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1 To move through presentation left click mouse within screen or use controls situated on bottom left hand corner. Thank you for your interest in our product. Filtration can be a complex topic, with many options and choices. This short presentation is designed to provide valuable information on the CGF filter range.

2 Applications Commercial swimming pools of all types and sizes. Water theme parks and adventure playgrounds. Water slides and water features. Zoological parks, marine exhibits, aquariums. Spas, swirlpools, hydrotherapy pools. Aquaculture, fish farms. Water treatment and waste water treatment. Industrial filtration. Cooling towers. Fountains, ponds, lakes.

3 Filter Types Rapid, medium, and high rate Sand Filters. Mono, mixed and dual media Filtration. Carbon Columns (GAC & BAC processes). Ozone Contactors. Chemical Filtration. Ion Exchange. Manual or fully automatic operation. Horizontal & Vertical. Wide choice of backwash methods.

4 Filter Shell Construction Materials Improper or poor material selection can result in high maintenance and expensive replacement costs. Given that filtration plants are often required to provide critical service, disruptions for maintenance and or replacement can create major inconvenience, loss of income, and even potential health risks. The four possible materials of construction are: Reinforced Concrete. Stainless Steel (or other alloys). Protected Carbon Steel. Fiberglass (F.R.P.).

5 The problems with Carbon Steel Vessels Carbon Steel Filters WILL RUST. They are only as good as the protective coating that is applied to them. To provide any type of long term comfort, steel tanks should be built to the AS1210 Code - this will at least establish a plate thickness and a corrosion allowance. Given the modern cost of fabrication (and the high protective coatings) a steel tank does not provide any long term cost benefits.

6 The problems with Concrete Filters. Concrete filters are not immune from corrosion. In time, water penetration can affect the reinforcing steel, causing expansion cracks and leaks. At certain pH levels, lime can be quickly leached from the concrete destroying its structural integrity. Common problems with concrete filters include corrosion, erosion, leaks, loss of capacity and structural failure (due to pressure, vacuum or ground movement/settlement). If concrete filters are intrinsically built into the fabric of the building, they are often difficult and in some cases IMPOSSIBLE to replace!!

7 THREE fundamental benefits of FIBERGLASS VERSATILITY Due to the infinite combination of reinforcement and resins, F.R.P. vessels can be made to suit specific design requirements. Rather than being limited to a plate thickness, F.R.P. laminates can be developed to suit specific load analysis. CORROSION RESISTANCE With an appropriate resin system F.R.P. vessels can resist all sorts of aggressive environments, both internally, and externally. SERVICE WEIGHT F.R.P. laminates are commonly one sixth of the weight of carbon steel vessels for the same duty. This makes the handling of F.R.P. vessels much easier and cheaper.

8 CGF Filters are the most popular and commonly used swimming pool filter for several reasons:- They are competitively priced to provide real value. They are technically superior (eg., FloModuLata ) They are built tough to specific engineering standards. They provide reliable and predictable service. They have been in service since 1976. They are accepted as being tried and proven. They are provided with national technical support and backup. They are widely used by professional installers. The product range is extensive and versatile. They known & commonly specified by leading Consultants. They are corrosion resistant: superior to coated steel and concrete. They are proudly made in Australia, specifically for our conditions.

9 CGFs horizontal filters provide more value for your filtration dollar. Our Model MHS-1500 has been popular choice for commercial swimming pools since 1976. Subject to design, three (3) MHS1500s will effectively filter a 25 meter pool.

10 Since granular filters are rated according to their filter area, Horizontal filters can make the best use of a cost effective tank diameter. From a pressure vessel point of view, larger diameter vessels require substantially thicker laminates which are proportionally more expensive. Subject to a horizontal filters design, they can provide very significant benefits. 0.9 metre diameter HORIZONTAL filter can provide 1.5m 2. To get the same filter area, a 1.4 metre diameter VERTICAL filter would be required. 1.2 metre diameter HORIZONTAL filter can provide up to 3.5m 2 To get the same filter area, a 2.1 metre diameter VERTICAL filter would be required. 1.5 metre diameter HORIZONTAL filter can provide up to 4.5m2. To get the same filter area, a 2.4 metre diameter VERTICAL filter would be required. 2 metre diameter HORIZONTAL filter can provide up to 7.25m2. To get the same filter area, a 3metre diameter VERTICAL filter would be required. Consider the following:

