graphic display and keypad for instant access to information Modbus RTU communication protocol via USB Standard USB interface for configuration and data collection using MAGB1 software Isolated binary output (pulse per lites or alarm or flow rate functions) Error detection Two built-in earthing electrodes Data-logger: 1820 records, selectable interval of logging (5min – 24h) Suitable for irrigation, remote applications, any other applications where power supply lines are difficult or expensive to install Sizes from DN20 to DN150. Other on request Connections: DIN, ANSI, other on request Battery life up to 5 years Adjustable filte constant 1-30 samples Minimized inlet and outlet installation requirements Maintenance free Features, Advantages and Benefits:

11 Electromagnetic flowmeter without transmitter which can be operated on its own. Features, Advantages and Benefits: Ambient temperature: -20º to 60ºC (-4 to 140ºF) Sensor Protection: IP68 (Nema 6), IP67 (Nema 5) Liner: Hard Rubber, PTFE, other material on request Outer casing: Carbon steel (1.0036) as standard Maximum nominal pressure: PN 40/300 psi Max. media temperature: 70ºC (158ºF) for Hard Rubber liner, 130ºC (266ºF) for PTFE liner in remote version Accuracy: ±0,2% (0,5 to 10 m/s) of actual value Communication: RS485 – Modbus RTU Sizes from 25 to 250 mm (1-10) Connections: DIN, ANSI, other on request Power Supply: 24VCD ± 10% @ 0.5A max Min. Media Electrical conductivity: 5ų S/cm 20 ų S/cm for demineralised water Flow Range: 0,1 to 10 m/s; 0,015 – 10.000 l/s Flange material: Steel 1.0036 or higher, Dimensions according to DIN EN 1092-1, ASME B 16.5, JIS B 2239

12 Battery powered plastic flowmeter for agricultural applications. Features, Advantages and Benefits: Accuracy: ±1% from 10% to 100% of full scale range Powered by 6 x AA batteries. Batteries easily interchangeable Battery life: 1 year with meter in use, 3 years in sleeping mode Body material: polypropylene Empty pipe detection and battery saving mode LCD display 128x64 px graphical Display shows: actual flow, totalizer and auxiliary totalizer Sizes available: 25, 50, 80mm (1, 2 and 3 inches) Suitable for water and any liquid with conductivity 20µS/cm No earthing rings required (built in earthing electrodes as standard) Bidirectional measurement. (Only one direction for totalizer) 4 stainless steel electrodes Connections: Flange clamps Units possible: flow: m³/h, l/s, l/min, US gal/min, UK gal/min; Totalizers: m³, l, US Gal, UK Gal Working pressure 150psi or 10.3 bars

13 Mag910 Checkmag Mag910E Economic solution for simple applications Sizes from DN10 to DN800 Connections: DIN, ANSI Communication: RS232 Manual control with magnetic pointer User friendly flowmeter for demanding applications Sizes from DN10 to DN800 Connections: DIN, ANSI Data-logger Communication: RS232, RS485 Push buttons Flowmeter suitable for many specific applications Built-in datalogger with software Can also be offered with a full stainless steel sensor Sizes from DN10 to DN1000

14 MQU MHU Ultrasonic level meters and clamp on flowmeters MHU means a multi-universal, efficient level-meter with simple economic possibility of assembling right on the place of measurement The standard MHU ultrasonic level-meter is a combination of the Arkon´s ultrasonic transmitter with a PU sensor Accuracy 1,8% to 4% of range Easy solution to use combine with a flume to measure open channels Flexible and clever assembling system Easy and fast-moving change from compact to remote version Robust and resistant cover of sensor and transmitter Accuracy 1,8% to 4% of range

15 Arkon parshall flumes are primary flow devices with a wide range of applications, for measuring open channels flow Flow rates from 0.26 to 1841 l/s Low energy loss (3-4 times lower than in sharp-created weirs) Flow rate measurement even under drowned conditions Velocities inside parshall flumes are high enough to prevent them from the deposition of sediments or accumulation of debris Minimum maintenance requirements Long lifetime Parshall flumes


17 Arkon offers their products to customers via worldwide distributor network. 3.MARKETS AND DISTRIBUTORS Countries: Australia, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom, Venezuela.

18 71 % Water and waste water treatment 22 % Industrial 4 % Mining 3 % Others 4. APPLICATIONS

19 5. INSTALLATION REFERENCES MAGX2, Wastewater tratment, Poland (2011) MAGX2, Water Treatment Plant Adazhi, Latvia (2011) MAGX2, Mining industry Iquique, Chile (2011) MAGX2, Water Treatment, Morocco (2011)

20 MAGX1, Water Supply, Bogota, Colombia (2008) Water system project Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, (2009) MAGX1, Royal Irrigation Department, Tak City, Thailand (2008) Water system project Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, (2009)

21 Accredited Calibration rig Brno, Czech Republic All our flowmeters are wet calibrated. The flow rate is calibrated directly by comparison with a traceable flowmeter. If re-calibration is requested, the flowmeters should be recalibrated as a whole unit including the sensor. Accuracy of the flowmeter depends not only on the stability of the electronic unit, but also on the stability and mechanical changes of the liner. This is generally valid for all electromagnetic flowmeters. We offer a standard 3 point calibration, on request we can offer up to a 10 point calibration at an extra cost. TRACEABILITY OF CALIBRATION All Arkon flowmeters are calibrated at one of the Czech Republic accredited calibration laboratory facilities. All those laboratories are traceable to the main Czech Metrology Institute (CMI). CMI is the Czech national metrology body and is traceable to international standards such as TUV Germany and Delft Netherlands. 6. CALIBRATION

22 Intern calibration rig Suitable for sizes from 10 to 150 mm Intern calibrations and R & D activities


24 CE Certificates: MAGB1 8. CERTIFICATES CE Certificate: MAGX2CE Certificate: MAGS1

25 CE Certificate : Agrimag GOST Aproval certificate for Russian Market ISO Certificate

26 Arkon Flow Systems, s.r.o. Přízova 1-3 Brno, 602 00 Czech Republic Tel: +420 543 214 822 Fax: +420 543 215 249 Sales / General: Logistic: Technical support: 9. CONTACT DETAILS

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