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Everyone Loves SharePoint Keys to Training Users on SharePoint for Successful Implementations Everyone Loves SharePoint Keys to Training Users on SharePoint.

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1 Everyone Loves SharePoint Keys to Training Users on SharePoint for Successful Implementations Everyone Loves SharePoint Keys to Training Users on SharePoint for Successful Implementations Liz Sundet

2 Special Thanks to our Platinum Sponsor …and our Gold Sponsor

3 Founded in 2010 650+ Employees 450+ Technical Resources 7 Data Centers Offices in 12 States Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona OneNeck IT Solutions at a Glance We provide end-to-end IT Solutions to mid-market and enterprise companies Solution line up includes: cloud and hosting solutions, colocation services, managed services, ERP application management, professional services, IT hardware resale and world-class data center facilities Backed by the Fortune 500® strength of Telephone and Data Systems #SPSUtah

4 About Me Liz Sundet– Applications Architect with OneNeck IT Solutions MBA, PMP, CBAP, CSM Musician: Dog Lover: Biker: Throttles, not pedals Email: or Follow on Twitter: @percusn Connect with me on LinkedIn #SPSUtah

5 Dilbert on Training: #SPSUtah

6 Philosophy on Training Im not a teacher… I dont work for a company that specializes in training… BUT… Ive trained thousands of users on SharePoint ERP Systems Project Management Software Business Analysis and Project Management Wrote training curriculum for Rochester Community and Technical College (Mayo Clinic) for BAs. When it comes to SharePoint: If users are trained properly, questions answered and they start to see the advantages SharePoint provides, they will love it. #SPSUtah

7 Dog Shaming--Users are like puppies, they dont come trained – Raymond Mitchell @SharePointPuppy #SharePointPuppy #SPSUtah

8 Discussion Areas: What are the different learning styles VARK Model How to use the learning styles when training SharePoint users Other techniques for training users Coaching techniques 3 point technique (Show-Guide-Train) Gamification for training users Things to remember to select the right types of training #SPSUtah

9 VARK – How people take in and give out information Visual Learners Aural Learners Read/Write Learners Kinesthetic Learners (Doers) Reference: #SPSUtah

10 How to set up a tent Visual = Cool theres pictures Aural = Read directions out loud and do one step at a time Reader = Follow directions by reading the entire manual before starting with step 1 Kinesthetic = take out of box and start setting up based on what they have seen or what seems logical to them #SPSUtah

11 Visual #SPSUtah Reference:

12 The Visual Learner for SharePoint training Include as many pictures as possible in the training content If what you are doing changes even slightly (different screen layout) make sure to include a picture of it Use Diagrams (Context diagrams, process flows, mind maps) to better explain the big picture of what they are doing Give them reference materialsposter sized if possible Use lots of COLORS #SPSUtah

13 Aural Learner Remember thru Repetition. Say it, Say it, Say it. Seven times, seven ways May have to talk about it before they understand it fully or trust it Can carry out verbal directions perfectly. How do you get to the nearest gas station from here? Learns well thru lectures – excellent listeners Enjoys plays, dialogues, dramas and music Able to listen to an entire lecture on MP3 player while working out at the gym and gain more than in the traditional classroom. Reference: #SPSUtah

14 The Aural Learner for SharePoint training Traditional Classroom lecture Forum to discuss ideas, how-tos and issues theyve encountered Instructions in video/recording form Make sure to repeat key points or things to remember. Seven times, seven ways = commitment to memory. #SPSUtah

15 Reader/Writer Learners Remember what is written May like to write on a whiteboard or takes a lot of notes Perceived as a bookworm, will read books, journals, magazines, newspapers Will Google things to find out more about a topic Grasps important concepts the first time after reading materials on it Office may have lots of books that are worn from daily reference and use #SPSUtah Reference:

16 The Reader/Writer for SharePoint training Give them a manual that is largely written text Instructions, indexes, websites to reference for more information Allow them the opportunity to take lots of notes during a traditional training session Give them key points in list form Invite them to whiteboard ideas for better understanding #SPSUtah

17 Kinesthetic Learner Learns by doing or taking action May need to move constantly or cant sit still Learns by Demonstrations, but they will likely walk thru the actions at the same time you are explaining them Uses gestures, talks with their hands There world is a stage When playing sports, performing music, acting in a play they are doing it kinesthetically Reference: #SPSUtah

18 Kinesthetic Learner for SharePoint training Will learn more thru exploration on their own Have as many working examples or labs as you can Give them a treasure hunt that allows them to explore the SharePoint environment and find a token Allow them to do something When in a traditional classroom, give them a toy to play with in their hands. This will allow them to be able to do something while taking in the information Give them a blank sheet of paper, they will likely make doodles but will listen to your presentation better #SPSUtah

