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Introduction Future Steel Buildings offer great value due to their truss-free design which ensures 100% usable interior space. They are based on the strongest.

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2 Introduction Future Steel Buildings offer great value due to their truss-free design which ensures 100% usable interior space. They are based on the strongest architectural design ever conceived…the arch. The buildings are easy to assemble, and are made using the highest quality of Galvalume Plus steel in the world.

3 Previous Customers Future Steel Buildings has supplied tens of thousands of buildings worldwide since its inception. Some of our most prominent customers have included: various government agencies and militaries from Canada, the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, Chile, Zambia, Nigeria, Uganda and Pakistan; and multi-national companies such as General Motors, Anheiser Busch, Paramount, Kodak, Sea World, Potash Corp, and many others.

4 Proud to be Canadian Here at Future Steel Buildings, we are proud to say that we are 100% Canadian owned and operated, and that all of our steel is made right here in Canada as well.

5 Galvalume Plus Steel AZM-180 Galvalume Plus is made from a steel sheet product. The steel is highly corrosion resistant due to its hot dipped aluminum zinc alloy coating. The end result is a building that is superior in strength, 7 times more rust resistant than galvanized steel, excellent heat reflectivity (5-8 degrees cooler in warm climates), and a 30 year rust perforation warranty.



8 Al-Zn Coating vs. Hot-Dip Galvanized To resist corrosion initiated at panel bends and damage sites, 55% Al-Zn coated steel is a better choice of substrate for prepainting Corrosion performance at buildings in rural/acid rain Ontario: Hot-dip galvanized after 21 years; 55% Al-Zn coating after 17.5 years.

9 Al-Zn Coating vs. Hot-Dip Galvanized (continued) Corrosion performance at a manufactured defect (scribe) on buildings in heavy industrial Ontario after 20 years exposure.

10 Do-It-Yourself Assembly Assembly is easy and requires only a small group of laborers and a few simple tools: 1. Pour the footings. 2. Assemble the arches on the ground. 3. Raise the arches using only ropes and scaffolding in most cases. 4. Insert end-walls and accessories.

11 Strength of Design Future Steel Buildings features a 100% truss-free design which requires no structural members. This provides the customer with more versatility and unmatched ease of construction. The strength of the building can be found in: 1. the arch style design; 2. the corrugated arches; 3. varying steel gauges from 22-14; 4. vertical and horizontal overlaps of 3 and 9 respectively.

12 Strength of Design (continued) Every Future Steel building ensures a 9 overlap on every arch panel. In addition, we also ensure that all overlaps and bolt surfaces are completely flat. This feature eliminates the need to caulk panels and prevents leaking. 9 overlap

13 Strength of Design (continued) Heat reflectivity: Galvalume Plus steel offers excellent solar reflectivity and heat resistance which will help to naturally cool building interiors, and therefore, reduce energy costs.

14 Strength of Design (continued) Minimal concrete: Our floating foundation consists of only a 4 thick floor and a 10 wide footer that extends 18 deep. The minimal use of concrete in our design will help to keep the overall project cost as affordable as possible.

15 Strength of Design (continued) Ease of construction: Future Steel Buildings is well- known for its do-it-yourself assembly process. Most of our buildings are erected without the help of on-site engineers or skilled construction workers. This will allow for affordable local labourers to be hired, rather than expensive skilled professionals. In addition, our buildings can be taken apart and relocated if they are meant for temporary purposes only.

16 Strength of Design (continued) Warranty: Future Steel Buildings only uses the highest quality Galvalume Plus steel in the industry which provides at least twice the corrosion resistance of traditional galvanized coatings of similar thicknesses. As a result, every building will come with a 30 year limited warranty against rust perforation that will guarantee an extremely long term investment.

17 S-Model

18 A-Model

19 Q-Model

20 X-Model

21 Engineering All Future Steel buildings are designed and manufactured in accordance with local governing building codes. They will meet live, snow, wind and seismic loading requirements to name a few. Every building purchase will include at least 3 sets of certified engineered drawings and a construction manual.

22 Engineering (continued) Future Steel Buildings has received CAN/CSA A660-04 certification which ensures the highest standards in design, engineering, manufacturing, quality control and much more. CAN/CSA A660-04 certification is required by the National Building Code of Canada for all steel building manufacturers in Canada, and is one of the most stringent certifications in the world.

23 CAN/CSA A660-10 Certified

24 Shipping All Future Steel Buildings feature standard panel components which stack neatly and easily to dramatically reduce the bulk-cargo and freight cost per square meter of traditional building shipping. For example, a 40 container will fit approximately 4 buildings at 10m x 15m with an average amount of accessories.

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