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PARENTS’ MEETING : 1st October 2012

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1 PARENTS’ MEETING : 1st October 2012
St. Joseph School - Sliema PARENTS’ MEETING : 1st October 2012 Welcome !

2 Parents’ Prayer O Lord, we give you thanks for having given us children. They are our joy, and we accept with serenity the worries, fears, and hard work which bring us pain. Help us to love them sincerely. Through us you gave life to them; from eternity you knew them and loved them. Give us the wisdom to guide them, patience to teach them, vigilance to accustom them to the good through our example.

3 Parents’ Prayer Support our love so that we may receive them back when they have strayed and make them good. It is often so difficult to understand them, to be as they would want us to be, to help them go on their way. Grant that they may always see our home and school as a haven in their time of need. Teach us and help us, O good Father, through the merits of Jesus, your Son and our Lord. Amen.

4 MISSION STATEMENT Inspired by Gospel values and the teachings of Saint Emilie, our school aims at creating a team of dedicated professionals to give our girls a holistic education, developing their individual, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, creative and physical potential to the full, in the knowledge that such gifts come from a loving God who asks us to use them for our good and that of others.

5 School Motto Believe and Achieve

Our three-year plan focuses on: e – Communication e – Learning Inclusion Differentiation



E-Learning and e-communication are central to life in the Senior School, and the school is equipped with the following: 12 interactive white boards and projectors 9 additional projectors A laptop in every ‘home’ classroom 26 student computers in the ICT Lab 3 student computers in the Physics Lab 1 student computer in the Library Wi-fi internet connection throughout Teacher laptops

Rendering of stone walls in the main court yard Cleaning of underlying wells Installation of 3-phase electricity downstairs Cladding of gym pillars New projector and bean bags in the PSD Room Smart Board in the Library New chairs in the Library New venetian blinds Face-lift in the Hall New window curtains in the Hall [special thanks to Mrs Bartolo, PTA member]

This scholastic year we plan to complete our e-Learning and e-Communication targets by inviting parents and students to access school information through the Klikks School Administration System

12 Klikks School Management System
The Klikks SMS site will give parents and students access to: Student time-table and school calendar Attendance Conduct Reports [i.e. behaviour in breach of school rules] Appraisals [i.e. positive behaviour to be rewarded] Mid-Yearly and Annual assessment Home-work assigned to students

13 Klikks School Management System
To access the Klikks SMS site parents need a valid address and internet connection. Parents will receive an with instructions on how to set up a user account that is password-protected. Parents are strongly advised to use their own address to access the system. Parents will only be able to view information related to their own daughter/s.

14 Klikks School Management System
During the first term of this scholastic year we plan to activate all parent and student user accounts and the system will be used for Student time-table, Calendar, Attendance, Conduct Reports and Appraisals. Once the system is working smoothly and staff training is completed we will use the Klikks SMS site to post home-work and assessment marks. Mid-Yearly and Annual Report Cards will still be posted home in hard copy.

15 Conduct Conduct will be reported to parents via the Klikks SMS site, where parents will be made aware of misbehaviour or breach of school rules. All students will be made aware of what misbehaviour can result in a Conduct Report at the start of the school year. Parents will be able to check for any Conduct Reports at any time once their Klikks parent account is activated. Parents will be alerted by to check the Klikks SMS site if their daughter has repeatedly received a Conduct report. An accumulation of 10 points from Conduct Reports will result in a Detention after school from 1.30 to 2.30pm; parents will be informed. Students who continuously breach school rules will receive a Conduct Report print-out with their Mid-Yearly and Annual Exam Report Card. School-Leaving Certificates in Senior 5 report conduct; students with a poor track record in behaviour risk having their conduct comment downgraded

16 Appraisals Appraisals will be posted on the Klikks SMS site to reward behaviour outlined in the ‘Positive Behaviour’ lists on class-room notice boards. Students will be rewarded with positive points for achievement, enthusiasm, improvement and commitment. Positive points earned from Appraisals will not cancel out negative points earned from Conduct Reports. Appraisal Assembly will be held monthly to recognise and celebrate positive behaviour in the school community.

17 Secondary School Certificate and Profile
The SSC&P records student performance in: All academic subjects All non-formal activities organised by the school but which do not feature in the National Curriculum Informal learning which takes place outside school hours Personal qualities which the student acquires during her school days Attendance during the school year The SSC&P will be awarded to this year’s school-leavers in March 2013

18 School Outings School outings are organised regularly to enhance the educational, spiritual and pastoral programme we offer our students. All students are expected to participate actively in school outings. Information forms with the details of the outing will be ed to parents; consent forms will not be sent home with students. If parents object to their daughter attending a particular outing it is their responsibility to contact the Head or Assistant Head to let her know.

19 We offer after-school sessions in: Athletics Tennis
SENIOR SCHOOL We offer after-school sessions in: Athletics Tennis Details will be ed to parents Subjects in green are examinable

20 School Communication The school website can be accessed at:
The school general telephone number is In emergencies the school mobile number may be used – School communications will be passed on to parents by ; kindly check your regularly.

