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Megazebo: Franchised Day Surgery Clinics Patent Pending. Please respect our IP.

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1 Megazebo: Franchised Day Surgery Clinics Patent Pending. Please respect our IP

2 Megazebo Clinics: Investment Proposal to Medical Funding Managers $ 30 Million for 30 Day Surgery Clinics in Asia Our product: Fast-up, turn-key steel-frame prefabricated structures that are earthquake resistant. 6 operating theatres in 3 Megazebos to make-up one economic scale cluster Total cost under $25,000 per bed. $ 2.1 million per cluster + land Totally unique design with center operating theatres surrounded by nursing stations and 14 pre and post op beds facing out to gardens through floor to ceiling windows. Abundant natural sunlight. Easy to sterilize and maintain. Low operating costs. No ducting or vents to collect virus dust and spread disease. Spiral staircases for quick movement between floors. Center Utility Core (CUC) saves materials and controls air movement Solar panels and top wind turbines to produce back-up electricity Strict visitor and staff regulations.

3 Megazebo Clinics Earthquake Resistant Structures USPTO: US 60/783,376 I have designed a pre-engineered prefabricated 2 level, polygon steel structure with both aesthetic and utility features. These are multi- function structures built quickly to provide health care delivery at a reasonable cost. United States Patent Pending # US60/783,376 I wish to organize a consortium of Investor and Wealth Management Funds to finance, build, and operate a network of up to 300 identical day surgery clinics in Asia as local clinics and medical tourism facilities. (100 in China, 30 in Japan and Korea, 100 in India, and 70 in Asean I will license my system to local steel fabricators and hospital professionals in each State or Province to build and operate the facilities. This presentation demonstrates how we built polygon structures.

4 Future of Medicine in Asia We see the emergence of 5000-6000 highly skilled and highly specialized surgeons from all countries who base themselves in big cities with large practices; but are willing to roam to smaller cities and even remote rural areas for 2-3 months each year rendering their unique skills. We want to be their facility provider. Supply the super hygienic, small, but very efficient pre-fabricated fast-erection clinic structures with local staff. Zero learning curve. We see all Asian governments dropping local residency and licensing requirements in an effort to attract skilled surgeons to their constituencies. Lets give all Asian access to the very best in Medicine. Asean should take the lead.

5 Why 300 Identical Clinics ? 1.Economies of scale. Amortize all soft costs (design, architecture, engineering, research, permitting, utility plan, wiring plans, IT planning, etc). 2.Large scale purchasing of materials, medical equipment, furniture furnishings, and consumables. 3.Incentives for universities and teaching hospitals to build a identical teaching Megazebos on each campus. 4.No learning curve as highly specialized surgeons move from clinic to clinic performing unique operations. They know the layout, equipment, all the system and network protocols. 5.Marketing and promotion is less expensive. 6.300 clinics can be self-insured.

6 Phase One Target Clients Surgery Benefits under Existing Health Insurance Plans 1. Federal, State, and Urban Government employee medical insurance plans. Post Office and Military plans. State companies actively looking for solutions to reduce their employee benefit health care costs.

7 We Deliver Health Care in small, inexpensive, pre- fabricated steel frame structures. Typical site

8 7 Medical Applications Day Surgery Clinics with 6 operating theatres in a 3 Megazebo cluster. Rural Hospitals. 50-80 beds in each cluster Urban Medical or Dental Practices. Quarantine Clinics at airports. 1 day convert Animal Hospitals and Pet Centers University Medical Centers with separate Gazebos for laboratories, pharmacy, out patient services, cancer treatment, etc. Institutional clinics. Police. Immigration.

9 Description Braun Megazebos are a pre-engineered, prefabricated, modular, site assembled, inexpensive, super hygienic, two level steel structures identified by: – Perimeter floor to ceiling 360 degree glass. – Large diameter pillars. Storage or AC units – Without (optional) partition walls. No ducts. – Multi-function CUC central utility core; and OR. – 320 degree nursing station and 14 ICU beds. – Stone tile floor and roof with a wind turbine and solar panels.

