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Untitled pair 1987. Painted spun steel, 89x4cm each Photo, Gareth Winters, London.

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1 Untitled pair 1987. Painted spun steel, 89x4cm each Photo, Gareth Winters, London

2 Rail 1987.Gas tube, painted steel. 101x256x5.5 cm Photo, Scott Firth, London.

3 Open country, 1992.Painted steel, 34x80x67cm. Q, 1992, painted steel, 1mx5cm. Photo Stephen Wright, London.

4 Grey Seal, 1987. Painted steel and rubber. 124.5x33cm. Red giant, 1988,painted spun steel, 117x7.5cm. Photo, Gareth Winters-Sue Ormerod, London.

5 Button 1988. Painted steel.150x36cm. Midget satire, 1992, painted steel. 34x80x67cm. Photo,Scott Firth,London. Stephen Wright, London.

6 Trommel, 1989. Painted steel, 131.5x27cm each. Photo, Gareth Winters, London.

7 Sharp 1992. painted steel, four parts. 900x300cm(approx). Photo, Tate gallery, London.

8 Right 3 rd & 6 th. Painted hardboard, 1989.152.5x 62cm each. Photo, Sue Ormerod, London.

9 By air, 1989.Painted hardboard and steel.192x35cm.Photo, Sue Ormerod, London. Untitled 1987, Painted steel.83x26cm.

10 Labil, 1988. Painted steel, 117.5x26cm. Untitled 1992, painted steel, 100x15cm. Photo, Stephen Wright, London.

11 Fat edge, 1989. Rusted steel, 183x31.5cm Photo, Gareth Winters, London.

12 (gold) table, 1991, Oak,129x227x128.5cm. Photo, Gareth Winters, London.

13 Grader 1992. Painted steel, salt.131x161cm. Photo Hugo Glendinning Fissura Palpebrarum, 1994, 161x130x102cm (two parts)

14 Type, 1990,painted steel. 188x61cm. Next room, 1992, Painted steel, 233x140x10cm. Photo, Cary Markerlink, Amsterdam, Hugo Glendinning, London.

15 Rumen 1993,painted steel, rubber. 152x10x10cm Dry table, 1991, painted steel, zinc, salt. 224.5x130.5x119cm. Photo, Freddy Le Saux, Limoge - Florian Kleinefenn, Paris.

16 Laminated glass block,Barnsley Civic core 2003. Laminated glass tiles, dimensions variable.

17 Pop up transparent model village. Plastic sheet fabrication. 24.5x67x33cm. Concepts for twenty- first British sculpture, Thinking big. Sculpture at Goodwood, 2002

18 Ceramic wave tiles, 150x150 each.

19 Installation, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,2003. MDF, oak veneer. 500x300x250cm.

20 Multiples. Slade School, Printmaking Department. 30x25cm Little Emperor, Multiple Store, London. 37x22x22cm. Slipware and printed hand-made box. 1998.

21 Eye 1992. Silk screen print, series of six prints 83.5x 72cm each Publisher, Paragon Press, London.

22 Working drawings





27 Common blue, 2002. Commission, Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Zinc coated steel, 200x200x150 cm. Corten steel footbridge, Vejle, Denmark,2007.350x900cm.

28 Commissioned work, Essex County Council, Jiangsu Festival, 2008. County Hall, Chelmsford, Essex.

29 Moon ring, Essex County Hall, 2008. Painted steel oak,, cedar wood.240cm high.

30 Language oven 2008. Essex County Hall. 350x150x150cm.oak,steel,zinc,paint.

31 Exhibition, Little Emperor, 2008. N.O1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London. 3D chess. 50x50x50 CM, painted steel and plastic All photos, Heini Schneebali, London.

32 Exhibition NO1 Canada Square. Pole star, 2008. Exhibition N.O1 Canada Square, London. 75x25cm each.Painted steel and glass.

33 Leap Second, Exhibition NO1 Canada Square, London. Oak and steel, 300x200x250cm.

34 The House,, 2008. Installation, NO1 Canada Square and Roche Court, sculpture Park, England. 175x35cm. rusted steel and oak

35 Ps&Qs 2008 Rusted steel and oak. 200x50x50cm.

36 Copper wave tiles, NO1 Canada Square, London. Etched copper, each tile 300x300mm

37 Eye/Engine 2008. Installation, NO1 Canada Square, London. Steel, copper, timber.200x150x175cm.

38 By air 2008. Installation NO1 Canada Square, London. Painted steel, 175x60cm.

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