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POSS-SLPC POSS-SLPC s.r.o. POSS-SLPC s.r.o. 2011 2011 POSCO SAMSUNG - SLOVAKIA Processing Center.

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2 (2) POSS-SLPC OVERVIEW -POSS-SLPC (POSCO-SAMSUNG SLOVAKIA PROCESSING CENTER) -CAPITAL / Shareholder : USD 6.5Mil / Samsung C&T Corp 70% Posco 30% -CAPA : 1 SLITTER, 60,000MT/Year -Employee : 41 POSS-SLPC POSS-SLPC Slitter 12 x 21 m (2F) 7 x 91 m Height 13.2 m Mother Coils 15-ton Cranes Office Bldg 120 m Slit coils 10-ton Cranes 20 m 25 m

3 (3) POSS-SLPC SLITTER ITEM ProductsCR, GI, EG, GLPO, EG Manufacturing Size (mm) 0.23~1.5mm t 35mm~1,650mm w (21 Strips) 1.6~3.2mm t 45mm~1,650mm w (21 Strips) Max. Weight (Ton) 15 Mechanical Properties Ts : Max. 60kg/ Ys : Max. 40kg/ Ts : Max. 60kg/ Ys : Max. 40kg/ Prod Capacity (Ton/Year) 60,000 Line Speed (mpm) FACILITY SPECIFICATION FACILITY SPECIFICATION

4 (4) POSS-SLPC Koper SEH SELSK SESK Site 1,310km 575km Bremen haven POSCO-ESDC SONY Location LOCATION LOCATION Layout Hansol LCD Samjin Fine DNC Shinhwa SELSK POSS-SLPC Size : 121×53×13.2H Area : 6,500

5 (5) POSS-SLPC 5 Samsung C&T Corporation Engineering & Construction Group Machinery & Plant Energy & Resources Strategic Business Unit Electronic Materials General Chemicals STEEL POSS-SLPC C/C ShunDe C/C in China Suzhou C/C in China Dongguan C/C In China Trading Group SELSK SESK/SEH SESL Europe Division ORGARNIZATION ORGARNIZATION OTELINOX in Rumania CP INOX C/C in France Myodo Metal in Japan Pinghu Precision in China MSSC C/C In Malaysia

6 (6) POSS-SLPC Automotive Industry : Kia Motor Slovakia PO/CR/GA/EG Hyunday Motor Czech PO/CR/GA/EG Skoda Czech GI/EG VW Poland GI/EG GM-FSO Poland CR/GA/EG PSA Slovakia GI TPCA Czech GA Fiat Poland GI Autovaz Russia CR/GI Daewoo Uzbek CR Dacia Romania CR Fiat Italy GI Home appliances and IT : Samsung LCD Slovakia EG/GL Samsung F/TV Slovakia EG/GL LGD Poland EG LG Elec. Poland EG/HG Danfoss Slovenia PO Danfoss Slovakia PO KSB Czech PO Miele Germany EG Toshiba Poland EG Sharp Poland EG Main customer of POSCO Material In East Europe Main customer of POSCO Material In East Europe

7 (7) POSS-SLPC Items Steel Production By ship By rail/truck (Koper to SLPC) Processing & Delivery Start day Before end of month Around 5 th of every month Around 15 Th Around 25 Th FrequencyOnce a monthOnce a Week Lead time ExampleJun. 25Aug. 5Sep. 15Sep. 25 1st Delivery (70days) Repeat Order (2 weeks) 45 days of inventory under agreement JIT delivery service whenever customer needs under agreed lead-time POSCO POSS-SLPC to customers JIT Service for Slit-coils POSCO-ESDC POSS-SLPC Unloading Logistic Control Slitting Stock management Financing management Material Flow Scheme Material Flow Scheme

8 (8) POSS-SLPC Service Scope Service Scope 1.Stable and reliable supply - Steel mill invested Coil Center - Stable supply (Stock control and Financial fuction), Reliable processing quality 2. Optimum Quality Control - Quality control from the Steel Making for each application - Close Quality control with steel mill (A/S staff in Posco Praha office) 3. Quick Response - Quick response in Cost effective way and convenience in use - Quick response in high Quality and Sufficient Quantity

9 (9) POSS-SLPC Thank you!

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