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Get three French I textbooks per group from the book cart.

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1 Get three French I textbooks per group from the book cart.

2 --Quelle est la date/ le jour, aujourdhui? --Aujourdhui, / Demain, cest le un / le premier avril. --Cest ton anniversaire? --Non, mon / ton anniversaire est aujourdhui / demain. Correctly endorse todays notebook paper and copy the following dialogues. Define demain. Then select the words that best complete each dialogue.

3 Add to 1.2 vocabulary demain = tomorrow hier = yesterday

4 1. Lisez les dialogues sur p60. 2. Maintenant, écoutez les dialogues. 3. Encore un peu de vocabulaire. 4. Activités à parler: 1, 2 et 3 avec un(e) partenaire. 5. Tournez la page et lisez la dialogue. 6. Encore un peu de vocabulaire. 7. Activités à parler: 4, 5 et 6 avec un(e) partenaire.

5 Who stole the pencil? Scenario: You all are delivery drivers for Madames office supply company, and one among you has stolen (Gasp!) a pencil (Heavens!) from a client (Oh, dear!) during a delivery (Oh, no. Not during a delivery!). You, the employees, not believing any of your colleagues would have done such a dastardly deed, have requested to join the investigation. You each have been assigned to independently confirm each of your colleagues delivery date to the sorely abused client. You must interview as many of your colleagues as you can, in French of course, to find out when they had made their own delivery. Define voleur / voleuse Voleur (For SHAME!)!

6 Comment tappelles-tu?Répétez. Quelle est la date?Cest le … Continue on mardi, le 17 septembre.

7 Exit pass You must complete the Quel jour est-ce? mini-sheet and hand it to me before you may leave.

8 MY VERSION (Was assigned day I was out.) to practice spelling with the French alphabet. Quelle est ton adresse e-mail? Have the students practice pronouncing the letters of the alphabet within their groups for 5 mins. Ask Aïssatou and Frédéric-Jean- René to act as teachers and take turns spelling, in French, a simple vocab word/phrase such as BONJOUR, while the class writes the word on their paper. Leaders will choose someone to spell the word back to them to write on the board for verification. Continue in this manner with several more simple words. Next, have the leaders spell out longer words/phrases with accents. Up the ante of this activity by spelling and writing an email address on the board (Explain the words for arobase (ay row bahss) and point (pwah). Finally, ask students to give their own email addresses (Students can create a fake email address if they so choose). This can be further practiced by having students exchange emails and have them to obtain five.

9 The School Newspaper--You work for the school newspaper and youre interviewing new students for the next issue of the paper. Record all responses. In each interview: 1. Greet the person and introduce yourself; 2. Ask what his or her name is 3. Ask how old he or she is 4) say goodbye.

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