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Dr Sunil Anand. Working summary of case Important Themes Its easier to talk about the physicals, the emotions are more difficult My shoulder blades tighten(HG)

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1 Dr Sunil Anand

2 Working summary of case Important Themes Its easier to talk about the physicals, the emotions are more difficult My shoulder blades tighten(HG) Talk about tighten Feel it in my neck and it restricts my mobility(HG) It just freezes up as I am stuck in this range of motion

3 Elaborate on stuck Stiff and tight More on stiff and tight Its locked My muscles like to tense up

4 Doodle 1 Do a doodle with stiff, tight and locked A re-bar What is the sensation? Train track of steel-no give Difficult to penetrate

5 My father is alive but no emotional connection Wear my heart in my sleeves Its a defense mechanism Severed relationship with elder sister Talk about severed Like cutting off a limb

6 Doodle 2&3-Conection and Disconnection Connection- Heart and the connection inside and two circles connected That becomes a part of my sleeves and a part of my armor You need the armor for a rainy day Disconnection- fight with sister Little piece of black cancer Left a part of my heart

7 Connected Disconnected

8 More on experience and sensation of backache? Stuck forward Could lead to paralysis after an extreme movement Say more One wrong move and you will be stuck

9 Back to doodles Re-bar-steel, difficult to penetrate What would be the opposite? Sponge- pores, can be squeezed, air flows through it and its light Talk more on freeze up Locked and stuck Phenomena in nature that is locked and stuck? An icicle

10 Icicle Say more on icicle Its like my knots- like an icicle being created Say more Its going to snap It comes back to if I move the wrong way, I am going to be paralyzed I am stuck with it being iced

11 Say more on snap My neck is going to be snapped off and stuck in one position if I just move too far one way So it snaps first and then gets stuck? Yes More on snap Like a tree limb which is coming apart from the tree trunk

12 Arbutus tree Why does it appeal to you? It has a thin bark that you can peel off It is huge, beautiful, evergreen but delicate Say more on delicate Not fragile but not strong and sturdy The wind may blow off the bark

13 Fragile and Delicate Say more on fragile? Fragility of a child or emotions Say more on fragility Its like porcelain Like my grandmother who died She was so delicate and fragile

14 Image hunting- Birds and Sponge A sponge is delicate, absorbent. With Spongia there would be multiple sensations- issues of Calcarea and Silica and Carbo veg Victim aggressor- She didnt have intense hatred and that someone is trying to get her. No drained out issues There are no issues of birds too

15 The feeling is for 25 years I tolerated that abuse because I wanted that connection. Puppet or a slave, the puppet has the control or connections, its through the connections the puppet moves. Im not going to have that anymore.

16 But in this case…. You see the sensitivity You see the ability to feel hurt The ability to adapt The ease with which she gives opposites So this is a plant kingdom case

17 But which family? You see certain sensations like caught, stiff,stuck etc looks like the Anacardaciae family. Probably - Rhus Tox. But when we confirm further in her case it is that something will snap and then she will get stuck.

18 Significance of Doodles The doodles are encouraged at appropriate parts of the case It is like a by-pass It helps the patient to explore her inner sensations when she faces a block One cannot prescribe on the doodle alone One had to ask the experience and sensation while looking at the doodle

19 When probed in this way we understand that… The fear is that one wrong move & that it will snap and will get stuck. She also talks about fragile emotions. Source word: Porcelain, fragility of a child, hard interior but soft exterior, bark peels off. She gives us the opposite polarities easily.

20 Conifer family The opposite polarities - Steel/sponge, Heart connected/heart broken. Polarities confirm the deeper sensation. In this case it is the sensation of the Conifer family.

21 Which miasm? She says …. I have high pain tolerance I cannot control my pain without help I was always older than my age Does things in extremes Dreams- running but no where specific, without sign posts Falling off a cliff. There is a cancer within me.

22 Recap Kingdom- Plant kingdom: sensitivity, I wear my heart on my sleeve, emotional, shes trying to adapt to the situation. Conifer: Connection/disconnection, fragile, delicate, scar tissue that can snap, tree limb that can snap anytime, the need to stay in one place and freeze, one wrong move and paralyzed for life.

