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Right the st 1 Time! Pacific Steel Casting Company Est. 1934.

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1 Right the st 1 Time! Pacific Steel Casting Company Est. 1934

2 Robert Murillo Pacific Steel Casting Company Facilities Manager March 8 th, 2012 Facilities Management of a Steel Casting Company

3 Carbon Steel vs Cast Iron Carbon content <2% Steel is an alloy of iron, carbon, nickel, chrome, vanadium, etc… Types: Low, Medium, High, and Ultra-High Strengths Carbon Content >2% Cast Iron is basically carbon, iron, silicon. Types: Gray, White, Malleable, and Ductile.

4 Pacific Steel Casting In a Nut Shell Plant 1 opened in 1934. Plant 2 opened in 1975. Plant 3 opened in 1982. Each plant equipped with state of the art environmental controls. 3 Carbon filtration systems to remove VOC from process. Facility has the ability to demand 9+ Mega Watts during steel production. Recycles over 2,000+ tons of scrap metal a month. Recycles all process materials either internally or through outside vendors. Largest industries serviced are Oil Tool and Industrial Trucking. Combined plant production capacity of 2000+ tons/month.

5 3 Production Facilities Sand Molding Types: Green Sand Shell Air-Set

6 Overview of Steel Casting Production Process

7 My Background Completed trade school and became a Certified Welder. Graduated Butte College with an AS Degree in Welding Technology. Graduated CSUChico with a BS in Manufacturing Technology with a minor in Production Operations Management. Worked through college as a Fabricator/Machinist. Hired by Pacific Steel Casting in 2004 as a CAD operator. Promoted to Robotics Engineer. Promoted to Plant Engineer. Promoted to Facilities Manager. Professional Organizations- American Welding Society (AWS) Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) American Foundry Society (AFS) Steel Founders Society of America (SFSA) Western Division Chairman Awards and Achievements- Westec College Challenge – Grand Prize Technical Paper Published in Modern Casting Magazine Minimizing Power Demand on Electric Arc Furnaces.

8 Facilities Management Maintenance Departments Operating Budget Equipment Design and Engineering Environmental Responsibility Capital Equipment Installation/Project Management CalOSHA Compliance Safety/Technical Training City of Berkeley Energy Management Facility Security

9 Projects EAF Dust Collector

10 Projects EAF Energy Demand Reduction

11 Projects LN8 Shot Blast Machine

12 Continuous Improvement Lean Manufacturing Implementation 5S Projects TPM – Total Productive Maintenance Preventative Maintenance Predictive Maintenance Root Cause Analysis

13 Quiz What year did PSC first open for business? What is PSCs combined production capacity (tons)? How much power demand does this facility require? What does PSC call our VOC filtering equipment? What are the two main industries PSC services?

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