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LOVE… I love you I like you I need you You’re my sweet baby

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2 LOVE… I love you I like you I need you You’re my sweet baby
You’re my teddy bear You are my love Kiss me You are my darling You are beautiful I kiss your sweet lips Your eyes are beautiful You are my sun I like you because you are nice I miss you You are sweet Your lips are so hot My life is nice with you You’re so SWEET. Ciorcas Loredana, Veres Roxana, Filip Ghita, Turbui Catalin.

3 SWEET DAY My heart is bleeding I love you I like you
I want to see you again It’s a nice day I don’t like the day Love is in the air People love Because it is the time Sweetest things are happening now When I see you I want to touch the sun… I love you… Yes, she is very beautiful When I see you I want to fly And I want to kiss you On the lips and on your face You are very sweet I miss you… Erdei Monica, Malanca Mariana, Huber Balazs.

4 MY SWEET SUN I love you I need your heart sweet sun I like you
Because you’re so funny and beautiful I want you every day You’re my life I am sad when you are not with me I give my heart to you You are the most beautiful girl in the world You’re the best and sweetest boy in the world You are like a flower I want to kiss you I adore you I like your eyes My dear you are like a butterfly You’re the apple of my eyes You have angel face I want to keep you forever You are the sun in my life You are the first person I see when I open my eyes. Erdei Monica, Roas Roxana, Malanca Mariana, Copaci Sebastian.

I love you I’m so happy with you I need you I like you so much I love you my angel I miss you You are beautiful for Valentine’s Day You are the aplle of my eyes I adore you You are so beautiful When you smile for me. Donca Florin, Filip Ghita, Leordean Viorel, Pop Cosmin, Mulcutan Raul.

6 MY ONLY LOVE I love you I want you You miss me I want to kiss you
Do you want to kiss me? You are my life And I live just for you Because you are my only love Please, take care of your smile, Of your lips, of my soul… Take care of my heart, Take care of us and our love I love you very much! I need you every moment of my life I want to be with you forever… Huja Maria, Alec Sarina, Pop Alexandra, Buzila Ioana.

7 MY DREAM In my dreams I See your beautiful face I can touch you,
I can feel you. But I can’t understand Why you are so not loving Because you reject me So easily Without explanations And I suffer in silence And I wake from my dream… Santa Flavia

8 I HAVE NO IDEA I have no idea What shall I write about love?
I love you I love you very much I simply adore you Well, I don’t adore you Why don’t you love me? Because you’re ugly Oh, then I hate you too! Love is so strange Yes, you are right And your mother is a chicken This means war It can’t be a bad thing You have a face like a stinky girl Ok, good bye. Somesan Marius, Simonca Ovidiu, Ciupac Florin, Baniai Sergiu.

9 IF If you were a bird, I would not shoot you If youb were Dexter,
I would destroy your laboratory If you were Shakespeare, I would burn your poetry If you were Buggs Bunny, I would give you a bad carrot If you were a little fish, I would use youl ike bait If you were the number 4, I would love you 4 ever. Mihalca Larisa, Szabo Krisztina, Iloca Mariana.

10 THE BOY… I like a boy He is sweet like chocolate And I like chocolate…
Coconut chocolate! He has soft lips like jello The are sweet like strawberry You are like a cherry You make me smile When I see your “Arnold” body I love you Arnold! I miss you Do you miss me? I hope you do I know you love me And I really love you! Because your face is clean like froth of milk I like milk I love milk, So I love you! Malanca Mariana

11 MY LITTLE DRACULA In the middle of the night When the moonlight
Comes out with the stars You appear like an angel, With blue eyes and mouth. You are cute like Tweety Your smell is like a skunk, Your teeth are like rocks Your hair is like poo. The moo is more beautiful than you You’re hairy like a monkey Your clothes are like a bag And I think in your head you have a bucket. Ardelean Madalin, Lipai Remus, Stinea Florin.

12 Valentine Day’s Nightmare
When I look at you My hair falls out, When I hear your voice I just want to shout, You move like a snail Because you can’t move faster, You cause bigger damage in a man’s heart Than the Tsunami desaster, You look worse Than a dog’s puke, No one can love you Because you’re just a joke. Pente Raymond.

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