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ENCON THERMAL ENGINEERS …Answer to the Continued Need for Energy Conservation.

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1 ENCON THERMAL ENGINEERS …Answer to the Continued Need for Energy Conservation

2 AN INTRODUCTION Established in 1978 during energy crisis in India. Oriented towards energy Conservation Well known for Designing, Manufacturing, Supplying and Commissioning of FUEL EFFICIENT HEATING SYSTEMS on Turn Key Basis

3 WE SERVE… Steel Plants Transformers & Distribution [T&D] Industries Automotive Industries Foundries Aluminum Industries Pharmaceutical Industries Cement Industries Glass Industries Ceramics & Refractory Industries

4 ENCON IN STEEL PLANTS Ladle Heating System Launder Heating System Tundish Heating System Recuperators Furnaces Oxy Fuel Technology Burners and Allied Combustion Equipment

5 LADLE HEATING SYSTEM Ladle capacities up to 300 ton/hr. Pioneered the unique concept of recuperative ladle preheating system with guaranteed fuel consumption as low as 1.2 ltr/ton. Saves 20 – 60% Energized by LDO/LPG/HFO/COG/OXY FUEL

6 LAUNDER HEATING SYSTEM Short and High momentum flame length achieved through high velocity burners. Energized by LDO/LPG/HFO/COG/ OXY FUEL


8 RECUPERATORS Recuperators with flue temperatures of up to 950 o C Preheat temperature of combustion air as high as 450 o C Guaranteed savings of 15-20% and a minimum life of 3 years for ENCON Recuperators

9 FURNACES Design and manufacture furnaces on turn key basis for the following industries Rolling Mills Forging Plants Heat Treatment Centers Wire Drawing Plants Aluminum Plant Steel Plants Guaranteed fuel consumption of as low as 33 ltr/ton for billet reheating furnaces



12 Jupiter- Encon Oxy-Fuel Technology a patented process for the combustion of fossil fuels with pure oxygen 2.uses an undiluted high flame temperature, but keeps the same process temperatures 3.combusts at or near stoichiometric 4.retrofitted using the same furnace design and refractories

13 Conventional Combustion v/s Oxy-Fuel Traditional Combustion –Air fuel fired 21% oxygen, 79% nitrogen –3 to 5% excess air Relatively Low Flame Temperature Readily Available Nitrogen to Create NO X. Nitrogen Increases the combustion volumes 78% Potent heat escapes through Stack. Higher Flame temperature No change in furnace design and materials Possibility of variable processes No change in versatility of the usage Does not affect Inclusions/impurities in the re-melted aluminum

14 Results with Aluminum Melting Improved Energy Efficiency 417 – 500 Kcal / Kg for continuous runs Elimination of airborne nitrogen More radiant heat transfer Longer gas residence time Lower Fuel Costs Natural gas fuel reduction up to 73% Oil fuel usage reduction up to 68% Improved Production Better heat transfer

15 Reduction in Pollutants

16 RAYCON SYSTEMS Used to heat fresh patch up lining in Induction Furnace with the help of High Velocity Burners Reduced the down time of the furnace by 30 minutes and retrofitted 650 units of heating load to a cheaper source of energy for a 7 ton Induction furnace Saving of Rs.39,000/month Payback period of 9 months

17 BURNERS Oil Burners Gas Burners Dual Firing Burning Systems High Velocity Burners (OIL/GAS)

18 R&D ACTIVITIES Started in the year 1997 Project sponsored by Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) and Ministry of Science & Technology in partnership with Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun Developed gaseous film burner with savings of up to 16% compared to conventional burners Innovated Gas Heating Elements which can retrofit any heating elements (electric energized) application up to 550°C temperature

19 SOME OF OUR ESTEEMED CLIENTS Aarti Steel Limited ABB Limited AREVA Instrument Bajaj Auto Limited B.H.E.L Bhushan Steel Limited Cummins India Limited Danielli India Limited Divya Yog Pharmacy Electrotherm (I) Limited Exide Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Limited Hyderabad Industries Limited Ispat Industries Limited Jindal Strips Limited Kajaria Ceramics Limited L.G. Electronics Limited LLOYDS Steel Industries Limited Mahavir Aluminium Limited MUKAND Limited NALCO Orient Abrasives Limited Ramco Group of Industries RHI Clasil Limited Samtel Color Limited SHAH Alloys Limited Shriram Pistons & Rings Limited SIMPLEX Castings Limited SISCOL Tata Motors Limited Tata Steels Limited Usha Martin Industries

20 THANK YOU! Adopt eco-friendly technologies that your children can be proud of Vishve Bandhu Mahendra

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