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Personal Profiles BSSS India. Hi there, my name is Mohd. Amaan. Im doing my Bachelors in Business Administration from the Bhopal School of Social Sciences.

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1 Personal Profiles BSSS India

2 Hi there, my name is Mohd. Amaan. Im doing my Bachelors in Business Administration from the Bhopal School of Social Sciences. I have spent the first 15 years of my life in Jeddah(Saudi Arabia) and Dubai(U.A.E). I completed my schooling from The Daly College, Indore, which is ranked no. 2 in India. My hobbies are reading, music, traveling. I have a wild passion for mobile phones. I was the captain of my school Volleyball team and also represented my school team in cricket. People generally like my company so I guess Im an easy going and friendly person. E-mail:- Tel :- 00919893547894 Mohd Amaan

3 Name: Rishi Gupta Age: 19 Sex: Male Hobbies: Reading, traveling, sports and interacting with. people from different cultures. Im an ambitious boy pursuing my BBA degree from the Bhopal School of Social Sciences. Im an enthusiast, committed to my duties. I want to become a successful businessman in future. Im a very fun loving, easy going & straight forward person. I believe in living in the present and my motto in life is to live and let live. E-mail:- Rishi Gupta

4 Hello friends, I am Mahima Samuel from Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) commonly known as city of lakes. Im pursuing bachelors in computer application from B.S.S.S College. My interest lies in reading books, listening to music, collecting coins, cooking, watching ants and Photography...not being behind the camera but also being in front!!!! Besides this I also like making friends and chatting….and so I have joined CCBC project as its the right platform for me to communicate and know about people of other countries. It would also help me to be a good entrepreneur. My e-mail: Mahima Samuel

5 Hi All! I am like any other 19 yr old trying to manage everything properly in life. I take an active part in the college activities and being a management student, I enjoy taking responsibilities. I simply love having fun, thinking lots n lots, cooking, chatting on net n the phone, doing anything creative(making 3-D objects, painting, creative gift wrapping), reading(other than studies), listening to music, watching movies and SLEEPING are some of my hobbies. I am a total bookworm, I am a big big Foodie and a Die hard lover of the Italian cuisine.thinking lots n lotscooking chatting on net n the phonedoing anything creativereading(other than studies) For me most important is my family and nothing beyond their happiness + friends are an indispensable part of my life... love to make friends n try to maintain the friendship forever and this is one of the reasons to join CCBC to meet new people and make new friends. My motto is to give my best- be it having fun or studies. My E-mail: Najia Ansari

6 HI ……….I am Bhor Dubey, a student of management and business English. My interests include traveling, meeting new people and knowing about different cultures and thats the very reason I am on the CCBC project. I think this is the best way to know about the differences in ways of communication across countries. I also like to study, surf the net, do computer programming and learn western music. As a person I am a bit reserved and like to behave formally mostly. I come from a Brahmin family, so I am quite religious. Finally, I would like to say that I would benefit a great deal from this project and will get to know a lot about other participating countries as well Bhor Dubey

7 Hello, I am Gagandeep Mohan Age :- 19 years Sex :- male About myself:- I am doing BBA from BSSS College and feel proud to be the part of this institution. I am a very sociable kind of person having lots of friends. I want to see myself as a good manager which I will be, after doing M.B.A. which is my goal. Languages known :- English, Hindi, Punjabi. My Hobbies :- Listening to music, exploring new places, driving, eating. Mail me at:- Gagandeep Mohan

8 I am Juhi Khilnani studying in B.B.A 1st year. Along with my studies I am very much interested in joining and working on C.C.B.C Project because this gives me a golden opportunity of interacting with students of different countries. Switching over to my hobbies - I am interested in reading story books and working on the computer. Juhi Khilnani

9 My name is Shilpi Tiwari. I belong to the city of Jhansi famous because of its historical and courageous queen called Rani Laxmibai. As a person I am extremely humanitarian and often involved in social programs. I am objective in judgment, as I never let my emotions get in the way. My strength is my positive attitude towards life I strongly believe that knowing your own values and priorities is very important for personal growth. My values are my chief driving force. I value my relationship with my parents above everything else. Shilpi Tiwari

10 I am Komal Nigam from the city of Lakes BHOPAL. I have done my schooling in Lucknow, the City of Gardens and Historical Monuments. Presently I am doing BBA. I am an introvert girl and hope this College will help me to shed some of my inhibitions. I am fluent in English and Hindi. My hobbies are Singing, Dancing, listening to light classical music. I have participated in Singing competitions. I like to play Badminton too Komal Nigam

11 When we wake up in d morning we hv 2 simple choices-go back to sleep n dream (which i noe we all love) or wake up n chase those dreams (which i love)................... A person with determination and sincerity, who likes to take up challenges of life and always move ahead with belief in GOD and confidence in myself.... This is me...I am Garima Francis,"GARIMA",means "PRIDE" and yes I am definitely proud because God has blessed me in so many different ways. I have interest in clicking photographs and treasuring them. I love reading and enjoy watching movies. My motto in life is-"If you want to achieve success in the sands of time then do not drag your feet", which Ive quoted from 'The Wings Of Fire' by Mr A.P.J.Kalam (our former President). Garima Francis

12 Hi There!! I am Ahmed I like: playing basket ball, listening to music, making friends, exploring new things, places and people, chatting. I am a very easy going, straightforward, lazy creature. I am afraid of God. I hate people who speak through their hats. I can't see anyone cry. I believe in making a way if I don't find one. My philosophy of life is Live Fast and full. My email: Ahmed Abdullah

13 I am Varsha Kushwaha in the final year of an undergrad program in management. I enjoy communicating with people and surfing the net Besides, I enjoy reading and writing – in fact I like to do creative writing. I write both prose and verse in Hindi and English. Im looking forward to being a part of this project thru which I can enhance my communication skills and do something creative and worthwhile. Varsha Kushwaha

14 Im Apoorva Gupta student of BSSS doing BBA. My hobbies are reading and listening to audio-books. Recently I have read Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Sometime I invest my time in reading business and sports magazines. I have keen interest in computers, media and even looking out for the share market. I wish to understand how business and money work for us. I have great faith in GOD and have lot of interest in Spiritualism. I have read Ramayana and Gita and undergone a course of Art of Living. I want to first visit all parts of my country to understand people of my land. I would then like to travel to other countries of the world. I look forward to connecting with all of you. Apoorva Gupta

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