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General Music 1 Grade 5-8 Mr. Halaiko General Music.

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1 General Music 1 Grade 5-8 Mr. Halaiko General Music

2 Where do Steel Drums Come From? The steel drum was invented on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. This islands are located in the Caribbean south of the United States. 6/4/20142

3 The Slave Trade In the History of the islands there have been several different nations who claimed ownerships of the island. These nations are Spain, Netherlands, Britain, and France. In turn these nations brought over slaves from Africa in order to work in the sugar cane and cocoa plantations which Trinidad is still known for today. 6/4/20143

4 African Drumming The slaves from Africa brought their some of their culture by playing african drums. Drums such as djembes, jun-juns, talking drums, and others. Recreational and ceremonial purposes 6/4/20144 Djembe

5 Tamboo Bamboo Bands Britain abolished slavery in 1833. Soon after Britain abolished all African drumming. Went to the junkyards and found pieces of metal, tin cans, and stalks of bamboo and played their drumming rhythms on these found instruments. Spanish name for drum is tambor 6/4/2014

6 Winston Spree Simon Winston Spree Simon and he is credited with developing the first steel drum He had a favorite Tin Can. Thick Lip Bartholomew, borrowed the can and dented it up. Spree was upset and tried to pop out the dents by hammering on the other side of the can. He found that certain dents could hold certain pitches, giving birth to the modern steel drum. 6/4/20146

7 How the drums are made During WWII Trinidad was a refueling station for the United states and Britain Discarded 55 gallon oil drums, Spree applied his concept to the oil drums A tuner would heat the bottom of the drum, smooth it out into a bowl and then turn it over and pop out notes. 6/4/20147

8 Different types of Steel Drums The notes on a steel drum can be arranged in several different ways Invader Thirds pan Fourth and Fifths 6/4/20148

9 The Steel Band Orchestra There a standard set oof voices in the steel band, just like a choir Tenor-Soprano Double Second-Alto Cello-Tenor Bass- Bass 6/4/20149

10 Tenor The tenor pan also known as the ping pong is the highests voice in the steel band. Why is it called a tenor pan if it is the highest voice? The tenor drum plays melodies because of its high range This instrument is comprised of only one drum 6/4/201410

11 Double Second Double seconds are like the Viola of an orchestra They play counter melodies and harmony They also play set patterns/chords which are called strums just like a guitar player would play The instrument is comprised of two drums 6/4/201411

12 Cello The cello are the third lowest voice in the orchestra and mainly play chords which create harmony for the melody The instrument is three drums that are almost full length barrels, that sit on the ground. As the notes get lower in range the player needs more drums in order to be able to play chromatically 6/4/2014 12

13 Bass Bass pans usually play bass lines just like a bass player in jazz band There are six full length barrels that make up this instrument Each drum has only three notes in it because the notes are so low. 6/4/201413

14 Panorama Panorama is a nationwide event that happens every year during carnival All of the steel bands on the island compete for the title of best band. The standard steel drum band has anywhere from 100-150 members and is comprised of anyone who wants to play. 6/4/201414

15 Pop Quiz!!! Who was the first person to invent the steel drum? Name all of the instruments in the steel band. What is panorama? Where do steel drums come from, specifically what islands? 6/4/201415

16 6/4/201416 ch3-steeldrum.pdf ch3-steeldrum.pdf year/index.htm year/index.htm

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