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As you listen to the poem, follow along in your book (995). Put stars by any lines that you.

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2 As you listen to the poem, follow along in your book (995). Put stars by any lines that you like, even if you arent positive you understand their function or meaning in the text as a whole. Just listen, read along, and mark what you like. Before listening, read the epigraph – translation on 998

3 Talk with your classmates…share the lines you liked. Read over the poem again. Are there any others now? Write out the lines that you liked on large strips of paper….decorate as you wish. We will see how many different lines we can hang around the room. Just, at the end of the line, give credit to T.S. Eliot.

4 Reread the poem. Then, read pages 999 through 1005. Then, reread the poem. Next, respond to the following: 1. What information from Publishing Prufrock and The Reviews of Prufrock helps your understanding of the poem? 2. Outline the difficulties of poetry that Eliot, in the section T.S. Eliot on Writing, presents.

5 Groups are listed below. In your groups, discuss your readings and notes from last night. How do the reading contribute to/change/develop your understanding of the poem? Then, read your assigned critique (1006-1014) Donoghue: Luke, Cooper, Michael Ricks: Abby, Regan, Lisa, Linda Headings: David, KK, Melanie Ellmann: Emilia, Jaya, Arnav, Amanda Raffel: Melissa, Tala, Christine Berryman: Monica, Zoe, Priyanka Rosenthal: Alex, Ian, Julie, Neha

6 After reading your critique, 1. Create a summary which crystalizes the main ideas of the critique. 2. Discuss the ideas presented by the critic; what does your group think of them in relation to your own readings of the poem? 3. Select 2-3 lines from the critique (can be from separate sections) to share. 4. Informally present this information to the class.

7 1. Select a line from the text that resonates with you for some reason. 2. Write out the line at the top of your page, then free-write. What does the line make you think of? (It does not have to connect to the poem or the poems meaning) Does the line elicit an emotional reaction from you? If so, what is it? (anger, nostalgia, fear, joy, concern…) Why do you think this is? If you could change a word or two in the line that would personalize it for you, what would you change, and why? Have you heard the line before and it reminds you of something altogether different?

8 After free-writing on the line you have selected, examine what you have written for an idea to turn into a creative nonfiction piece. You can write a personal essay, a memoir, a cultural criticism… Whatever you write, it should stem from a line from the poem. The requirements: The line (attributed, of course) should be in the essay – and it cannot be the title of your essay. You should include a creative title. The essay should be a minimum of 3-typed pages, double-spaced. Include outside sources (primary or secondary) as necessary. Remember what you learned about structure and syntax and emotional appeals in AP Lang. & Comp. Your essay will be read/critiqued by your peers prior to being submitted in final form.

9 A readers draft is due on Thurs. Dec. 8. You should bring to class 5 copies of your essay (you may print double-sided if you wish) for small group work-shopping. The term readers draft comes from Stephen Kings book On Writing. This term is in reference to the version of his work that is ready for a reader to see – not the first draft, but the second or third…the draft he has revised and feels is ready for another to see. I expect you to bring in such a draft. We will spend two class days critiquing each others work, and your time, and the time of your peers, is better spent reading what you have invested time in writing and rewriting already.

10 The final draft of your essay is due no later than Dec. 16. You should submit your essay to by 3:00 on that day. Make sure that you receive the confirmation message from turnitin to be sure that your essay has been properly submitted.

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