21 School Communication General communication by should be addressed to the school secretaries at: Confidential communication by can be addressed to the Assistant Head, Ms Bonett, at: Or the Head, Ms Fleri Soler at: Every effort will be made to answer your s as soon as possible

22 Senior II Option Choices
Senior II parents will be guided on option choices available in school, as well as further education opportunities, in an Options Meeting that will be held in school on Monday 4th March 2013 Senior II students will attend an Options Seminar in school on Thursday 7th March 2013 Options Booklet available on the school website One-to-one session if required

23 Attendance by students and parent/s is compulsory
Senior V : SEC Exams A meeting to explain the SEC Exam system, together with details regarding applications for the May 2013 session, will be held in the school hall on Monday 8th October at 8.45am Attendance by students and parent/s is compulsory

24 SEC Exams : Practicals/ Course Work/Projects
Biology, Chemistry, Physics: practicals are compulsory and make up 15% of the final SEC Exam mark Practicals must be completed over 3 years, starting in Senior III Strict deadlines must be respected; late work will not be accepted Practicals are moderated by MATSEC in Senior V

25 SEC Exams : Practicals/ Course Work/Projects
Computer Studies, Home Economics, Art, PE Option Course work/ Project work/ Portfolios are assigned in Senior IV and contribute towards the final SEC Exam grade Strict deadlines must be respected; late work will not be accepted Course work and Portfolios are moderated by MATSEC in Senior V

26 Reminders re School Procedures
The student Code of Behaviour is available on the school website Parental co-operation is required to respect school rules regarding hairstyles, hair dye, piercings, make-up and jewellery Mobile phones must be handed in at reception Absence from school must be accounted for and is recorded in the Secondary School Certificate and Profile. It is also reported on a monthly basis to the Education Authorities

27 Assessment Formative Assessments will take place in November prior to Parents’ Days Past Exam papers will be on sale from school as from this scholastic year Students will be allowed to see their corrected exam scripts after their Mid-Yearly Exams Students are required to attend Parents’ Days

28 ECDL ECDL is taught during ICT lessons from Senior 1 to Senior 4
ECDL modules are offered in collaboration with ‘Holistic Courses’, Fgura ECDL exams will all be held in the school ICT Lab after school hours; parents will be notified in advance The 7 ECDL modules must be covered within 3 years from activation Each student will be given a username and password and will be able to take online diagnostic tests (practice tests) and receive feedback Parents can follow their daughter’s progress online

29 ECDL Parents can follow their daughter’s progress online
Skills Card costs €40 Module exams cost €10 each Re-sits cost €10 each CD Courseware notes cost €10 Diagnostic (Mock)Tests are free All payments will be made through the school; receipts are to be kept as proof of purchase

Ensure that the school is kept aware of current emergency contact numbers and address/es. Support school discipline procedures. Give support and encouragement for home-learning. Attend Parent-Teacher Consultations. Encourage their child to get involved in all aspects of school life. Get to know about their child’s life at school.

31 INTERNET PROTECTION Data Protection Policy re Internet Use
No image or reference to staff, students, school building, school uniform or regalia that pertains to St Joseph School Sliema may be reproduced on the internet without the written consent of the Head of School.

32 INTERNET PROTECTION To this end it is unlawful for any of our students to post photos or details on the internet that can in any way identify them as students at our school. We are asking for your co-operation to ensure that if any such images or references are available, they are removed at once. Serious disciplinary measures will be taken against students caught abusing this policy.

33 A signed written note (not an email) is required:
For permission to leave the school grounds during school hours; students must be signed out at reception when they leave school during school hours For not wearing the full school uniform For permission to be exempted from PE lessons To explain why homework has not been done For permission to be away from school. All absences must be fully explained. To explain any medicine which the pupil needs to take on the school premises

34 Pastoral Care Pastoral care is an integral element of the holistic education provided in the school. It is concerned with the overall well being of all students, helping to ensure that they feel safe, secure and valued. Pastoral care is the responsibility of the whole school, and all the members of Staff do their part to create an environment where the students can feel safe and find help in solving any problems, be they academic or personal.

35 Guidance Department The Guidance Teacher is Ms Nathalie Camilleri
Personal and vocational guidance is designed to enrich the girls’ personal and school life, while preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life after school. various talks/seminars to tackle important issues such as smoking, bullying, sexuality one-to-one /group appointments; We try our best to educate the students to confide in appropriate people, at appropriate moments.

36 School Counsellor Available in school on two days
A form will be distributed to all parents/guardians asking their consent for the counsellor to have appointments with their children Parents can also avail themselves of the services of the counsellor to discuss issues related to their daughters’ well-being The counsellor liaises with parents and agencies concerned with the welfare of the student The School Counsellor is Ms Patricia Stilon

37 Donation We are grateful for your support, which helps us to work hard to offer the best education possible to our students, in a school environment they deserve. Talk about payments spread over 3 terms if needed, as well as first reminder, second reminder etc.

38 Kindly do not hesitate to inform the school of any situation that is hindering your daughter’s progress, or affecting her behaviour.

39 Thank - you for your attention

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