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Company profile 2014.

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1 Company profile 2014

2 Chairman of the Board, majority owner
Structure of Z-GROUP JUDr. Ing. Zdenek Zemek Chairman of the Board, majority owner Transport Steel Energy Spa Sport & Culture

3 Structure of Steel Holding
Tubes - seamless Tubes - seamless carbon & alloy steel Tubes - extruded Bars Special profiles Ingots Tubes - hot extruded Bars Special profiles Ingots Tubes - drawn - welded - zinc dipping Special profiles

4 Válcovny trub Chomutov Železárny Hrádek Železárny Veselí
Company history Z-GROUP | Steel Holding has successfully carried on the long tradition of these Czech-Moravian metallurgical companies: Válcovny trub Chomutov - founded by the Mannesmann company in 1890 Železárny Hrádek - founded by entrepreneur Rudolf Hudlicky in 1900 Železárny Veselí - founded in 1962

5 Key indicators Production 2013 89 569 t Turnover 2013 98 mil. EUR
No of employees 810 Production t Turnover 64,4 mil. EUR No of employees 254 Production – ext t Turnover 10,3 mil. EUR No of employees 70 Drawing plant (D1) Production t Turnover 6 mil. EUR No of employees 80 Welding plant (D2) Production t Turnover 17,3 mil. EUR No of employees 95 Production – int t Turnover N/A No of employees 114

6 Minimum order quantity = 1 ton
Our strength Tradition Experience Flexibility Minimum order quantity = 1 ton Own steel inputs – Steel works in Hradek Own transport Price competitiveness Quality

7 Investment Future plans - Vacuum degassing facility – Zelezarny Hradek
- commissioning January 2013 - steel quality improvement - assortment extension - new and quality improved products of Hradek - positive impact on tube quality of Chomutov Future plans - Rolling line – Valcovny trub Chomutov - outside diameter upto 28“ (711 mm) and wall thickness upto 100 mm - energy consumption decreasing - effectiveness increasing - realization 2013 – 2016 - Optimization of furnace transformer – Zelezarny Hradek - realization 2014

8 Certificates System certificates: • EN ISO 9001:2008
Product certificates: • DET NORSKE VERITAS • PED AD2000 W0 System certificates: • EN ISO 9001:2008 • EN ISO 14001:2004 Product certificates: • API 5L • CPD EN 10210 • PED AD2000 W0 • Lloyd´s Regiester EMEA • BUREAU VERITAS • DET NORSKE VERITAS • GOST • Razreshenie TU-14-3R • Razreshenie EN a ASME SA335 • IBR System certificates: • EN ISO 9001:2008 Product certificates: • PED AD2000 W0 • DVGW • EN 10219 • CE CPD 0940 • EN 10255

9 Product portfolio Seamless tubes Diameter [mm] Wall [mm]
Basic dimensions Assortment According to standard Boiler steel tubes ASTM / ASME DIN, EN, CSN, TU Carbon steel tubes ASTM / ASME, API DIN, EN, CSN, GOST

10 Production process Testing Destructive Non-destructive
tensile test impact test flattening test bend test ring test Non-destructive hydrotest UT test magnetic particle test liquid penetrant test hardness test PMI Chemical analysis Metallography microstructure macrostructure micro-purity grain size

11 Applications | Use of products
Power engineering Structures, boilers, incinerators, electric plants Oil pipelines Oil pipelines, oil tracks Natural gas industry Natural gas lines, pipe connections Waterworks Water connections, water lines Mining industry Chemical industry Industrial equipment Construction industry

12 Main customers Distributors, end-users, traders Certificates

13 Sales territories EU countries Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden North America Canada, Mexico, USA Far East & India China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapor, Taiwan Near &Middle East Azerbaijan, Turkey, UAE Latin America Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Cuba, Urugay Other Europe Croatia, Montenegro, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine

14 Product portfolio Hot rolled Dimensions [mm] Square billets
70 x x 140 Round steel bars Square steel bars Special HK profiles Custom order Peeled steel Diameter [mm] Round steel bars Extruded tubes Diameter [mm] Wall [mm] Hot extruded Special HK profiles Upon agreement Ingots Weight [kg] Steel grade Square, round, twelve-sided CSN class 11-16, 19 steel and their foreign equivalents Cold drawn steel Sizes [mm] Round steel bars Square steel bars 15 x x 60 Flat steel bars x 4 – 40 Hexagonal steel bars Special HK profiles Upon agreement

15 Applications | Use of products
Automotive industry Parts of control, shafts, transmission , bearings, valves, strength bolts Industrial equipment Shafts of machines, machining center parts, Bearing housings, bearings, instrument for wood , tools and tool holders of machines Power engineering Shafts of wind power plants Marine Industry Shafts Mining industry Components of conveyor systems, drilling rings Construction industry Grinding systém for construction materials Furniture Parts of strongbox

16 Main customers Sales territories Industries – Automotive Mining
Construction Industrial equipment …. ALTIA TECHNOLOGY EHG STAHLZENTRUM FERONA HESCO INTERFER EDELSTAHL INTERSTROJ JUCHHEIM HANDELS PILANA MCT ZDAS SGS ZKL EU countries Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia Other Europe Serbia, Switzerland

17 Product portfolio Steel tubes Diameter [mm] Wall [mm]
Precision welded with increased accuracy 4 – 110 Precision welded, cold calibrated Precision solid - drawn Seamless for injection equipment 6 - 13 Steel tubes, lengthwise weld Diameter [mm] Wall [mm] Smooth Threaded Precision Thin-walled steel profiles closed, welded Diameter [mm] Wall [mm] Square 13 x 13; 25 x 25; 30 x 30 Rectangular 15 x 10; 20 x 10; 30 x 20 Drawn - square 8 x x 60 Drawn - rectangular 15 x x 40 Drawn, special - flat-oval 20 x x 9 Drawn, special - oval 25 x x 20 Thin-walled steel profiles, closed Diameter [mm] Wall [mm] Square 15 x x 80 Rectangular 30 x x 80 (120 x 60) Special Custom dimensions Surface: black or hot galvanized.

18 Applications | Use of products
Automotive industry Keeping the media, seats, shafts, shock absorbers Industrial equipment Frames, parts of distribution, maschine parts Waterworks Water distribution Natural gas industry Gas distribution - medium Industrial equipment Railing, construction Construction industry Traffic signs, construction, scaffolding Furniture Parts of construction Power engineering Radiator systems

19 Main customers Sales territories
Industries – Automotive, Construction, Furniture, Waterworks, Industrial equipm … EU – Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia Other Europe – Belorus, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine ALOR TRADE BELKARD COUTINHO-FERROSTAAL FAVEX ISC KBS – ROHR KLÖCKNER STAHLHANDEL METALIMEX MUT TUBES RAVEN RUTTGER STAHLHANDEL SAM – STEEL AND MORE SOLAR TESKO STEEL THIEL + HOCHE UNIS STEEL EU – Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden Other Europe – Belorus, Switzerland

20 Contacts Z-Group Steel Holding, a.s., Division Zelezarny Hradek
Rokycanska 204 Hradek Czech Republic Tel: Fax: Z-Group Steel Holding, a.s. Kollarova 1229 Veseli nad Moravou Czech Republic Tel: Fax: Z-Group Steel Holding, a.s., divize Valcovny trub Chomutov Libusina 4778 Chomutov Czech Republic Tel: Fax:

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