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You are here: Character slides This presentations basic design consists of a slide divided in two; the first part contains a paragraph about a character.

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4 Character slides This presentations basic design consists of a slide divided in two; the first part contains a paragraph about a character while the second part consists of a number of quotes quoted by the particular character. Navigation The navigation of this power point is quite simple. All you have to do is to click on the desired button to go to that particular slide. This is done by either going to the main menu and selecting from there or by clicking on a link near the You are here: text, which has icons that have a relation to the slide you are viewing. For example, if you click on the house on the top left hand side of your screen, this will take you to the main menu. To view information about a character, simply click on his or her name in the main menu or otherwise click on Positive or Negative to view the characters. The icon exits this presentation.

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7 Mrs. Welland, Mirandas mother and Jims foster mother, is a calm person who is able to understand other persons troubles. She loves Jim as much as Miranda and she also wishes to make Jim feel at home. We really are glad to have you here Jim. She loved to have Jim at her home. …Itll just take time She understands that Jim has been through a very rough time and that it will take time for him to adjust. There was no need to lose your temper with him. Mrs. Welland did not want Mr. Welland to shout at Jim.

8 You are here: Miranda, probably the best character in Burning Everest, is the step- sister of Jim who has an exceedingly cheerful character and she is also extremely helpful. She does all her best to try and spark a conversation with Jim and constantly tries to befriend him. I bet youre missing your mum. I dont blame you. Id miss mine. She knows how Jim feels and she can understand his problems. She might take you back one day. Miranda thinks there is hope for Jim. Thats not fair, Sir. Jims staying with us at the moment and my mum couldnt buy him anything till she knew his size. Miranda tries to stick up for Jim but Mr. Cooper does not care.

9 You are here: He behaves as a social worker should. Tony Simmons is a helpful character in this play. He does his very best to make Jim love the Wellands and tries to explain to Jim that his mother does not want him back. He also knows about the fantasy world that Jim finds himself in when he has problems. Lets not go over all that again Jim. You know your mums not able to look after you any more. He tries to make Jim understand that his mum does not want him. Id been hoping youd forget about it. Tony wants Jim to forget about his fantasy world. Itll give you a chance to find your feet. He wants Jim to try and settle at the Wellands.

10 You are here: Mrs. Pryme, Jims Personal Development teacher, is one of the most positive characters in the play. She can see through Jim and she believes in him. She motivates him to start working and does not lose her temper when Jim goes late for her lesson. She also defends Jim in front of the Head and praises his improvement in her work. Its nice to have you in the class, Jim. She helps him out and introduces him to the class. I think he is trying to make an effort, Mr Bryant. Mrs Pryme sticks up for Jim in front of the Head and compliments Jims work and efforts. I think thats what some people have told you youll be and youve believed them She wants Jim to start believing in himself.

11 You are here: Stubby Redshaw is Jims best friend who has an artificial foot. Jim has defended Stubby on a number of occasions, for example, when Matt called him a spastic. Stubby is also a chubby person because his mum gives him only junk food, even at tea time. This makes the situation worse for him. Stubby is also a little naïve. He does not understand the complexities of life, however in his simplicity, he is a genuine and loveable character. Jim, dont! Samsonll have your leg off. Stubby tries to control Jims rage. She taking you back? He would like to know about how Jims doing about his mom. Well, games are better than real life then. Well be a team. Well climb Everest. Stubby wants to know what Jim is up to when he goes over the edge of the quarry.

12 You are here: The main character in the play, the one who is facing the most problems in life. His mom did not want him anymore and she sent him to a foster family. This lack of love and concern causes him problems and so he tries to escape into his fantasy world which almost lead him to his death. I dont want to.. I want to go back with my mum. He does not want to go to a foster family. No one said anything at my last school. He did not care about any education. They make me sick. I ripped up all these clothes they bought me and they didnt even get mad. He wanted them to get mad so that they would hate him and he will be sent back to his mum. I dont want anyone else with me. He did not want anyone with him, because he wanted to commit suicide.

13 You are here: Sharon, Jims mother, is a mother who did not care for her son. She had him when she was only sixteen and since she was that young, she couldnt look after him. Sharon was also an irresponsible person. She also fell in love with Matt, who was Jims arch enemy, and this made Jims life worse because she wanted to start a new family with Matt. Jim, I cant look after you, I cant. She did not want to take care of him anymore. Im sorry Jim. Youll be better off without me. She did not want any responsibility. Its not easy setting up this business… and there are other things in my life. She was referring to her job as a hairdresser, and also to her lover, Matt.

14 You are here: Although Mr. Welland is not that negative, he is not so sure about Jim. He thinks that Jim is going to cause a lot of problems in his life. But finally, at the end of the play, he is worried that Jim has escaped. Jim, do as youre told! He lost his temper when Jim did not want to try his new clothes. I hope so. Because Im beginning to wonder if it was such a good idea having him come here after all. He hopes that Jim is just frightened. I didnt hear him say anything, did you, Stubby? He pretends that Jim had never offended him and this shows that at the end, Mr Welland was pleased to have Jim part of the family.

15 You are here: Matt Davis is Jim's arch enemy and he always has trouble with him. He falls in love with Sharon and he did not want Jim to be part of the family he wants to start with Sharon. Matt teases him about this fact and does this purposely so as to anger Jim and cause him to be violent. He constantly threatens Jim and there is no doubt that Matt hates Jim. Dream on kid. Your mum doesnt want you; no one wants you around here! He hated Jim a lot and often told him that his mother doesnt want him back. I dont want you hanging round. Thats all. All right? He does not want him near him.

16 You are here: Mr. Bryant, the Saint Xaviers school headmaster, is a person who cannot understand anyones problems. He just shouts and all he cares about is perfection and high quality education. I didnt ask you to say anything!... He did not even let Jim say a single word. Theres no use expecting homework from you, is there McLindon? He did not expect Jim to work hard. Copied out of a library book, Ill bet. He did not expect Jim to do his homework on his own because of his reputation.

17 You are here: Mr. Cooper teaches Eurhythmics at Saint Xavier's school. He has a very negative character since he started saying things about Jims mum when he did not even know in which situation Jim found himself in. In fact, Jim kicks the radio and runs away. Dont try to be insolent…Well, boys and girls, it seems we have a trendsetter join the school… He insulted Jim because of his clothes. Boil him in oil and serve him with chips. He makes fun of Jim and believes him to be worthless.

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