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1 E-Procurement Manual For Overseas Supplier. 2 Index Sl. No.SubjectPage 1Eproc userid creationPage 3 2Different ways to access eproc sitePage 4 - 6 3Site.

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1 1 E-Procurement Manual For Overseas Supplier

2 2 Index Sl. No.SubjectPage 1Eproc userid creationPage 3 2Different ways to access eproc sitePage 4 - 6 3Site DemoPage 7 - 46 3Login to eproc sitePage 8-9 3.1Step to Change passwordPage 10-13 3.2E-proc site view, Personal Detail, User Id and TCOC acceptancePage 14-18 3.3Enquiry acknowledgementPage 19-21 3.4Submission of Quotation/RegretPage 22-35 3.5Order acknowledgementPage 36-39 4Forgot login InformationPage 40-46 5Other Facilities for SuppliersPage47 6Pre-Requisites for an e-PartnerPage 48 7Responsibilities Of SuppliersPage 49 8Benefits to the SuppliersPage 50 9Do s & Don t for the Supplier s(Related to browser)Page 51 10Do s & Don t for the Supplier s(Related to site not opening)Page 52 11Contact details for eprocurement Related issuePage 53

3 3 Eproc User id Creation The eproc userid will be created by Tata Steel and that will be sent to the vendor with user id and password along with some other information like site address and Tata Steel purchase business policy. The mail content will be like Dear Friend, CONGRATULATION!!! You have been allotted User id and Password for accessing Tata Steel E-Procurement site. This E Initiative was taken up by Tata Steel couple of years back and both we and as well as others who are already our E partners, have started getting tremendous benefits of the same and there is no looking back on the same. This is a WIN-WIN situation for both of us. As a step forward, this additional initiative is being taken with immediate effect. Now we are pleased to inform you that you have become our E-Procurement Partner. Welcome and join the E partners club of vendors at TATA Steel. There are many other advantages you shall get from this. However all these shall be communicated to you at the appropriate time by us. Your Vendor Code : I063 Your Name of the Organization: I.M.S & SUM HOSPITAL Your User-ID : testvend Your password : test (FOR SECURITY REASON, PLEASE CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD AFTER FIRST LOGIN. PLEASE NEVER DISCLOSE YOUR PASSWORD TO ANYONE AT TATA STEEL). We expect the following from you and would request you to make a serious note of the following: 1. All quotations against RFQs must be submitted through this site only. We are making necessary changes in the computer program that once we make you as an E Partner, we shall not accept fax/Email or manual quotations from you and shall be totally ignored. These are very clear management guidelines. 2. Information on Imminent delivery must be filled by 10th of every month and are also making necessary computer program changes as mandatory for all order/ delivery orders. 3. You must access your site on a daily basis. System shall also trigger an E Mail to that effect. 4. Please and we repeat, please do not make this system person dependent. In such a case, there is every likelihood that you may loose on a valuable business because of the person dependant person not being there. Pl. logon to and start using the site. In case of any problem on site, please refer to the FAQ on the E Procurement site. Thanking you and wishing you a very happy E Procurement Partnering........ Subrata Dhar, Sr. Manager and Team Lead, Vendor Management, Procurement Division, Jamshedpur, India

4 4 Three ways to access Eproc site – Method 1 1.Type in the URL 2.Click on e-procurement

5 5 1.Type in the URL 2.Click on e-procurement Three ways to access Eproc site – Method 2

6 6 Type and follow the below steps 1.Type Three ways to access Eproc site – Method 3 2.Click on vendor Zone

7 7 Site Demo

8 Open Internet Explorer 3.Click on Internet Explorer to Open browser 2.Click on Programs 1.Click on Start After getting the user id and password the supplier can start accessing eproc site by below steps 8

9 Logging into the site 9 1.Type Address as in page 4 or 5 or 6 2.Type User Id (Not Case Sensitive) 3.Type Password (Case Sensitive) 4.Click to Enter Site 5.Click to Retrieve Forgotten password (click on the link forgot password) forgot password

10 Change Password Steps Procurement Division 10 To change password click on change password link 1.After the first login vendors are requested to change the system given password and customize it according to their convenience