11 Optional Features and Services. Flat filter floor ( foam in-fill). Containerization and Export packing. Shop fabricated face plumbing. Certified High Pressure Construction. ( up to 1000 kPa). Special or custom made models. Air Scour, pulse backwash, surface sprays. Extra nozzles, extra access hatches, etc. Choice of Backwash Methods. Automatic Backwash (pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric actuators). Sight glass, level control (proximity switch). Private labeling, Company colour, and OEM arrangements (subject to negotiation). Have it your way…… with a wide choice of horizontal or vertical filters.

12 CASE HISTORY : Eleven (11) Model No. MHS-3500 Horizontal Sand Filters filters providing a total filter area of 38.5m2 (Built 1994) Vertical Sand Filters for Hydrotherapy Pool operating at 60m3/hr. with 3.4m2 of filter area. GERALDTON AQUATIC CENTRE WA MARRIOTT HOTEL. Surfers Paradise QLD.

13 CASE HISTORY Horizontal GAC Filters being Consigned for use in a Two Stage Ozone Plant rated at 400 m3/hr. Two dedicated filter systems installed in a Tank Farm outside the plant room. TAREE AQUATIC CENTRE PRIARIEWOOD AQUATIC CENTRE

14 CASE HISTORY Bank of 3m diameter GAC Filters installed in 1999. Replacing a concrete Autoflow filter and ozone/bromine. SUTHERLAND AQUATIC CENTRE, NSW.

15 Suppliers to the 2000 Olympics! Three banks of three (3) Vertical GAC filters, installed as part of the Two Stage Ozone process used on the 50m Competition pool and the 33m Utility Pool. Sydney International Aquatic Centre CASE HISTORY Ryde Leisure and Aquatic Centre Another 2000 Olympics project

16 VALUABLE REFERENCE AND COMMENDATION FROM PEOPLE WHO KNOW PAGE AFTER PAGE OF SUCESSFUL INSTALLATIONS Our filters are widely used and are capable of providing reliable and effective service. Our Installation List is a genuine testament to this fact. Use the these powerful recommendations to your best advantage. Other types & brands of filtration, will have great difficulty in providing you with the same benefit & comfort.

17 Filter Backwashing Whilst slow filter rates are often legitimately required, it is absolutely essential that the filters be backwashed at the required wash water rate. Air scour or not, CGF ( both vertical and horizontal) are designed for a water wash rate of 42 cubic metres, per hour, per square metre. Whilst the product is designed for the right backwash flow, it is ultimately up to the designer or the installer to ensure that the SYSTEM DESIGN provides the required backwash conditions. BACKWASH METHOD NO.1 Originally designed for School pools, the CGF single lever backwash value is a simple but reliable mechanism. Currently available in two sizes DN100 and DN150. BACKWASH METHOD NO.2 A matrix of commercially available butterfly valves.The standard configuration requires 4 valves, whilst a filter to waste (rinse) cycle requires 5 valves. BACKWASH METHOD NO.3 The Shunt backwash uses clean FILTERED water for backwash purposes. It is:- *simple to commission. *simple to operate. *easy to automate.

18 Buying AUSTRALIAN MADE makes good economic sense…. …..for our industry and the whole country. Can an imported product provide you with:- *On time deliveries and local service, without overseas bills? *No upfront payments, no freight, no duty, etc? *Quick response times? *Intimate knowledge of the local market and the people? *Sales leads, contacts? *The security that if there is a problem, we are HERE! *Local technical support and factory backup? *Firm Quotations (with no currency fluctuations?) Historically imported product is only as good as the Distributor of the day. This can be a very transient affair that is dependant upon exchange rates and many other factors……..Remember Lacron and other imports of the past? CGF FILTERS ARE AUSTRALIAN MADE EXPORT WORLD CLASS QUALITY.

19 NOT ALL FIBERGLASS PRESSURE FILTERS ARE CREATED EQUAL CGF filters have been on the market since 1976. There are now over 1400 horizontal filters providing valuable and effective service throughout the whole of Australia and other parts of the world. CGF FILTERS WORK…

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