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Cheon Il Guk Seminar The Shift in Our Awareness and Lifestyle in the Time of Cheon Il Guk.

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1 Cheon Il Guk Seminar The Shift in Our Awareness and Lifestyle in the Time of Cheon Il Guk

2 Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly – an annual event – Korea, Region, Nation We are at the point to realise the fruit – the substantial ideal of the internal and external Cheon Il Guk We need to discard our old selves and check that our mindset has changed to correspond to the providential moment We need to evaluate our activities and check that they are the activities needed at this time in the providence Introduction

3 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2004 2002 2003 2001 Formation Stage Growth Stage Completion Stage The Providence to Substantially Realise Cheon Il Guk 100 years since the Ulsan Treaty in 1905 when Japan took sovereignty over Korea 70 years since True Father received his mission 60 years since the start of the providence after the end of the Second World War 60 years since the founding of the United Nations Local Government Elections in Korea Korean Presidential Elections True Fathers 88 th Birthday Inauguration of President in Korea General Elections in Korea Presidential Elections in USA Korean Presidential Elections Presidential Elections in USA Coronation Ceremony for The Kingship of God

4 Cheon Il Guk is not just a proclamation - It is a substantial Kingdom under God and True Parents We needed the Coronation Ceremonies to be officially registered as citizens of Cheon Il Guk We are no longer just in a parent /child relationship to True Parents – we are in a relationship as people to our King and Queen But do we have the mindset of citizens of a Kingdom? We have to set up the organisation, rules and laws of a nation, but it has not been easy for us to adjust our mindset.

5 We need to change our mindset, lifestyle and methodology and really understand what leadership is about – discard our heavy coats in this new Spring Season of the Providence Our mindset has been centred on a Church structure with a Headquarters and Church leaders – sermons, pastoral care, etc True Father – We should all become Hoon Dok Leaders Return to Hometown and set up a Hoon Dok Family/Community Church which will directly relate to the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind We are now bringing people to God directly through the words of Hoon Dok Hae We have to realise a new structure through which we will build the substantial Cheon Il Guk For example: We will no longer tithe 10% to support our Church Leader, but give 30% as a national tax to Cheon Il Guk We need civil servants to help co-ordinate affairs in Cheon Il Guk

6 Gods Purpose of Creation The motivation and purpose of creation = True Love Human beings = children of their parent God Adam and Eve were to grow to their maturity and become the representatives of God – True Parents, True Teachers, True Owners and True Kings The perfection and embodiment of Gods true love, life and lineage True Parent = True Teacher of True Love (Realise the order of true love in the family) In this way become the True Owner and make the Kingdom of True Love Gods partner of true love would be established and the eternal Peace Kingdom would be realised The fulfilment of the Ideal of True Love The Eternal Peace Kingdom

7 The Fall A C E God A + E Realise the Ideal of Creation The Peace Kingdom A C E God A C E Satan FSWFSW Adam and Eve became the False Parents (teachers, owners and king) and passed Satans false love, life and lineage Top of growth stage B Growth Period Receive the Messiah Restoration of True love, True life, True Lineage lessing As the fall was a matter of human responsibility We must go the path of salvation or restoration Through the Messiah Messiah True parent True teacher True owner True King Realise the Ideal of Creation The Peace Kingdom

8 OT Age NT Age CT Age First Israel Central Nation – Israel Rejected Jesus = Second Adam Second Israel – Jesus words - Christianity Central Nation = USA Third Israel – LSA = Third Adam Central Nation = Korea Lord of the Second Advent established a sphere beyond Satans accusation. Fourth Israel Central nation – Providential Nations centring on Korea 4 th Israel = External CIG = Internal Age of Restoration CompletionOf Restoration Settlement Age Gods Fatherland Peace Kingdom

