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Geography Santa Fe is in which state? A.Arizona B.New Mexico C.Colorado D.California.

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1 Geography Santa Fe is in which state? A.Arizona B.New Mexico C.Colorado D.California

2 Geography Which capital belongs to the non- contiguous region? A.Sacramento B.Tallahassee C.Honolulu D.Richmond

3 Geography Which group of famous cities would you find in the Northeastern part of the United States? A.San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle B.Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit C.New York, Boston, Pittsburgh D.Atlanta, Washington D.C., New Orleans

4 Geography What United States city is known for their steel plants? A.Pittsburgh B.Detroit C.Chicago D.Philadelphia

5 Geography If you were an African American in the 1920s, where would you live in order to have a better standard of living? A.Montgomery, Alabama B.Nashville, Tennessee C.Boston, Massachusetts D.Atlanta, Georgia

6 Geography The textile industry in the United States is associated with what area? A.New England B.Pacific Region C.Detroit D.Los Angeles

7 Geography What states are located in the southwest region of the United States? A.Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire B.Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico C.Alaska, California, Hawaii D.Maryland, Delaware, Virginia

8 Geography Which group of cities is located in the southwestern region of the United States? A.Honolulu, Juneau B.Atlanta, New Orleans C.San Antonio, Santa Fe D.Boston, Philadelphia

9 Westward Expansion Chief Joseph led the Nez Perce Indians toward Canada, but finally decided he must - A.Enjoy life on a reservation B.Surrender to the army C.Live in Mexico D.Continue to fight

10 Westward Expansion What led to the collapse of the cattle drives in the west? A.There was no way to get the cattle to the east. B.There were too many cattle for the open range. C.The creation of the transcontinental railroad. D.Sheep ranchers took over the open range.

11 Westward Movement After the Civil War, what two valuable minerals were discovered in the West? A.coal and silver B.copper and coal and coal D.silver and gold

12 Westward Expansion What was the result of prospectors moving to new mining sites? A.Homesteads B.Boom towns C.Indian reservations D.Ghost towns

13 Westward Expansion How did the invention of barbed wire and the steel plow influence the westward movement? A.It allowed people to move to more challenging environments. B.It improved tobacco farming in Virginia. C.It improved railroad construction. D.It allowed farmers to plant more crops.

14 Westward Expansion Due to low rainfall on the Great Plains, farmers adapted their techniques by using which of the following? A.Sod homes B.Dry farming C.Railroads D.Barbed wire

15 Westward Expansion What form of shelter did settlers use because of the scarcity of trees on the Great Plains? A.Teepee B.Grass hut C.Log cabin D.Sod house

16 Westward Expansion What new invention allowed wheat farmers to harvest their crops more quickly? A.Steel plow B.Windmill C.Barbed wire D.Railroads

17 Westward Expansion Which best describes the features and climate of the Great Plains? A.Flatlands that rise gradually from east to west. B.Land eroded by dust storms and water C.Low rainfall D.All of the above

18 Westward Expansion What reason caused people to expand westward? A.Opportunities for land ownership B.Transcontinental railroad C.Gold and silver D.All of the above

19 Westward Expansion What physical feature of the Great Plains made the land ideal for raising cattle? A.Abundant trees B.Flat open prairie C.Large rivers D.Rolling hills

20 Westward Expansion What motivated the government policy of forcing all Native Americans onto reservations? A.A desire to protect their way of life B.To give them voting rights C.To get more land for settlers D.To punish settlers for stealing land

21 Westward Expansion The idea of Manifest Destiny meant what? A.Native Americans had an equal claim to the lands in the west. B.Slavery should be allowed in the west. C.No more European colonies would be allowed in America. D.The United States had the right to expand to the Pacific Ocean.

22 Westward Expansion Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull played a part in the _____? A.Battle of Little Big Horn B.Civil War C.Sand Creek Massacre D.Spanish American War

23 Westward Expansion The completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869 contributed to the settlement of what region of the United States? A.Northeast B.Southeast C.Western Rocky Mountains D.Non-contiguous

24 Westward Expansion What was the impact of the westward movement on the Native Americans? A.Reservations B.Gold C.Homestead Act D.Civil War

25 Westward Expansion Buffalo in the west were on the verge Of _____? A.Being domesticated B.Extermination C.Set aside for Indians D.All of the above

26 Westward Expansion Which of the following was a provision of the Homestead Act? A.Gold B.Transcontinental Railroad C.160 acres of land D.Cattle drives

27 Westward Expansion Which of the following men fought in the Battle of Little Big Horn? A.George Custer B.Teddy Roosevelt C.Chief Joseph D.Abraham Lincoln

28 Westward Expansion The Transcontinental Railroad helped to link the following? A.Arctic Ocean to the Indian Ocean B.Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean C.Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean D.Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean

29 Westward Expansion An Indian reservation is? A.Hunting ground for all Americans B.A national park for Indians C.Land set aside for Indians D.Land set aside for buffalo

30 Westward Expansion The Homestead Act of 1862 helped the development of the West by? A.Granting land for the construction of the transcontinental railroad B.Allowing slavery to spread through the territories C.Providing free land to settlers D.Placing Native Americans on reservations

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