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Welcomes you. The Group Kaviish Group was established in the year 1977 with the simple ideals of Innovative Products and Competitive Prices. Kaviish is.

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1 Welcomes you

2 The Group Kaviish Group was established in the year 1977 with the simple ideals of Innovative Products and Competitive Prices. Kaviish is determined to build on these ideals by offering the best customer service to their Customers. Kaviish has set Global Mission with well diversified business activities, and team of young, dedicated professionals & UTMOST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION through continuous improvement. Today Kaviish products and services has been able to set-up a strong base Internationally, particularly in China, Middle East & Europe. Diversified product groups, wide product range, bases in India, China and overseas, gives Kaviish Group a unique advantage of offering complete solution to customers requirements.

3 KAVIISH GroupIndia Piping Kaviish Focus Pipes P. Ltd. Tools Kenz Tools India P. Ltd. China DX KAVIISH J.V & Focus fitting Sunrising wuxi/shanghai/Kaviish sunrise plant Africa Kaviish NamibiaKaviish Zambia

4 Clients of Kaviish Group Kaviish Mfg. Kaviish Office

5 Steel Pipes & Tubes (AS, CS) Manufacturing Stocking Distribution Representation Pipe Fittings AS, CS, SS Seamless & Welded Valves Steel Strips & Coils Product & Services Hand Tools Safety Tools Concrete & Masonry Tools IT Solutions Business Software – CRM, ERP etc. Educational Software Logistics Management Software Events International Exhibitions Business Promotions & Events Steel

6 Kaviish entered in pipe products business in 2001 with a vision to fast emerging Oil & Gas; Petrochemicals; and Power Sectors in India. We identified the large gap between the customer needs and available supply during the period and decided to diversified in the field. Today, Kaviish Piping Business Mfg. Project in India for mfg. large diameter seamless steel pipe (1 st time in India), first of the 4 projects planned Sales office and distribution network in major cities of India like Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, etc. Establishments in China Wuxi Sunrising Steel Co., Ltd., China DX KAVIISH STEEL CO., LTD J.V Hebei Focus Piping Co., Ltd. Exports to Europe, Middle East, USA, & Latin America Expansions of business activities in African continent Steel Business

7 Indian Govt. Companies planning investment of almost USD 1000 Billion in coming 5 years in Infrastructure Projects. A major of it will come from Power and Hydro-Carbon Sectors Steel consumption in India is expected to grow by 16% annual rate till 2012 India imports finished CS of almost 10 MnMT. The Pipe import in Indian Market is predominantly from China, Russia, Japan and Europe. Large Size Seamless Pipes and Fittings availability is very limited. Also Alloy Steel Pipes & Fittings (P22, P91 etc. grades) not manufactured in India Many Chinese Companies have concentrated on India market by opening offices/ keeping representatives. A fierce price competition for all large orders among these companies. Piping Business in India

8 Kaviish Focus have manufacturing facility of seamless pipes in India with average stock of 3000 MT for CS & AS Pipes at factory. Kaviish have offices at Surat, Pune & Chennai which covers all major customer base of North, West, South and Central India. The distribution partners at major industrial cities of India maintaining average stock of 700-1000 MT each In-house Testing Facilities of Kaviish gives better confidence to customer about quality Indian market governs by social contacts apart from professional contacts. All major Customers, Engineering Companies, Contractors & Consultants in Power & Hydrocarbon Sectors are known and associated with Kaviish Group Piping Business in India - Kaviish angle

9 India Plant Testing Facilities

10 Kaviish Group started its activities in 1977 with Tools Products. Over the years, this business is expanded to introduce various range with unique propositions and features in Indian and Overseas markets. Kenz Tools India Pvt. Ltd. manufacturer and exporter of various types of Hand Tools, Garden & Agricultural Tools, Non-Sparking Safety Hand Tools, Carpenter Tools, Masonry Tools, and other wide range of tools. As a part of expansion move of Kaviish Group, Kenz was formed in 1997 to give push to the Tools business of the group, with concentration on specialized tools. Kenz in India is leading supplier to various segments like Engineering and Process Industries (for industrial tools, tool-kits, specialized tools, etc.); Home Shopping Channels (for various DIT Tool Kits). Hand Tools Business

11 Dy. Minister of Trade & Industries, visited Surat in March, 2012 for discussions on business in Namibia Kaviish arranged Indo-Africa Conclave at Surat in May 2012. 118 Kaviish at Namibia Representatives from 14 African countries have participated. Namibian delegations, lead by respective Governors of Kavango and Omaheke, visited in May/ June 2012.

12 Registration of Company, acquiring warehouse & office in next 30 days Transfer of Piping Stocks to Namibia and start catering African and South American Continents Up-gradation of warehouse to Piping Centre at Namibia Steel Plant at Namibia (other factors apply) Mining Initiatives Iron Ore at Namibia Copper Ore at Zambia Gas Field Development Initiative Kaviish Initiatives in Africa

13 We at Kaviish are committed to Principle Quality Forever Strict Compliance of set quality norms at each stage of manufacturing process. Cautious approach in Vendor Selection and continuousmonitoring for contractual product supplies. Inspection by internal staff or Third Party Inspection arranged for outsourced products. Timely Deliveries with applicable Test Certificate to ensure smooth post dispatch transactions. Quality Process

14 Few strengths of us, which is important for you to choose us as your reliable business partner. We understand your Needs (Our qualified Team is well-prepared to fulfill your requirements for quality products) Guarantee of Quality (Third Party Inspection and personal supervision of our team for each product/ supplies, ensures you Quality) Documentation Service Continuous Innovation Why Kaviish?

15 LETS BEGIN dankie

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