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"Children are a gift from God. They come to us without knowledge, they are like little sponges for they learn EVERYTHING we teach them. Bessie Hudgins.

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1 "Children are a gift from God. They come to us without knowledge, they are like little sponges for they learn EVERYTHING we teach them. Bessie Hudgins

2 Three Sides to Every Story, Inc. Three Sides to Every Story, Inc. based in LaGrange, Georgia is recognized as a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization by the Internal Revenue Service

3 Mission Statement Our mission at Three Sides to Every Story is a very simple one. Unity for children and their families after divorce or separation is our goal. Our founder found herself in the middle of the battle of her life when her son lost his children through divorce. The lies and fraud that were committed to keep these children away for eight very long years was something she did not want to relive…for she herself is the product of the same abuse and deception as a child. We strive to bring awareness to the plight of the children and their families. No child deserves to go to bed at night with the feeling of not being loved by both parents and both sides of grandparents and all of their extended family. Our goal is to educate not only both parents, but to bring awareness to all those that help make the laws of our land. Children Need Both Parents and by all means They Deserve to Have Loving Grandparents

4 Three Sides Projects DCRally – (Family Preservation Festival) Lighting Candles Worldwide – (Annually Dec. 18) S.U.G.A.R (Stand Up Grandparents and Roar) S.C.O.P.E. (Senior Citizens Organization for Parenting Equality) JCK – Walk of Love – (Justice from Courts for Kids) Adopt a Highway Locks of Love

5 The DCRally is an annual event held on the National Mall in Washington DC. The purpose of this event is spread awareness to our political leaders of the trauma being caused by the actions of the Family Court Systems. DCRally2008 will be held online this year.

6 It is our belief that children need both of their parents and deserve their loving grandparents. We believe that all children have a right to both of their fit and loving parents as well as all of their loving grandparents and extended family. We plan to bring awareness to this issue by lighting the whole world, one candle at a time. Our plan is to light candles in every town in every state and in as many countries as we can reach, on the same day at the same time. The first annual event will be held on December 18, 2008 with the second being held on April 25, 2009 for Parental Alienation Awareness Day.

7 Becoming a Grandparent is probably the easiest and most comfortable part of your life. It is a time filled with love and hugs & kisses, and remembering your own children when they were small. When your children have children you enter into the world of Grand-parenting … which allows you to love and be loved with no responsibilities. Wow, did I just say that? To love and be loved with no responsibilities … that would be a dream come true.

8 We are America. We have worked, married, raised families and are now what everyone refers to as Senior Citizens. We watch as our grandchildren are removed from our loving families. We have lived our lives…and learned along the way. We have first hand experience of the effects of taking children from loving and fit parents. We join together to stand beside our children and grandchildren to say…WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH! We love our children and our grandchildren and we want the world to know…children belong with their loving and fit parents. It is time for Justice to take over and help families stay together…instead of taking children away from fit and loving parents.

9 JCK – Walk of Love On July 30, 2006 the JCK – Walk of Love was held. Supporters walked from the courthouse steps in Meriwether County, Georgia back to Three Sides to Every Story, Inc.s home office making a stop at the Troup County, Georgia Court Complex.

10 Adopt-a-Highway Program Three Sides to Every Story, Inc is proud of their partnership with the Georgia Department of Transportation for the Adopt-a- Highway program. Three Sides has adopted and maintains 2 stretches of highway (1 in Troup County and 1 in Meriwether County) Volunteers help us in our efforts to keep our highways clean.

11 Locks of Love Donations Three Sides to Every Story, Inc. has teamed up with Locks of Love to hold events for donations. The first of these events was held on May 4 th, 2006 with more being planned for the near future.

12 Things Three Sides hopes to accomplish Influence legislation with regard to the family court systems Provide support for those affected Provide an abundance of information via our website free of charge to the public Help the family unit stay intact Keep others from being victimized by the courts actions. Help others fight for their rights by providing information and potential resources.

13 Thank you Thank you for reviewing this presentation. We hope that we have provided you with sufficient information to help join our effort. Please feel free to visit our websites for additional information that Three Sides provides to the public free of charge.

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