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1. 2 Structure Kingspan Metro Building System Structure Kingspan Metro Building System.

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2 2 Structure Kingspan Metro Building System Structure Kingspan Metro Building System

3 3 Overview Scope of the Metro system General scope of Metro framing Load-bearing capability Floor types and spans Roof integration Foundation options

4 4 Up to 30m [effectively 8-10 storey] Concrete or Steel cassette floors Range of off-site roof solutions Suitable: residential student accommodation health & education Steel / Timber HybridConcrete Compartment Floors General scope of Metro Building System

5 5 Buildings up to 30m in height [Max 3.5m storey height] 10 storeys using steel cassette floors 8 storeys using concrete composite floors Most efficient solutions where load-bearing walls align vertically in a regular repetitive building Hybrid options with integrated hot-rolled steel components provide differentiation of floor plate layouts and longer spans/voids. Transfer deck solutions [podiums] facilitate radical floor plate span changes e.g. for ground floor retail space / undercroft car parks

6 6 Steel / Timber HybridConcrete Compartment Floors Components of Metro Building System Ringbeam levelling interface to foundation Loadbearing structural wall frame units Floor and ceiling cassettes or concrete floors Compartment walls Internal non-loadbearing partition walls Roof structure and truss systems Components for integration of staircases, lift shafts shafts, balconies, brise soleil etc Components for integration of staircases, lift shafts, balconies, brise soleil etc Openings, penetrations for windows, doors, louvres, etc Building Services integration and routing External facades and roof envelope solutions Hot-rolled sections to accommodate: high point loads, over large openings and balcony and brise -soleil supports The system includes:

7 7 Scope: Limitations on Metro system Predominately open plan wide grid structures e.g. offices [better constructed in hot rolled frame with cold rolled infill] Large and / or irregular clear span areas with high imposed loads e.g. Retail / Conference / Car Park floor plans Vertical support of masonry cladding – localised areas can be supported e.g. Gables in stepped terraces Discontinuous load paths require hybrid solution Cantilevered structures - modest balcony structures can be supported often in combination with tie rods or posts Significant relocation or demolition of load-bearing walls once complete without retro-fit steel support structures – knock-out panels for future Lifetime Homes provision [lift/hoist etc] can be easily detailed in

8 8 Kingspan Metro Building System Typical Examples Falkirk Block, Newcastle Glassford Street, Glasgow Felstead Street, London Glassford Street, Glasgow

9 9 Wide range of stud sizes allows optimisation of steel usage V-bracket riveted centrally in load-bearing studs and bolted for positive mechanical connection self-clamping to allow automation 4mm gauge 100mm wide Jumbo studs for tall structures/wide fenestration Over-bent track to ensure full bearing is achieved between stud and track = High load capability allows tall structures and longer spans = Negligible vertical settlement in building lifespan = Full compliance with disproportionate collapse requirements Load-bearing capability

10 10 All projects fully modelled in parametric software including ALL hot-rolled elements for full integration and peace of mind Load-bearing capability

11 11 Floor types and spans Site installed concrete composite Multideck floors: Asymmetric channel factory fitted to wall frames Asymmetric channel supports Multideck floor Floor spans generally most efficient up to 6m New Kingspan Multideck 146 allows long span floors up to 6.45m with 215mm deep floors Allows open plan apartment solutions with up to 9.15m spans for 305mm deep floors

12 12 Concrete Floor External Wall / Concrete Floor Junction

13 13

14 14 Floor types and spans Factory assembled steel cassettes with ledger angles: Ledger angles on cassette edges provide temporary support and level guide on site Cassettes bolted to sides of stud walls Spans up to 8m for 300mm joists Spans up to 6.5m for 200mm deep joists Safedek / Caberdek factory fitted

15 15

16 16 Floor connection details Concrete Floor Slab across Separating WallSteel Cassette Floor across Separating Wall

17 17 Roof integration Four main options: Timber trusses Steel purlin / cassette [room in roof option] Lattice trusses for barrel vaults etc. Kingspan Topdek Offsite solution for early weather protection Green and Brown roofs can be accommodated Roof coverings accommodated: Top-dek / Single Ply membrane Standing Seam Traditional tile slate / concrete / clay Sloping roof cassettes in Metro system eliminate cost of tapered insulation on shallow pitch roofs

18 18 Foundation Options Metro compatible with range of foundation solutions: Podium deck Raft Strip foundations Screw piles and Vibro-ground improvement Certified foundation details have been thermally modelled to assess thermal bridging and condensation build up

19 19

20 20 Design Process 1 Week 2 Weeks1-2 Weeks Site Erection 2-3 Weeks Estimating 1-2 Weeks Detailed Design Fabrication Drawing (first floor phase0 Material / Cutting List CAM Files Design Appraisal Detailed Quotation Enquiry Feasibility study Client Approval Order Feed back to client Requests for information Service integration Thermal Performance Fire & Acoustics Structural Appraisal Line & Point Loads Foundatio n Loading Structural Design Design Development Manufacture Panels Components Project Planning Manufacture Assembly Design Freeze 8-11 Weeks CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTOR = Early involvement

21 21 Site installation

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