11 Do sequentially as the callouts are coming to change password Procurement Division 11 1.Give old password 2.Put new password 3.Confirm new password 4.Click on Change password link

12 After clicking on change password button the below screen will come confirming that password changed successfully Procurement Division 12

13 After change in password successfully in previous screen the system will ask to login again with a new password 13 2.Type User Id (Not Case Sensitive) 3.Type new Password (Case Sensitive) 4.Click to Enter Site

14 Click on any link..Like enquiry, Order, Delivery order, Schedule agreement, Imminent delivery, Delayed Delivery,GR, payments in order to see the respective transaction 1.Click on any link in order to proceed through Eproc site This will take you to next page 14 Eproc Site View Details

15 Check Personal Details 1. If OK Click to move to next page 2. If you make any changes click here to go to next page 3.Click to Cancel Changes done 15

16 User Id Acknowledgement 1.If you want to accept click on this button and go to next page code of conduct 2.If do not want to accept click on reject 16

17 1.After clicking the reject Button will take you to this screen and user A/C will be revoked Rejection of User Id 17

18 Code of Conduct After accepting user id the supplier has to acknowledge the Tata Code Of Conduct(TCOC ) 18 1.Accepting Code of Conduct will redirect to next page 2.Rejecting Code of Conduct and give comments

19 Enquiry Acknowledgement 1.Enquiries to acknowledge before entering the E- procurement site Click in the Enquiry no. to see the details as in page 20 2.Initially the status is Not Acknowledged 19

20 Enquiry Acknowledgement 1.Click I Acknowledge to acknowledge the enquiry no. (1400024860) 20

21 21 Enquiry View 1.Now the enquiry is under Enquiry Tab 2.The acknowledgement status of enquiries are YES

22 Enquiry (Materials) Details 1.Item Level Description 2.Click to Quote 3.Click to Regret 22

23 Moving to secure site part for Quoting After clicking on the quote now button the system will ask you to login again for security issue 23 Click on OK button

24 Logging into the secure site 1.Type User Id (Not Case Sensitive) 2.Type Password (Case Sensitive) 3.Click to Login again 24

25 1. Enter Reference (Mandatory) 2. Click to select Currency 3. Click on down-arrow and select from list 4. Enter your value here After putting the desired values the page will be looking like the page no. 26 25

26 Filling up Extra-Charges 1.Click to Proceed Quoting 26

27 Quoting Against Items 27 2.Click to view Description of the Item 3.Tick to Quote for the Item 4.Enter Rate per Unit 5.Enter Expected time to Deliver goods 6.Write Comments (if any) 1.Click to select currency

28 Quoting Against Items 28 2.Click to See/Change Extra Charges 5.Click to view/quote next set of items 6.Click to view last page with items 8.Click to Submit Quote 7.Click to Submit Quote in Draft Mode 1.Enter Port Details (Optional) 3.Enter Unit Weight (Optional) 4.Select Unit of measurement (Optional)

29 Successful Quotation 1.Message Confirms Successful Quotation 2.Click to View Quotation Details 29

30 View Submitted Quotation Print View of the Submitted Quotation 30

31 If the RFQ is already quoted then to modify the quotation Clicking on the RFQ the next screen will come Procurement Division 31 4.Click to open the already quoted RFQ and modify 1.Tag for quoted RFQ 2.Tag for quoted RFQ 3.Tag for Regreted RFQ

32 Modify Quote/Regretting an Enquiry 1.Click to Modify Quote 2.Click to View Quoted Details 3.Click to Regret Quote 32

33 Moving to secure site part if the supplier click on Regret button Click on OK button 33

34 Regretting an Enquiry 2.Click to Regret Enquiry 1.Write Reason for Regretting 34 3.Click to delete Comments

35 Regretting an Enquiry 1.This message confirms regret 35

36 1. If there is a direct order to the supplier from Tata Steel, then the order placed against the supplier / service provider will be displayed to supplier s eproc site and the system will be asking for acknowledging the Order, like in page no. 37. 2. If there is no direct order against the supplier / service provider from Tata Steel, then TLL / OREMCO will process the order for further transaction and there will be no order acknowledge and order display provision for the supplier / service provider. 36 Conditions

