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Not Just for Bottled Water Any More!

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1 Not Just for Bottled Water Any More!
By ClearWater Tech, LLC Not Just for Bottled Water Any More!

2 Is There Anything Beer and Wine Producers Can Agree On?

3 O3

4 Shared Problems Off Flavors Off Odors Aborted Fermentation
Cleaning Problems Equipment Degradation

5 Traditional Sanitizers
Chlorine Dioxide Pitting in Stainless Steel Off Flavor Chemical Handling Safety

6 Traditional Sanitizers
Paracetic Acid Inconsistent Sanitation - Off-gas H2O2 when lines depressurized Reduced Product Shelf Life

7 Traditional Sanitizers
Iodophore (Iodine+Surfactants) Fermentation Tank Pitting Soft Rubber Degradation Changes in Product Flavor

8 Shared Ozone Solution Brewery/Winery-Wide Sterile Rinse System
Barrel Washing Surface Sanitation Washdown Bottle Rinsing Clean-in-Place Transfer Lines Mold Control Water Treatment Waste Water Treatment

9 Typical Fixed O3 System CWT CD4000HO 45 grams per hour @ 6%
2 Sequal Workhorse 15C oxygen generators 30 SCFH total/90% purity Signet ORP controller Maintain 1,000 mV ORP 4-20 mA signal controlling ozone output Rosemount dissolved O3 monitor

10 Typical System Parameters
Incoming municipal water Typical pH of 7-8 Chlorine residual 0.08 to 0.5 ppm 0.5 ppm O3 residual (1,000mV ORP) in storage tank Applied dosage rate of about 3.3 ppm Water entering the storage tank is maintained at a 1.0 ppm residual level

11 Recirculating Ozone System
Muni Water 40 gpm Pl 60 gpm 20 gpm Off-gas Recirculation Injector Reaction Vessel Ozone Generator Pl ORP Probe To Plant Wide C.I.P. System & Fragment Flush 60 gpm Pl O3 Probe 125 gpm 2” inlet Pl To Bottle Rinser 25 gpm 3” outlet 10,000 gallon storage tank

12 Results Maintain ≥ 3 log reduction in mold, yeast and bacteria counts
Consistent ORP and dissolved ozone readings Eliminated wear on fermentation tanks and other stainless steel parts Reduced chemical handling Well water without microbes, residual flavor or odor effects

13 Successes

14 O3 Thank You!

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