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Modular Laboratories - Global Solutions

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1 Modular Laboratories - Global Solutions
© Germfree Labs, Inc. February 2011

2 Meeting Global Needs TB/HIV Lab Zaria, Nigeria
Germfree modular container laboratory solutions are designed for areas of the world where specialized laboratory mechanical contractors are not present.

3 Meeting Global Requirements
Germfree provides a complete “turnkey” package: Design - space planning Engineering Manufacturing Testing (F.A.T.) Transportation and Installation Commissioning Certification Training On-going maintenance plans This ensures the client receives a reliable, fully integrated, state-of-the-art laboratory facility delivered on time and on budget.

4 Why Germfree Modular Labs are Different
Germfree entered the Modular laboratory market after 10 years of providing Mobile laboratories for military off road and rough handling requirements. Mobile labs in contrast to Modular labs are intended to move as often as everyday so durability and attention to construction methods and materials is critical. Germfree Mobile labs are engineered for world wide deployments (-40C to +40C) with immediate laboratory operation upon arrival. Meeting the military’s standards for ruggedness and reliability has led to designs and manufacturing techniques that produce durable, long lasting and low maintenance Modular laboratories.

5 Why Germfree Modular labs are Superior
Germfree designs, engineers and manufactures the critical primary and secondary laboratory containment components. This allows Germfree to maintain complete control of the entire manufacturing process and assures seamless integration of all components. Germfree is the only Modular laboratory company in the world that also manufactures Modular laboratory critical components from Biological Safety Cabinets to casework to helium leak tested ductwork.

6 Why Germfree’s Labs Work
Germfree understands the difference between delivering a modular lab to a continental U.S. destination and a modular lab going to a low resource, developing or remote area of the world. Germfree designs and engineers our modular labs to meet mobile lab requirements so they will handle the rigors of international transportation. This way, installation commissioning and certification are not delayed.

7 Modular Laboratory Size
Germfree modular container laboratories can meet BSL-2, BSL-3 and new T.B. laboratory requirements. Any number of containers can be joined together to create a larger workspace. Laboratories can be designed to allow for future expansion. For BSL-3 laboratories 25% of the total container space is dedicated for mechanical equipment. One shipping container: 32 m2 total area. Two shipping containers: 64 m2 total area. Three shipping containers 96 m2 total area yields approximately 72 m2 of BSL-3 laboratory space.

8 Joined modules create a spacious laboratory work area - 4.5m wide.
Containers are connected with heavy gauge stainless steel flanges and single piece “bio-seal” gaskets. The method and testing of the connections is similar to Germfree’s Class III BSC- glovebox construction. .

9 Laboratory Design Germfree partners with the client for a collaborative space planning- design process. 3D drawings are provided by Germfree to initiate the design process. The design phase is used to confirm BSL laboratory compliance, plan interior space and initiate engineering of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems (M.E.P) BSL-3 design with three interconnected container modules placed side by side

10 Primary Containment Equipment Integration
Germfree manufactures primary containment equipment including Class I, II and Class III Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC), fume hoods and laminar flow benches.

11 Laboratory Equipment Integration
Specialty T.B. culture equipment Double door autoclave also shown airlock-pass through and liquid dunk-tank

12 Animal Housing Rooms within the Modular Laboratory or Independent Modular Vivarium can be provided
Germfree will design the laboratory and HVAC system to accommodate animals.

13 Sealed Laboratory Interiors
Germfree uses high performance composite walls with flooring coved up the wall to provide a sealed interior suitable for wash-downs and gas decontamination. Electrical and data lines are isolated and run in surface mount chases to minimize penetrations of the walls.

14 Custom Casework Casework is manufactured by Germfree with all surfaces easily accessible for complete cleaning. Edges are rounded and corners coved for cleaning and gas decontamination.

15 Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)
Germfree has experienced mechanical and electrical engineers on staff dedicated to BSL-3 HVAC system design.

16 BSL-3 HVAC-Filtration-Pressure Control
Germfree technicians program the Building Automation System (BAS) in-house to allow for complete testing of the system at various stages during manufacturing.

17 Stainless Steel Ductwork and Plenums
HVAC ductwork and plenums are all welded stainless steel and are helium leak tested by Germfree technicians Welded ductwork All welded stainless steel ductwork

18 Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS)
Continuous Flow Chemical EDS System suitable to handle all waste water from a modular BSL-3 container laboratory

19 FAT Testing, Commissioning and Certification
Modular laboratories are fully operational and pre-commission tested at our facility in Ormond Beach prior to shipment. The commissioning document is used as a template for performance testing of the entire laboratory system. Failure mode testing is also performed. Biosafety and biosecurity check lists are reviewed. All BSCs, primary containment equipment and HVAC HEPA filtration systems are tested and certified. Germfree tests all laboratories and equipment using the electrical requirements of the destination country e.g. 230V 50Hz. Germfree has a 50Hz electrical generator. On-site commissioning and certification is carried out by independent third party commissioning agents and certifiers and a detailed report with test results is presented to the client.

20 Export Controls Germfree has experience with US export laws and regulations and has obtained licenses to export BSL-3 laboratories to Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We have worked with both the Department of Commerce, for items controlled under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and the Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, for ITAR items.

21 BSL-3 container laboratory in transit to Zaria, Nigeria
Transportation Shipping containers are loaded onto container trailers at the destination port. These trailers are available at any sea port worldwide. Containers are shipped via “break-bulk ocean freight”, meaning they are placed below deck on a cargo ship for added safety and security, yet they are durable enough and meet international standards to be handled like containers stacked on deck. BSL-3 container laboratory in transit to Zaria, Nigeria

22 Installation of Modular Laboratory
Germfree personnel arrive on site to meet the shipment and stay on site until installation is complete Three container BSL-3 laboratory installed with connection to existing BSL-2 facility.

23 Completed Installation
Two containers after delivery Modular laboratory facilities can be finished and landscaped to resemble or match an existing facility. Container laboratory with walkway and roof

24 Modular Packaged BSL-3 HVAC Suites
Germfree now offers complete BSL-3 HVAC packaged suites for small projects and renovations of existing buildings. These packaged units can be provided on skids for use in existing building interiors or in a shipping container which would connect to the existing building. Skid mount

25 Modular Packaged BSL-3 HVAC Suite
Initial site assessment by HVAC engineer Complete detailed engineering package

26 Germfree Modular BSL-3 HVAC Packages Include:
Properly sized HVAC air conditioning and heating equipment Supply HEPA/ASHRAE filtration housings Exhaust HEPA filtration housings with shut off valves and decontamination ports Exhaust blowers and controls Automated pressure control systems Stainless steel plenums and ductwork- Helium leak tested Single pass or recirculating systems Building Automation Systems (BAS) Installation assistance

27 Germfree Also Provides Individual Components:
Class I, II and III Biological Safety Cabinets Airlocks-Passboxes Dunk Tanks Double Door Autoclaves Complete BSL-3 HVAC Packages HEPA and Carbon Filter Housings EDS (Effluent Decontamination Systems) Electrical Generator Packages

28 Additional Services provided:
Biosafety risk assessment On-site biosafety training Biosecurity risk assessment AAALAC assessment and requirements Physical security threat and vulnerability assessment Emergency planning and preparedness Laboratory planning and programming Administrative procedures, including SOP’s Facility maintenance program development, including SOP’s and customized training

29 Germfree Laboratories, Inc. 11 Aviator Way Ormond Beach, FL
Germfree Laboratories, Inc. 11 Aviator Way Ormond Beach, FL Phone:

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