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NADIA, ISABELA, DAVID, FELIPE Our 8 day trip to… Buenos Aires.

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2 NADIA, ISABELA, DAVID, FELIPE Our 8 day trip to… Buenos Aires

3 Language Spanish is the dominant language in Argentina with over 60% of people who speak it. Being in Buenos Aires would push us to become more fluent with our Spanish. Spanish is the official language in Buenos Aires. English is widely spoken, with some French and German too. –

4 Buenos where…? Buenos Aires is the capital of the Argentine Republic. With over 3 million people living there, its more opportunities to practice what we know.

5 Money Argentina pesos/American dollars Just $1.00 in US Dollars is 3.90 in Argentina Pesos We will be taking about $513 which will be right around 2,000 or $

6 Popular Foods in Buenas Aires Lomo- this food is a great steak similar to Filet Mignon, many people get a food called lomito from fast food restaurants, this is like a hamburger. Many of the popular meats you will find served in Buenas Aires are " Chorizo (sausage), " Bife de Costilla (t-bone), Entraña (skirt steak), " Morcilla (blood sausage), " Tira de Asado (ribs), and various internal organs such as, " Riñones"(kidneys), these are all served in Asados (barbeques) or Parillas (grill houses). A great dessert to try in Buenas Aires is empanadas, these are little pie filled pastries. These are served fried or baked. A popular dessert found in Buenas Aires as well as Spain is the churro which is a fried pastrie sprinkled with sugar Dulce de Leche is something that many Argentineans are very fond of, it translates to milk sweet and is a sweet spread used for cookies, cakes, pastries, etc.

7 Dulce de Leche Empanadas Churro Bife de Costilla Tira de Asado

8 Flight Plan 11:00 am Depart Phoenix (PHX) Arrive Buenos Aires (EZE) 7:45 Sunday Fly out 8 days later Paid for by tax credit Stay at Rayuela Hostel Boutique for 8 nights 8.48/night 8 nights 67.84 per person, for hostel High Safety rate: 96.8 Free breakfast, linens, towels Air conditioning, hot showers and internet Lockers in dorms

9 Hostel Rayuela

10 Some restaurants and cafes we will visit… Las Violetas Museo del Jamon La Biela Un Altra Volta Cafe Tortoni

11 Las Violetas Museo del Jamon Madero Tango La Biela Un altra Volta

12 Places to Visit Alberto J. Armando Stadium (Monday) Soccer stadium La Boca (Monday) Old district of Buenas Aires Avenida 9 de Julio (Tuesday) the widest road in the world home to the Buenos Aires Obelisk monument Plaza San Martín (Wednesday) Plaza in honor of San Martín, liberator of Argentina from Spain Recoleta Cemetery (Thursday) Cemetery for wealthy Argentineans

13 Places To Visit San Telmo: antique fair only on Sunday (Sunday) Teatro Colón: The citys great opera house. Performances are relatively inexpensive (Wednesday) Madres de Plaza de Mayo: Thursday enjoy mothers march in the plaza then listen to their speeches (Thursday) Subte A line: the only subway line in the city that still has the old wooden cars (Friday)

14 Av de Mayo: the best architecture in the city. Start at Plaza de Mayo and walk towards Congreso. (Friday) MALBA: Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires supposedly has one of the best collections of contemporary Latin American art. (Saturday)

15 Madres de Plaza de Mayo- Teatro Colón-

16 Alberto J. Armando Stadium At the day of inauguration, the stadium was surprisingly nicknamed 'Bombonera' as it is most commonly known now A local professional soccer club plays there

17 La Boca La Boca is the oldest, most colorful, and most authentic neighborhood in Buenos Aires. The neighborhood was settled and built by Italian immigrants that worked in the warehouses and meatpacking plants in the area

18 Avenida 9 de Julio widest road in the world home to the Buenos Aires Obelisk monument The Obelisk is a modern monument placed at the heart of Buenos Aires. It was built in May 1936 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first founding of the city.

19 Plaza San Martín one of the various historical districts of the city of Buenos Aires San Martín, is the name of Argentina's independence hero: Don José de San Martín

20 Recoleta Cemetery Cemetery for wealthy Argentineans Recoleta is Buenos Aires ritziest and wealthiest neighborhood, with superb old mansions along the Avenida Alvear. Recoleta Cemetery houses most of Argentinas forefathers and outstanding public celebrities as well as politicians

21 Travel Vocabulary Notecard Confirmar el vueloTo confirm a flight Hacer la maletaTo pack a suitcase Hacer un viajeTo take a trip Ir de vacacionesTake a vacation viajarTo travel El BoletoTicket El boleto de idea y vueltaRound trip tickiet El iquipajeLuggage ¿Cual es la especialidad de la casa?What is the specialty of the house? ¿Me puede traer?Can you bring me…? El entremesAppetizer La especialidadSpecialty El filete de parillaGrilled steak La cucharaSpoon El cuchilloKnife La sirvilletaNapkin El tenedorFork El vasoGlass CenarTo have dinner DesayunarTo have breakfast La meriendaAfternoon snack

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