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Sexual intimacy in marriage. Bible Study by: Pastor João da Cruz Parente Manual slideTurn your sound.

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2 Sexual intimacy in marriage. Bible Study by: Pastor João da Cruz Parente Manual slideTurn your sound

3 "Sexual intimacy is limited to marriage, only this condition it is accepted and blessed by God. by marriage, husband and wife Becoming one flesh, according to God's will. The normal physical and emotional pleasures, arising from the marital relationship faithful are ordained by God and He Graduated with Honors. (bsp)* ONE FLESH Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. Genesis 2. 24 (niv)*

4 God presented Adam and Eve with the marriage. They were created perfect for each other. The marriage was not a convenience, nor was it created by any culture. It was instituted by God and has three basic aspects: (1) a man leaves his parents and public act, promises himself to his wife, (2) man and woman are united, taking responsibility for the well-be mutual and loving each other before the others, (3) become both an intimacy and commitment of union sex that are reserved for marriage. weddings solids include these three aspects. (bsap)* KEEP THE MARRIAGE BED PUREWorthy of honor among these is the marriage, and the bed kept pure, for God will judge fornicators and adulterers. Hebrews 13. 5 (aru)*

5 Respect marriage, their sacred vows and their physical intimacy is another aspect of the holy life that God calls his people. The "bed undefiled" is a euphemism for intimacy and sexual relations between husband and wife. Unlike the sexually promiscuous lifestyle in the world, the high God's standard for human sexuality is the purity and fidelity. Marriage and sexual intimacy is reserved for marriage, and God considers them as honorable and pure. Sexual intrusion of a third person in the marriage relation to contamination, and is condemned by God. (cbp)*

6 In order to protect themselves against sexual immorality, God ordained the sacred relationship of marriage. Without spot contains more than one approved of the marriage relationship, but also binds the couple's responsibility to preserve their privacy practices perverse and degrading a prurient society. (bsp)*

7 ENJOY THE SEXUAL INTIMACYThe husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband. - The woman has no authority over her own body, but the husband. Likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife. - Do not refuse one another except by mutual consent and for a time, to devote themselves to prayer. Then join together again, lest Satan tempt you not have self- control. I Corinthians 7. 3 a 5 (niv)*

8 These verses are notable because they reveal points of view that seem very advanced for its time: a healthy perception of women's sexuality, and understanding of complete equality between a man and a woman, in the most intimate of his relationship. Scripture does not give any support to the notion that sexual relations are designed solely the husband's pleasure. (bsg)*

9 Sexual intercourse is an intimate expression of affection between husband and wife. The apostle underlines its importance in stating what marriage really is a must: the husband should be available to his wife when she wants, and wife to her husband when he wants. (bsp)* Within marriage, sexual union is natural, healthy and pleasant, not only for a moment, but throughout life together. (bw)*

10 THE BOOK SONG OF SOLOMON Song is a love song honoring marriage. The explicit allusions to sex in the Bible can be found in this book, which often has been criticized because of the language employed by the sexy writer. However, the purity and the sanctity of love represented in it are much needed today, in which love, sex and marriage are overlooked. God created sex and intimacy, but to be enjoyed within marriage. A husband and wife honor God when we love and enjoy each other (bsap)*

11 LOVE AND BE HAPPY Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine. Song of Solomon 1. 2 (arc)* This vivid description of a romantic relationship begins with the figure of love, which is "better than wine" makes those who love to be happy. The text in Acts 10. 9-16 taught us that we should not misconstrue or call common what God has created and purified. We can enjoy the love. God created it as a gift for us and a delight for all senses. (bsap)*

12 HAVE TIME FOR YOUR SPOUSEFlowers appear on earth, and the time came to sing, is heard in our land the cooing of pigeons. - The fig tree produces the first fruits, flowers and vines spread their fragrance. Get up, come, my darling, my beautiful, come with me. Songs of Salomon 2. 12 e 13 (niv)*

13 Those who love to celebrate their joy in creation and in his love. God created the world, the beauty of nature, presented us with love and sex and gave us directions for us to enjoy them. Never leave the problems, conflicts or the ravages of time ruin your ability to rejoice in the gifts of God. Take the time to enjoy what God created. (bsap)*

14 BELONGING AND BEING DESIREDI belong to my beloved, and he wants me. Songs of Solomon 7.10 (niv)* See 7 a 13 When the relationship matures, there should be more love between spouses and freedom. Here we see that the young man took the initiative to invite her husband to love. Many cultures have stereotypes about the role that men and women should play in the sexual act. But the security of true love gives both spouses the freedom to take the initiative to express their feelings and desires. (bsap)*

15 BELONG TOGETHERI am my beloved and my beloved is mine. Songs of Salomon 6.3a (nvi)* The love that two lovers have for one another is genuine and true. There is no desire or space for someone else. In marriage, there must be such mutual love and dedication that marital fidelity is of paramount importance in married life. (bsp 2.16)*

16 ALWAIS PRAI S E YOUR SPOUSEThou art all fair, my love, and there is no spot in thee. His mouth is most sweet: yea, he is altogether lovely. This is my beloved, this, my husband, daughters of Jerusalem." Songs of Salomon 4. 7 and 5. 16; see 4.1 the 7 and 5.10 the 16 (aru)*

17 As spectators, it is possible that we get embarrassed when I read these passages that expose their intimate lovers. In the ecstasy of their love, they compliment each other, using beautiful images. His words may be unfamiliar to readers of a different culture, but the intense feeling of love and admiration are universal. Communicate them through words and actions strengthen any relationship. (bsap)*

18 REFLECTING SEXUALITY, A GIFT OF THE CREATOR-Although the word "sex" does not appear in the Bible, biblical language describing God's plan for human sexual behavior, including the generation of offspring and sexual pleasure in marriage. Sex was designed by the Creator as a special gift that allows the husband and wife express their unity in love and sharing intimate and exclusive of his plan for procreation. Sexual impulses are given by God as a means of achieving ecstasy highest natural that the human body can experience. (bw)*

19 SPOUSES:Learn the lost art of love verbally. Learn to speak words of love to caress the soul of / his / her partner / a. Understand and believe that the Lord continues to see the sexual relationship within the sanctity of marriage as very good and blessed him. Praise him, in marriage, the virtues of your spouse above the other virtues. Create regular times, with your spouse to revoke and renew the romance in your marriage. (bsp)*

20 Formatting: Wesley Simões (Brazil) Website: Music: Love Story - Raul Di Blasion Text: Sexual intimacy in marriage. Author of the text: Pr. João da Cruz Parente To learn more about the author of the text (Clique aqui)(Clique aqui) To read other articles by the author of the text (Clique aqui)(Clique aqui) If this message has touched your heart(Clique aqui)(Clique aqui) *REFERENCES USED Bible - Study Pentecostal (bsp) Bible - New International Version (niv) Bible - Study Applications personal (bsap) Bible - Almeida reviewed update (aru) Bible - Study Fullness (bsf) Bible - Women's (bw) Bible - Almeida reviewed corrected (arc) Bible - Study Geneva (bsg) Commentary Biblical Pentecostal (cbp) God bless

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