10 Clusters of small, hygienic, and safe Megazebos make more sense than high-rise hospitals.

11 Administration and Service Building Admitting Laboratory, X-Ray, Pharmacy, Kitchen, Laundry, Office, Examining Rooms, Doctors suites, Maintenance, Storage, Accounting, Transport.

12 Anterior Admin Building For: Admitting, offices, doctors suites, sauna, washrooms, laundry, kitchen, storage, examination rooms, lab, dispensing, imaging, emergency. Anterior Admin Building For: Admitting, offices, doctors suites, sauna, washrooms, laundry, kitchen, storage, examination rooms, lab, dispensing, imaging, emergency.

13 Clinic Layout: Center OR; surrounded by a 320 0 nursing station: 14 beds looking onto a Garden.

14 Pillars convey strength, longevity, durability, and transparency.

15 Clean Look

16 Bi-Level

17 5 Turn-key Clinic Packages Admin Bldg + 3 Mega Shells + Equipment + Furniture + Consumables + Staff Admin / Services Bldg1 x $500,000Local pre-fab structure. MGZ structures only3 x $200,000From Medical package6 x $160,000Asia based equipment mfgs. Furniture furnishings 3 x $120,000Asia based manufacturers Consumables package3 x $60,0002 year supply Staff of 70Teaching Hospitals An accounting target of $2,600,000 per cluster.

18 Spiral Staircases Easy access to all levels. Design: Minimum staff needed to monitor a maximum number of patients.

19 Top view: Walkways link the Megazebo Clinics. External large elevator

20 Specifications Size Options: 280 or 320 M 2 per level. 3000 to 3400 sq ft. per level. Levels:Single level, bi-level, and optional basement level. Lot size: 1 hectare: 2 to 5 acres. Options : Roof and floor material, pillar diameter and fa ç ade, appliances, turn-key equipment, staircases. tinted glass, partition walls, heating and cooling.

21 Megazebo Skin Megazebo Skin There are no exterior walls since the exterior fa ç ade is only enlarged pillars separated by floor to ceiling glass. Very sanitary. Low maintenance. This allows for 360 degree panoramic views onto a garden, courtyard, field, lake, or forest We are NOT urban core people !!!!

22 Steel Superstructure

23 Earth Quake Resistant. Main tube posts and CUC wedge posts both support the roof H beams and protect the OR. Top wind turbine.

24 Superstructure Q235 structural square tube and wedge steel tube H Beams for the roof. Upper copula wind turbine Upper support octagon. Air scrubbers, medical gas, Batteries, OR equipment. Roof supported by both main and CUC posts. Cross beams at all levels. Floor joists to a center utility octagon. CUC Base plates anchor to the concrete pad

25 Roof Specifications 6mm steel cable threaded thru the H beams. 18mm Plywood or synthetic stone MGO base. Roof tiles (metal, stone, or slate) Wood carved ornamentation under the roof Overhang of 0.7 meters. Sun Blinds on 3 sectors exposed to the suns rotation as if effects the site. Optional Wind turbine for electricity.

26 Nice Clean Looking Pillars

27 Optional Niche Pillars: A Major Sustainable Revenue Stream

28 Ceramic or Stone Roof Tiles

29 Clinic Floor. Granite, Ceramic, or Cork Floor designs contribute to patient safety.

30 Top Cupola Outlet. Optional horizontal wind turbine

31 Wind Turbines Replace the Cupola

32 Cupola Roof Wind Turbine

33 My Prototype Team in Shanghai

34 Assemble Components On-Site in 20 days.

35 Key Advantages Pre-engineered prefabricated modular design. Turn-key solution. A single contract Erected in 20 days. Re-located years later. Over-sized storage pillars convey an image of strength, stability, permanence, and durability. Durable materials. Ceramic roof, Granite floors. Glass walls. Longevity. Spiral stairs for quick access to other levels. Staff efficiency. Easy to monitor patients. No exterior walls. Only glass and pillars. A neat and clean look

36 360 degree panoramic views. Low operating and maintenance costs Abundant natural light. Interior open space concept. Freedom to design and modify later. Efficient Central Utility Core (CUC) hosts the Operating Theatre. The CUC conserves materials. Less wire, pipe, copper, ducting, cables, plumbing, Easy to sterilize and create a clean room No heating or air-con ducts. Room units embedded in the pillars. Less air carried infections. Less disease.

