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Integrating the Double Wing and One-Back Offense The Pioneer Way Lewis & Clark College.

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1 Integrating the Double Wing and One-Back Offense The Pioneer Way Lewis & Clark College

2 Major in the Majors Spend MOST of your time doing whats MOST important. Pitch, Trap, Scissors, Boot, Reverse Simplicity + Repetition are greater than Complexity + Diversion Recruit players and offer everyone the opportunity to be involved and important.

3 Numbering, Formations, Terminology System Same personnel w/ multiple formations or multiple personnel groups? Normal = 2TE, 2WB, 1FB Ace = 1TE, 3WR, 1FB Deuce = 2TE, 2WR, 1FB Jumbo = 2 TE, 2FB, 1RB

4 Numbering System GAPS BACKS & TES

5 Normal Formations Normal Right/Left

6 Normal Formations, contd. Over RT/LFT Deuce Deuce RT/LFT

7 Position Tag Letters X Y Q H Z F



10 Ace Formations, contd. STAR RIGHT: set Z and H to Y side X Y H Z STAR LEFT: set Z and H opposite Y X Y Z H F

11 Alignment Variations of H and Z Close = Z aligns close to Y Tight = Z and H have tight alignment (close to Y and the open side OT).

12 Alignment Variations, contd. FLEX = flex the Y (2 x 2 / 4-wide) e.g., STEEL FLEX Y Q X Z H F

13 Motion H motion HIP = Into formation HOP = Over or through formation HAZE = Away from formation Z motion ZIP = Z Into formation ZOOM = Over or through formation ZAP = Away from formation

14 Huddle Call Sequence: Motion to the Formation Say the type of motion which leads to the formation at the snap. For example: HIP STAR TITE 38 SCISSORS

15 Gun Gun – Hip Star Close 17 Boot Q

16 Top Double Wing Plays from Ace Formations 47 Scissors / 38 Scissors 17 Boot / 18 Boot (Boise / Tampa) 23 Counter Trap / 24 Counter Trap 47 Reverse / 38 Reverse 45 Pitch / 36 Pitch 15 Q / 16 Q

17 Normal, Ace and Jumbo Personnel and Formations Formations with Jumbo personnel: StackRight/Left

18 Jumbo Formations w/Ace Personnel Stack X Y Q F H Z

19 Jumbo and Ace, contd. LEFT RIGHT H Z F F Z H

20 Motion Out of Stack Example: HAZE LEFT X Y Q F H Z

21 Double Wing Play Tag Terms Tucson = Tackle Toss Seattle = Scissors Solo = Pull only BSG on DW Pitch. Pull only FSG on STR/STL Scissors. Boise = Boot Tampa = Throwback

22 Passing Tree Inside breaking routes are EVEN #s Outside breaking routes are ODD #s 0 = behind LOS1 = arrow 2 = slant3 = sideline 4 = hitch / curl5 = comeback 6 = dig / cross7 = corner 8 = post / seam9 = fade / go

23 Protections 1.DW Play Action – Man Schemes 2.Turnback (1 st uncovered) – Lucky / Ringo 3.Full Gap / 3 step – Black / Orange 4.Big keeps BSTE in to block. 5.Max keeps both TEs in to block. Protection Terms with L and R tell FB which direction to go – linemen know opposite back.

24 Putting it Together HAZE LEFT 18 TAMPA Q F H Z

25 Putting it Together, contd. HAZE LEFT LUCKY 756 FLARE Q F H Z

26 SUMMARY 1.K-I-S-S and M-I-S-S 2.FIND A WAY a) Exploit opponents weaknesses. b) Involve your players. c) Get the ball into the end zone. 3. EVERYONE LIFT! 4. HAVE FUN.

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