37 Order Acknowledgement 1.Click here for Details of Order No (2200014159) After acknowledging the RFQ, the supplier / service provider has to accept Purchase Orders (if any) also. 37 2.Notice that acknowledgement status is NO

38 Order Acknowledgement 1.Click here to Acknowledge the Order (2200014159) 38

39 1.Now the order is under Order Tab 2.The acknowledgeme nt status of the order is YES 39 Order View

40 Forgot Login Information If the supplier forgets his / her password for accessing eproc site then how to retrieve the password has been explained in page 37- 40 40

41 1.Click on this link In Case if someone forgets his / her eproc password 41

42 1.Select location from the dropdown 2. Give User id 3.Click on this button 42 Two ways to access Forgets password -Method 1

43 1. Select Tata Steel from Dropdown 2.Tata Steel as location selected 4. Click in this button & go to page no. 42 3.Give the user id 43 Method 1 - Forgets password Example

44 44 Two ways to access Forgets password -Method 2 1.Select location from the dropdown 2. Give Vendor Code 3.Click on this button

45 45 Method 2 - Forgets password Example 1. Select Tata Steel from Dropdown 2.Tata Steel as location selected 4. Click in this button 3.Give the Vendor Code

46 46 Check password in given email id Result After clicking that button a new password will be mailed to the supplier/ service providers registered mail id Back

47 Other Facilities for Suppliers 1.Messages floated by Administrator on home page 2.User id-Password request (for existing ones, in case forgotten) 3.FAQs & Troubleshoot information 4.Facility to contact e-Procurement Administrator through the site 5.Direct Contact (email) with the Ethics Counselor of Tata Steel 6.Online acceptance of Code of Conduct of Tata Steel 7.Automatic Reminders for new Orders and RFQs 8.Email to eProc. Administrator for modification of Phone/FAX/email 9.Other Information under the Facility Page(eg. Policies, circulars as and when floated by Site Admin) 47

48 Pre-Requisites for an e-Partner Should be a Registered supplier / service provider having e-mail address registered with Tata Steel, India Smooth running Internet Connection Internet Explorer 6.0 and above for browsing the Site 48

49 Responsibilities Of Suppliers To check e-mails on regular basis To regularly check for new information on the site To regret online, if do not want to quote for any enquiry To acknowledge all Orders, if any To update current Contact Details 49

50 Benefits to the Suppliers 1.On-line Enquiries (No hardcopy / E-mail / Fax movement) 2.On-line Orders, if any 3.On-line submission of quotation (No hardcopy / E-mail / Fax movement) 50

51 Dos & Dont for the Suppliers Related to Browser (Internet Explorer) 1. Use Internet Explorer 6.0 and above. 2. The browser keeps the page in the memory and many a times, throws the old page with old data, instead of getting the latest data. To avoid this, remove these files from memory. To do this: A. Go to Internet Explorer Menu bar - Tools - Internet Options - Temporary Internet Files - Delete Files. This will delete the old files stored in memory and get the latest data. Delete cached filed for the memory from time to time (once a week) B. Go to Internet Explorer Menu bar - Tools - Internet Options - Temporary Internet Files – Settings Under Check for Newer Version of Stored Pages, select "Every Visit to the page". 51

52 Dos & Dont for the Suppliers Related to Site not opening: 1.Check that Internet Connection is up. 2.E-Procurement Site of Tata Steel is accessible through three addresses simultaneously as described earlier If one of these don't open, try with the other address. 3.You should be able to access other sites like,, etc. If you have problem opening these sites as well, then it is your local internet problem. Else, report problem for e-Procurement site. Faqs 1.More detailed note related to some of the specific problems is existing on the site under the heading "FAQs". Go through the FAQs to help you out with your problems. 52

53 Contact Details For eproc Related Issue NameMailidPhone no Mr. Subrata Dharsubrata.dhar@tatasteel.com91 657 66 45367 Mr. Subhadeep Sensubhadeep.s@tatasteel.com91 657 66 47069 Procurement Division 53

54 54 Thank You

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