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Structural Steel..

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1 Structural Steel.

2 Commercial Quality For general engineering work that does not require specified mechanical properties. Test certificate is available, stating Chemical Analysis, no mechanicals. May be produced to SAE specs. May be welded and subjected to “Moderate” forming. What a customer usually wants when asking for “Mild Steel.

3 Commercial Quality Should only be used where no specific mechanical requirements exist. Not recommended for structures where any danger of “catastrophic failure” exists. There is very little recourse to the mill in the event of failures.

4 Structural Steels. Used where chemical and mechanical properties are required and specified. Always supplied with test certificates. Available in plate, sheet, sections, tube etc. May be grouped in Low, Medium and High Strength structural steels.

5 Structural Steels Used where structural properties are required. Engineers can design, using these properties. With correct design and guaranteed structural steel, failures should be avoided. Using steels of higher Yield and Toughness, allows thinner steel & hence, lighter structures.

6 The New Specs. BS 4360 SANS 1431 SANS50025 EN10025

7 Grades 43A 300WA 50B S275JR 350WA S355JR

8 Steel Yield Tensile Impact 43A 275 430/580 300WA 300 S275 350WA 350WC 350 490/640 20 50C S355JR 0 20 Corten 480 Sup TM Up to 560 RT 700 700 780/930 -50

9 Specification Comparison
BS 4360: 1986 EN 10025: 1993 SANS 1431 SANS / EN 10025 Gr 40 A S 235 JR 240WA S 235 JR+AR Gr 40 B S 235 JR G2 Gr 40 C S 235 JO 240WC Gr 40 D S 235 J2 G3 240WDD S 235 J2+N Gr 43 A Gr 43 B S 275 JR S 275 JR+AR Gr 43 C S 275 JO Gr 43 D S 275 J2 G3 S 275 J2+N NONE 300WA Gr 50 A Gr 50 B S 355 JR 350WA S 355 JR+AR Gr 50 C S 355 JO 350WC Gr 50 D S 355 J2 G3 350WDD S 355N S 355 J2 G4 (AR or N) Gr 50 DD S355 K2 G3 S355NL

10 Impact Requirements JR = 20degC (or none) JO = 0 degC J2G3 = -20 degC.
N = Normalised. E (Prefix) Engineering Grade.

11 Strength of Steels Domex. S275 S355 S700MC

12 Cor-Ten® is a registered trademark of USX Corporation
WHAT IS COR-TEN® ? Description Cor-Ten® is a high strength low alloy weathering steel conforming to ASTM A242 Type 1. It derives improved corrosion resistance compared with carbon steel by the formation of a stable, adherent patina of corrosion product under suitable exposure conditions, inhibiting further corrosion attack. Cor-Ten® is a registered trademark of USX Corporation

13 Pressure Vessel Grades
SANS EN10028 Replaces BS1501 Grade 430A = P265GH, Also P235GH, P265GH & P295GH

14 High Strength, formable, sheet
There is a great deal of development around hot rolled thermo-mechanically rolled, inclusion shape controlled sheet, in thickness 2mm –12mm. From hot strip mills, and particularly for the motor, materials handling and trailer industry. Grades from 400 –700Mpa Yield Strength. These steels give mass saving advantages and are very formable and weldable.

15 Advantages Mass reduction possible
Possibility of replacing more expensive Quenched and Tempered plate (up to 10mm) Steel available with better resistance to mechanical damage.

16 Supraform –Spec. Changes
Supraform TM290 and TM340 to be replaced by S315MC Supraform TM380 to be replaced by S355MC Supraform TM460 to be discontinued. Supraform TM500 to be replaced by S460MC. Supraform TM600 to be replaced by S550MC S700MC already available ex import, Mittal to continue development.

17 The New Product Range Spec. Quality Code 556 000 557 000 550 000
Supraform 315MC/EN S315MC 355MC/EN S355MC 420MC/EN S420MC 550MC/EN S550MC Quality Code Slab Widths 1300 960;1300; 1600;1870 1600 1300;1600 Thickness Range 2,0 - 6,0 2,0 – 10,0 2,5 – 10,0 3,0 – 8,0

18 High Strength Steels. RULE OF THUMB FOR MASS SAVINGS> t2 Re1 t1 Re2
t= Thickness Re= Yield Strength 1 = Reference Steel 2 = High Strength Substitute.

19 Don’t over design!

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