23 Sensation-stuck, freezes up, stiff, tight, locked,snapped, stuck, like a tree limb, with one wrong move (thats very cancer miasm like) Carcinosin words: I grew up too early. Not as desperate as Carcinosin. I was a good girl. Control. Perfection. Beyond ones capacity. A strong family history of Cancer

24 All this suggests ConiferCancerSabina

25 Potency Sensation confirmed at all levels. Strong person with strong vitality. Sabina 1M single dose.

26 Brittle and its synonyms The sensation brittle is prominent in the remedies from the Conifer family Some synonyms of brittle are- Fragile Broken Pieces These make the picture of the family complete

27 Cut off and Disconnected At a deeper level, this sensation can be understood as isolation and emptiness The sensations emptiness, brittleness and lack of connection are linked to each other The feeling of brittleness and fragility is due to the inner sensation of emptiness Things which are brittle crumble into pieces Once it breaks and crumbles the connection is lost

28 Connected Disconnected

29 Main Sensation-like an egg shell Emptiness Brittleness Separation Cut-off The picture that comes in mind is of an egg shell When the egg is empty the shell is fragile and brittle Once it is broken the continuity is lost and it crumbles to pieces-a break in the whole

30 Differentiation

31 Scrophuliaraceae

32 Scrophuliaraceae- The sensation of dissociation has a subtle difference- When two separate things are associated and then they come apart and the bond is broken The bond is made and then torn loose The bond is between two separate entities joining or adhering together So the rubrics would have the sensation of adhesion and tearing loose

33 Malvales

34 Main sensation is of attachment and detachment Attachment is two entities coming together One becoming part of the other Like a mother and her new born

35 Leguminoseae

36 Leguminoseae-Pea family The pods have different components together They need to separate in order to spread The pods split open along the sutures and the seeds scatter At a human level, the self is made up of various parts bound together Feeling that the parts could separate and fall to pieces There is an external factor splitting them up

37 Arbutus tree-Ericaceae Also known as the strawberry tree or the evergreens A tough tree needing little nourishment- Wikepedia(source) Its bark peels off very easily While talking of this tree what comes up is delicate again taking us to the Conifer family

38 Sabina and Cancer Miasm Female: Cancer: uterus (Complete) Chest: Cancer: scirrhus, mammae (Complete) Dreams:falling: high places, from: men are killed by falling from a height(Complete) Dreams: excelling in mental work(Complete) The above rubrics indicate its use in cancer The depth of action is reflected in the dreams

39 Sabina-proposed feeling and miasm In control even when broken, disconnected or cut off

40 E mail FU 1 after 2 months I was sleeping really well after the remedy My weekly workouts have been more geared towards stretching and opening since the remedy, I think thats been a bonus. My daughter broke her collarbone, a bit of a stress. 4-5 marriage breakdowns in families that we know, daughters friend. Internalizing some stress. I havent felt anything bad or extreme, its been positive.

41 Range of movement with your neck? Its been fine. I carry my stress there. There is so much scar tissue. I measure it on range of motion and riding my bike. Going on bike its awkward if you have a tight neck, and it was great, I went on and didnt come off….Its a solid 8/10. What were you before? The lousy time was 3 or 4 out of 10. Then it would get up to maybe a 7 or 8 if Ive had a lot of treatments but probably was surviving on 5 or 6. I have improved. Also no low back. The core and being able to sleep on my stomach, that part is doing well.

42 You said before you felt paralyzed? Yeah when it was acute, 3/10. That is gone? Yeah. Even when Ive pushed or compromised myself. No disc injuries. I play more conservatively now. Im not diving and rolling and doing dumb things. How are your knees? 8/10. Good. Maybe never a 10 again.

43 Is there anything youd like to see improve still? I feel pretty good from the health perspective. I dont wish for a 10/10 on my neck, an 8/10 is great. Its been a really positive experience. Plan - wait

44 FU after 6 months Ive been well. I didnt take notes, was in summer mode. My husband would like to pass on some things. He thinks theres been a calming of my personality. He would say Ive had lesser lows on the emotional roller coaster. Taken away that edge.

45 That and posture wise, once I went to chiro, the back and neck tension is in good position. Thats significant and positive. Before you said the neck was 8/10 better. Its probably stayed the same. Certainly no worse. A good 8 out of 10. I played ultimate Frisbee all summer long. Theres not a lot of cushioning by the end of summer. I sailed through that though. My vertebrae feels loose, I have movement. When its tight I feel like its blocked. I dont have the blocked feeling anywhere.

46 We will give you some of the remedy to have on hand in case of injury (Sabina 30c), as recommended by Sunil.

47 FU after 1 year How have you been? Pretty good. What about your knees? Great. Physically no problems. Not playing Frisbee? No. I run home from work one day a week. Get one training day in and one other workout. Three things a week for myself. Wish it was more.

48 How are you coping with your emotions? Im more mature about it. It passes faster than getting in a rut and staying there longer. Found the solution, drive on. I feel rested, kids let me sleep in. Ive been getting 5-6 hours sleep. Plan- Wait

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