37 Efficient nursing stations surround the OR. Less staff to monitor more patients. Upper loft for shift workers to rest or sleep. Hooded vents up to air scrubbers in the CUC Ceiling track system and suspended beds for ease of movement. (In the design phase). Easy to clean and maintain. Sanitary. Rigid visitor and staff regulations Can convert to a quarantine facility in 24 hrs. Common full bed elevator to serve all Megazebos in the cluster.

38 Surgeon suites in the service building. No visitor or emergency room traffic in the operating theatre cluster. Fire alarm and sprinkler system. Aircraft slide emergency evacuation Earthquake resistant CUC core design The whole CUC, drugs, OR equipment, and appliances can be easily locked-down. Designed, built, delivered, erected for about $25,000 / bed. (Target) In many instances the client may provide the land, and utility access.

39 Floor Plan for a rural clinic. Nursing Station is in CUC

40 Floor Plan for Day Surgery Clinic. The CUC is the Operating Theatre

41 Sanitation Proverb: You come with nothing; you leave with nothing Sanitation Proverb: You come with nothing; you leave with nothing In Western clinics, this old Jewish proverb refers to wealth !!! In our Day Surgery Clinics, the expression refers to bodily bacteria, virus, and germs both internal and external. All Braun clinic staff: doctors, surgeons, and OR staff have life-style restrictions. They cannot live on a farm or hobby farm, No pets at home, No visitors with pets. Shoes off policy at home, No sleeping with children, Filtered air and water. No visitors to the OR Megazebos at any time. Video contact. Each patient and periodically all staff are subject to a hot tub and steam message, bacteria shampoo, and total skin exfoliation with a mild scrub cloth and glycerine anti- bacterial soap before going to the OR.

42 Emergency Bed Layout : 14 Beds Divided OR for simple procedures Entrance

43 Rural Hospital Emergency Bed Layout : 21 Beds Nursing Station Entrance

44 Suspended Beds (in design phase) Cork or Porcelain Tile Floor. Portable tent toilet on castors Ceiling Track. Rotation Knuckle. Docks to the nursing station

45 Suspended Beds Dock To Nursing Station Cork-Backed Floor Ceiling Track. Rotation Knuckle

46 Guidelines for a Sustainable Health Care Delivery System in Asia. Health Care Reform Guidelines: To be eligible to license and manufacture the Braun building system we have 12 basic guidelines for Asian governments. 1. There must be a basic national health insurance plan in place. 2. There must be a national drug plan with generic drugs available at factory cost to rural residents and the elderly. Competitive pricing. 3. All shareholders, administrators, as well as doctors, nurses and hospital staff must be exempt from mal practice litigation. Designate all our sites as international territory with legal / diplomatic immunity. 4. Clinics must be allowed to render death-care services just as they provided health care services while patients are alive. New revenue. 5. Clinics must have Foundations to accept estate gifts and inheritance assets tax free from patients upon death.

47 6. Volunteerism must be encouraged and rewarded. 7. There must be no professional barriers, zoning laws, or building code regulations to block mass produced, pre- fabricated, modular design clinic structures. 8. Government must surrender 70% of all gross tobacco and alcohol taxes to the national health system and distribute proceeds pro rata to all hospitals and clinics. 9. At least 30% of profits from the major national lotteries must go to health care and directly to hospitals and clinics. 10. Health education must be a component in the education system. 11. The death penalty in the countrys legal framework and be inflicted upon illegal drug, and large tobacco and alcohol traffickers. 12. Doctor assisted life termination should be studied.

48 Financing Alternative for the first 5 Clusters We could approach all large companies and institutions with more than 1,000 employees. In exchange for land, capital costs, equipment or furnishings we would offer free day surgery procedures over the first 5 years. The strategy: We design, build, equip, staff, and operate for 5 years; build a reputation; and then sell as a franchise to a local surgeons group and keep a 5% perpetual royalty stream for ourselves. Then build the next 5 clusters.

49 Thank you. Denis Braun © 2010 Skype: Megazebo E-Mail:

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