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Westward Expansion. Area of land set aside for Native Americans.

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1 Westward Expansion

2 Area of land set aside for Native Americans

3 reservation

4 African American pioneer

5 Exoduster

6 Law that offered free land to American citizens and immigrants who were willing to start new farms on the Great Plains.

7 Homestead Act

8 Period when thousands of people went West to search for gold.

9 Gold rush

10 Great Plains farmer

11 Sodbuster

12 Invention that sent messages along wires using electricity.

13 telegraph

14 Person who starts a new business hoping to make a profit

15 entrepreneur

16 Battle in which Crazy Horse helped the Lakota to victory against the United States forces

17 Battle of the Little Bighorn

18 When cowboys guide huge herds of cattle north to new railroad lines extending across the Great Plains

19 Cattle drives

20 Settler who claimed land through the Homestead Act

21 homesteader

22 New settler

23 pioneer

24 Railroad across the continent

25 Transcontinental railroad

26 Told Union Pacific workers that they were scaring away the buffalo

27 Red Cloud

28 Place where the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific met

29 Promontory Point, Utah Territory

30 Horse-drawn wagons that traveled in regular cycles

31 stagecoach

32 Invention that sent messages along wires using electricity

33 telegraph

34 Developed a way to send telegraph messages

35 Samuel Morse

36 Part of the transcontinental railroad that ran east from Sacramento, CA

37 Central Pacific

38 Part of the transcontinental railroad that ran west from Omaha, Nebraska

39 Union Pacific

40 Major natural obstacle to the Central Pacific railroad

41 Sierra Nevada

42 Business that delivered mail from Missouri to California in just ten days

43 Pony Express

44 Warned Native American leaders that they could not stop the locomotive

45 General William Tecumseh Sherman

46 List four technological inventions that made life easier for those expanding the West

47 steel plows windmills barbed wire dry farming

48 Nez Perce leader who tried to flee with his people to Canada

49 Chief Joseph

50 First major battle between the US and the Native American that killed many Native Americans

51 Wounded Knee

52 This invention used electricity to send news across the country: a. transcontinental railroad b. the Pony Express c. the telegraph d. the stagecoach


54 Which of the following best describes a major challenge faced by the Union Pacific Railroad: a. conflict with Native Americans b. conflict with Chinese immigrants c. competition among other railroads d. the steep slopes of the Sierra Nevada


56 Which group made up the largest part of the Central Pacific workforce: a. Irish immigrants b. Chinese immigrants c. African Americans d. former Union Army soldiers


58 Which invention allowed people and goods to move across America in just a week: a. the stagecoach b. the Pony Express c. the transcontinental railroad d. the Morse Code


60 What was the main purpose of the Homestead Act? a. to bring an end to cattle drives b. to encourage settlement of the Great Plains c. to defeat the Native Americans d. to provide a market for steel plows


62 Which of the following was NOT one of the challenges typically faced by homesteaders? a. high cost of land b. harsh weather c. large amount of grasshoppers d. thick sod


64 Why did many exodusters come to the Great Plains? a. European immigrants forced them from their homes in the East. b. They wanted to hunt buffalo. c. They faced discrimination and lack of opportunity in the East. d. They were seeking religious freedom.


66 Which of the following was NOT a way the technology helped pioneers turn the Great Plains into productive farmland? a. Stronger steel plows b. Windmills to pump water c. Barbed wire to protect crops d. Sod to keep away bugs


68 Why were the cattle drives profitable to Texas ranchers? a. Cattle grew fatter as they traveled. b. People paid to watch the drives. c. Cattle could be sold for more money in the East. d. Railroads paid ranchers to use their services.


70 Which best describes why cattle drives came to an end? a. Cattle ranchers left to search for gold. b. Consumers became more interested in gold than cattle. c. Farmers began raising cattle. d. Railroads came to Texas.


72 Which of the following describes a lasting effect of the search for gold? a. The quest for gold lured many settlers West. b. Gold rushes left the West deserted with ghost towns. c. Dreams of finding gold continue to attract many settlers each year. d. Few miners actually found gold.


74 Which of the following was NOT change that threatened the way of life for Native Americans of the Great Plains. a. decline of buffalo herds. b. widespread European diseases. c. spreading telegraph and railroad lines. d. arrival of miners, farmers, and ranchers.


76 Why is the Battle of Little Bighorn also known as Custers Last Stand? a. Custer resigned after witnessing the brutal Lakota defeat. b. Custer was seriously injured as he led his forces to victory. c. Custer was killed along with his entire forces. d. Custer surrendered after his forces were surrounded by the Lakota.


78 Which of the following describes the significance of the Battle of Wounded Knee? a. It was the biggest victory Native Americans ever won over United States forces. b. It was the last major battle between the US and Native Americans. c. It convinced the US government to take stronger action against the Lakota and other Native American groups. d. It allowed Native Americans to return to their traditional homelands.


80 Which of the following is NOT an example of how Native American groups are keeping traditions alive today? a. gaining control of more land. b. maintaining tribal language. c. sharing tribal languages. d. launching raids on US military sites.


82 Place in the correct sequence: first telegraph line Pony Express Promontory Point Light bulb Gold Rush Little Bighorn

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