9 Cheon Il Guk and the 4 th Israel Cheon Il Guk is the peace kingdom that perfects Gods ideal of creation. Cheon Il Guk is Gods Fatherland that must be fulfilled by Humankind. Internally, the peace kingdom, Gods fatherland is Cheon Il Guk; externally it is the 4 th Israel. Central Blessed Families - realise Cheon Il Guk in our lives and expand this from Individual – family – tribe – nation – world – cosmos The Peace Kingdom is a totally different world The end of the world of division – Cain/Abel or Good/Evil The border lines between nations, races, generations, etc will all be brought down to realise the Internal and External Ideal of Cheon Il Guk

10 The Meaning of the King of Peace Ceremonies

11 To restore through indemnity the failure brought about from the disbelief of the First Israel and to free God and Jesus from their anguish Because 2000 years ago the Jewish People did not receive Jesus as the True Parent, True Teacher, True Owner and True King December 22nd 2003 Jerusalem – the First Israel The Coronation of Jesus

12 February 4 th 2004 - Washington DC – The Second Israel The Coronation of the King of Peace Centring on Heung Jin Nim and Jesus Connected the First Israel to America, the representative nation of the Second Israel And to the Spiritual World

13 March 23 rd 2004 True Parents crowned as King and Queen of Peace Capitol Hill, Washington, USA Religious Leaders represented the vertical history Political Leaders representing the horizontal era of today

14 The Blessing for Registration in Cheon Il Guk for the Revolution of True Heart and for True Liberation and Complete Freedom August 20 th – National Assembly, Korea Korea is the Third Israel Nation and connects the Third Israel to the Fourth Israel as the central nation that will usher in the Fourth Israel

15 The Meaning of the King of Peace Ceremonies The King and Queen of Peace – not an external authority over subjects and a geographical area. The King and Queen of True Love – which permeates everywhere – No geographical boundaries For eternity - no boundaries of time The King of Peace that renders love – not power - and governs his subjects in accord with the heavenly law.

16 The Significance of the August 20 th King and Queen of Peace Ceremony We cannot relate to the King and Queen of Peace unless we first become citizens of Cheon Il Guk A special grace – The Blessing for Registration in Cheon Il Guk – all Blessed Families on Earth and in the Spiritual World Blessing = registration of our birth – fallen humans have no life in front of God Blessing – we come under Gods true governance, true love, life and lineage For the Revolution of True Heart – we need to pass through the revolution of true heart – indemnity, conscience and heart

17 December 13 th – Washington, USA Crown of Peace Awards - King and Queen of Peace The vertical providence was now expanded out horizontally to the global level. Cain and Abel were harmonised The Abel Side = Religious Leaders The Cain Side = Leaders of government and diplomats Included 60 prominent leaders from Korea (15 former government ministers, 10 MPs, top religious and academic leaders) They attended a Seven Day DP Seminar – HDH, DP, TPs achievements

18 King of Peace Crowning Ceremony for Cosmic Unity Preceded by Second Generation Blessings in New York and Chyeong Pyong What type of citizens? – Pure, from Gods Blood Lineage

19 The Three Great Revolutions Our fate hangs upon fulfilling the Three Great Revolutions The Revolution through Indemnity The Revolution of Conscience The Revolution of Heart Connects to The Blessing for Registration in Cheon Il Guk for the Revolution of True Heart and for True Liberation and Complete Freedom August 20 th National Assembly, Korea (Completed the vertical process to establish Cheon Il Guk)

20 The Revolution of Indemnity The Fall – human responsibility – fell under Satans dominion – Satans false love, life and lineage. God cannot recognise anything as ours – not our lives our loves or our possessions Our thinking, habits and traditions have had nothing to do with God

21 Take responsibility to make indemnity conditions to draw a line between Satan and ourselves – break all connections with Satan How: 1. Acknowledge and feel the pain of belonging to the satanic lineage and having fallen nature – True Father says that we need a fundamental change of lifestyle and habits because we are not fully aware of our fallen self 2. Willingly make conditions of indemnity bringing oneself to a state of emptiness giving up our internal belongings (heart, mind, thinking) and external belongings (lifestyle and possessions) surrendering them to God and returning them to His possession Without a Revolution of Indemnity the other Revolutions cannot begin

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