19 Fun facts about VARK and learning Majority of the population is? Kinesthetic – 40% Most males are of this learning style? Kinesthetic Most females are of this learning style? Read/Write Most schools and businesses deliver in this learning style? Read/Write, Aural Do teachers use the same learning style in their teaching? Likely not. They will use empathy to understand where individuals are struggling and adapt or use different techniques. #SPSUtah

20 Types of SharePoint Training Traditional Classroom Include as many learning styles into your training Handouts, pictures, interesting presentations, demos, lab time, Repeat key points. Keep sessions short if possible. Half way thru a 30 minute presentation you only have 10-20% of your audience still actively listening. Make it interactive Allow as many questions throughout or time for questions Show the basics then build on the training from there #SPSUtah

21 Drawbacks to Traditional Classroom Training? Schedule– hard to get everyone together Training is typically done prior to go live or being able to use it If training is done after go live users are all at different levels of experience and knowledge No follow up with the training Materials take tons of time to put together #SPSUtah

22 Types of SharePoint training Coaching Students in small groups or 1:1 The coach is able to adapt to student learning style Cheerleader at your side– give you praise and positive reinforcement Can be done at any timedoesnt have to be scheduled. Work best for the busy executive that does a few things in SharePoint #SPSUtah

23 Drawbacks to Coaching? Coach isnt available Coach cant recognize the learning style of the student Typically smaller groups Ad hoc, so not everyone gets the same message at the same time Variances in levels of understanding and knowledge throughout the organization #SPSUtah

24 Types of SharePoint Training Show-Guide-Train Show Student is shown how to do something, often by demo and aural. Talking thru key points and tips and tricks and reasons why Guide Student mimics the demo actions and coach is there to give them pointers if they get stuck Train Student becomes the teacher and shows someone else what they learned. The coach is on hand for reinforcement for both individuals and to talk about what the student/teacher did well and improvements for future. #SPSUtah

25 Show-Guide-Train Drawbacks Miss the entire population of Reader/Writer learners Good for 1:1 training/coaching You can apply to traditional classroom with slight modifications Lecture/demo – with written instructions Walk thru scenario– lab style, spoon fed information of what to put in where, in training environment. Allow them to get real life examples for entry to production #SPSUtah

26 Types of SharePoint training Gamification Use of game thinking and game mechanics in a non-gaming context. Increases user adoption, return on investment, data quality and learning! Points Programs Loyalty awards Progress Bar Badges Levels of expertise #SPSUtah

27 Gamification in SharePoint Built into MySites by ability to create and award badges # of followers I like it content #SPSUtah

28 Creating training using Gamification outside of SharePoint Create a treasure hunt by having people look for a token that is hidden. The first person to find it gets a badge or other reward Create a scavenger hunt by starting with a clue that leads to another clue and another until they have made it thru navigation of several different sites. #SPSUtah

29 Drawbacks to Gamification Kinesthetic learners will likely love it. Other learning styles could hate it. Everyone at different levelssome may be turned off and dont care Largely done on their own Could have bad habits that start if youre not careful #SPSUtah

30 Things to look for in training Involve as many learning styles as possible Mix of traditional classroom, coaching, gamification, as well as opportunity to show others what they have learned. Important to give and get feedback and modify training based on the feedback. Feedback should be anonymous and summarized Training fits the needs of the user. Dont just train to say they have been trained #SPSUtah

31 Key points from the session VARK Model– go to http://www.vark- for your own assessment of what your learning style is as well as more information.http://www.vark- How VARK styles are applied to training so everyone will love it Use of Coaching, Show-Guide-Train and Gamification techniques that can be used to enhance VARK styles for even better training Start simple, build upon each concept #SPSUtah

32 Remember SharePoint is like a puppy: You need to feed it, play with it, apply crawl-walk-run and constantly have training on it. If you leave SharePoint alone, you will end up cleaning up a lot of crap Positive reinforcement with treats! Its great for user adoption and training, so make it a game Repetition is key to success People love a happy puppy and everyone should love SharePoint @SharePointPuppy #SharePointPuppy #SPSUtah

33 Questions?? #SPSUtah

34 Contact me! Liz Sundet– Applications Architect with OneNeck IT Solutions MBA, PMP, CBAP, CSM Musician: Dog Lover: Biker: Throttles, not pedals Email: or Follow on Twitter: @percusn Connect with me on LinkedIn #SPSUtah

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