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Custom Components Ian Coats – Product Specialist.

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1 Custom Components Ian Coats – Product Specialist

2 Citius Altius Fortius Swifter, Higher, Stronger

3 Swifter… Uses the same interface as the system components Easy to find in the component catalog

4 Takes productivity to a new level Higher…

5 Can be simple or parametric Stronger…

6 Olympic Disciplines Component Types

7 Connections Primary Member Secondary Member Connection

8 Connections Bolted Moment Tee 2 Built Up Plate Seat Offset Beam Clips (Bolted or Welded)

9 Details Primary Member Detail Position Position Detail

10 Details Outrigger (Angles or Plate) Dog Bone (Reduced Flanges) Rat Holes SSDA Web Slot Safety Holes (Column and Beam)

11 Parts Model Space Independent Parts One or Two Positions

12 Parts Joist Beam and Plate Lintels Lintels (Single, Double or Triple)

13 Seams Primary Member Secondary Member First Position Second Position

14 Seams Composite Slab Chevron Bracing Roof Frames Bay Fillers

15 Becoming an Olympian Training for Custom Component Gold!

16 Component Types: Connections Step 1: Getting into Shape

17 Component Types: Details Step 2: Training and discipline

18 Component Types: Parts Step 3: Becoming an Athlete

19 Component Types: Seams Step 4: Making the Olympics

20 Going for Gold! Formulas can read and write anything Formulas can read and write anything

21 Going for Gold! ModelProperties

22 Template Output Any User Defined Attribute

23 Hints and Tips Start small Start small Save and backup regularly Save and backup regularly Be disciplined about labels Be disciplined about labels Make graphics for the interface Make graphics for the interface Test in different scenarios Test in different scenarios (sloping, skewed)(sloping, skewed)

24 Want to know more? Extranet videos Discussion Forum Technical Support Advanced Training

25 Import / Export (BIM, CNC, MIS) AutoConnection / AutoDefaults Custom Components Drawing and Report Templates Drawing Layouts Interface Customization (.inp files) Scripting Macros Drawing Classifiers and Cloning Open Session

26 Thank You

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