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Writing Engineering Standards Is it worth the effort ? Hugh Krentz, P.Eng.

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1 Writing Engineering Standards Is it worth the effort ? Hugh Krentz, P.Eng

2 Where do standards come from? CESA Canadian Engineering Standards Association (1919) 1920 Specification for Steel Railway Bridges 1927 Canadian Electrical Code 1944 CESA becomes CSA

3 Where do standards come from? World Trade Organization --- WTO----1995 - Canada founding member - Global rules of trade - Internationally acceptable standards

4 3 international standards organizations ISO - International Organization for Standardization IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission ITU - International Telecommunications Union

5 ISO – 112 members - Standards Council of Canada (SCC) - Canadian member ISO Guides for writing Standards ISO – International Organization For Standardization

6 ISO Guides SCC Policy Documents SCC accredits SDOs Canadian Standards Association (CSA) CSA - Policies and Procedures

7 CSA Policies and Procedures 1. consensus process 2. balanced committee matrix 3. no category dominates vote 4. Public Review before approval 5. resolution of negative votes 6. revise or re-affirm every 5 years

8 Benefit of Engineering Standards CSA S6 Bridge Design Standard

9 Economic Evaluations German study UK study – showed value of standards Canada – SCC retained Conference Board of Canada – economic study and interviews in 2006

10 Conference Board Study Canada during period 1981 to 2004 Standardization accounted for: – 17 % growth rate in labour productivity – 9% growth rate of real output (GDP)

11 In 2004: Economic output would have been $62 billion lower if there had been no growth in standards during 1981 -2004 Conference Board Study

12 Company interviewsbenefits from standards 1.improved health and safety 2.improved productivityreduced costs 3.improved credibility and quality 4. innovation, research and development 5. facilitated trade Conference Board Study

13 Proved benefits to Canadian society and industry

14 National Building Code of Canada Objective based Model Building Code - can be adopted by Provincial Governments - references CSA Standard S16 for Steel Structures - S16 references CSA G40.21 and CSA W47.1

15 CSA Standard S16 Steel Structures for Buildings 1964Laurie Kennedy - member of committee Hugh Krentz – Technical Secretary 1965working stress design standard 1968Laurie Kennedy - Chairman 1969working stress design standard 1974limit states design standard

16 Why Limit States Design??? Structural Engineers – more uniform margin of safety – increase margin of safety for critical portions of a structure for different types of structures

17 e.g. large structures dead load - predictable - lower margin of safety live load - less predictable – higher margin of safety Why Limit States Design??? Industry - more economical structures

18 Canada leader - limit states design ISO/TC/167 - international standard for design and fabrication of steel structures (design portion - large Canadian influence) International Recognition

19 Structural Steel Material Why have a Canadian Standard ? Canada open market buy steel from U.S.A., U.K., Luxembourg, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and others

20 Why have a Canadian Standard ? cold climate – need notch tough steel fabrication – need weldable steel design – easy to select suitable steel Structural Steel Material

21 CSA Standard G40.21-1973 Structural Quality Steel types of structural steel – weldable, notch tough, quenched and tempered, atmospheric corrosion resistant eight yield strength levels – 260 MPa to 700 MPa (38,000 psi to 100,000 psi) easy to use standard with tables

22 Notch tough steel - important for bridges and exposed structures CSA Standard G40.21-1973 Structural Quality Steel Two tables in standard: -five standard impact test temperatures -required impact resistance for 12 steel grades

23 Benefits of G40.21-09 Standard Engineerschoice of steels, easy to use standard Industrymore economical structures Societysafer structures, more economical

24 I want safe structures-----to climb on

25 How a standard helped change an industry CSA Standard W471947 Welding Qualification Code For Application To Fabricating And Contracting Firms Their Welding Personnel And Equipment

26 How a standard helped change an industry Today CSA Standard W47.1-09 Certification of companies for fusion welding of steel sixth version of the standard – recently updated – to be re-affirmed in 2014

27 Quebec Bridge Worlds longest cantilever suspended span truss bridge (1917) 66500 tons of riveted steel

28 Goodbye rivets Canadian Welding Bureau -1947 develop confidence in the safety and efficiency of welding educate engineers and train welding personnel

29 Pierre Laporte Bridge Suspension Bridge (1970) 23837 tons (36% of weight of Quebec Bridge)

30 W47-1947 Contents personnel and facilities preparation of welding standards preparation and testing of welding procedures welding supervisor knowledge and experience testing of welders two divisions of certification (welding engineers)

31 W47.1-09 contents similar to W47, but ………. MORE – more comprehensive – more welding processes – more testing – steel decking included – three divisions of certification (welding engineers)

32 Important Points certification to W47.1 standard is mandatory for companies fabricating structural steel for erection in Canada (half of total certified companies) other half of the certified companies voluntarily asked to be certified because the standard helps companies improve welding operations

33 Riveted trusses yesterday

34 Welded trusses today

35 Writing engineering standards IS worth the effort Benefits Canadian society Engineering profession Industry

36 Writing engineering standards IS worth the effort Benefits Personal many good friends gained engineering knowledge work with many different types of people and I helped to ……….

37 Make the world a better place

38 Do you have any questions ?

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