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Longfellow Middle School

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1 Longfellow Middle School
Inspiring excellence in learning through academics, life skills, and service to others, so all students will achieve their maximum potential.

2 Longfellow History Department
Welcomes you and your children!

3 Jason Small Would like his students to leave his class in June with a better understanding and appreciation of the story of America!

4 Cindy Wagner After taking her class, her students will have a greater understanding of American history and hopefully will develop a love of both history and learning as a whole.

5 Anna Southworth Finds the Longfellow students “knowledge hungry” and offers them a “voice” in her classroom.

6 Christy Myren Loves exploring the “stories” of the past and making the pieces of our world today come together with its roots in the past!

7 Elaina Bafaro Would like her students to leave in June with a joy of learning.

8 Stephanie Haley Believes learning happens in many ways and it doesn’t have to be boring.

9 Sara Conyers Enjoys the enthusiasm her students have for learning and the willingness of middle school students to be creative and take risks.

10 US History 1865 - Present Focus Questions Content Skills
Online Textbook

11 Units of Study Geography Reconstruction Westward Movement
Industrialization Immigration and Urbanization Progressive Movement Imperialism

12 Units of Study World War I 1920s Great Depression World War II
Cold War Postwar Consumer Culture Civil Rights Movement Globalization

13 Skills Students will: Be able to acquire information from a variety of sources, including primary source documents Be able to organize information in a variety of forms Be able to analyze information Be able to interpret information Be able to communicate in a variety of written forms Be able to communicate orally Be able to communicate using technology

14 Longfellow Middle School
Our goal is to inspire excellence while meeting the needs of all learners Extensions, enrichment, and accommodations are provided SOL Test in May that covers content learned over the course of the school year Students will have an option at the conclusion of 7th grade to choose General Education or Honors for 8th grade Civics

15 Amazing Activities! One teacher has students research different European countries involved in WWI and students debate which country is to blame for starting the war Another teacher has her students interview an immigrant and then write a 5 paragraph essay

16 More Amazing Activities!
Another teacher has students create a Prezi presentation based on a relative who immigrated to the United States Last year all History teachers, as part of our study of the Great Depression, had students prepare a dinner for their family one night! One teacher had students write additional lyrics to the Billy Joel song, “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

17 Online Textbook To support our curriculum and to maintain FCPS commitment incorporating technology in the classroom, all students have personal access to The American Journey online textbook Students will be guided through the process of accessing the online textbook during the first weeks of the school year with their History teacher


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