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Bell hooks Rachel Abrams Gabriela Cardenas Sunday Jackson Ruby Frink.

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1 bell hooks Rachel Abrams Gabriela Cardenas Sunday Jackson Ruby Frink

2 HISTORY Born Gloria Watkins -1952 - in Hopkinsville Kentucky B.A. Stanford University 1973 M.A. University of Wisconsin Madison 1976 Ph.D. University of California, Santa Cruz 1983 inspired by family names of Rosa Bell and Hooks created pseudonym bell hooks Published over 30 books

3 TALKING BACK Structures of domination: race, class, and sexism Revealing personal experiences: What should and should not be said? Incorporating multiple and diverse perspectives Constructive dialogue as liberatory expression

4 ALL ABOUT LOVE bell hooks says that through love we possess the power to end conflicts within ourselves, and within our communities Spirituality: Divine Love Values: Living by a Love Ethic

5 TEACHING COMMUNITY Progressive Education Teacher responsibilities Classroom setting

6 SALVATION: BLACK PEOPLE AND LOVE In the presence of whites we are expected not to speak until we are spoken to, never question anything a white person said, to always allow them preferential treatment, to obey them, the list could go on. Decolonized black people recognized not only that these expectations were unjust but that if we all conform to them we would both be accepting and perpetuating the notion that it was our destiny to be second-class citizens. While we study the same lessons never studied in white schools, art teachers at lessons in black history and culture. Everyone in the school system was black, we had perfect role models. No one doubted our ability to learn to excel academically.

7 LESSON PLAN: AFRICAN-AMERICAN PIONEERS IN DANCE – EXPERIENCE AND IDENTITY But everything I do cannot be right. Cause there is no all the time right. But all the time any hurt can be healed. All wrongs forgiven. And all the world made peace again. – from Homemade Love Dance History Class with Movement Co-Ed Juniors (16-17) LaGuardia Second Semester Dance studio/Classroom Incorporates Mosstons Guided Discovery teaching style Vision: Develop dance literacy through movement, writing, and dialogue, in order to investigate, think critically, and find inner voices within the arts and academia.

8 PEARL PRIMUS Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad – November 29 th 1919-1994 Raised in NYC, attended Hunter College Completed MA and PhD at NYU 1943 Professional debut in New York in her own African Ceremonial Known for her amazing quality of movement and her abnormally high jumps


10 PEARL PRIMUS (CONTINUED) hooks hopes her students would notice: Context/time period Language that describes her dancing Language that refers to her race

11 JUDITH JAMISON Born 1943 in Philadelphia PA Trained in Ballet (1964 performed with ABT) Joined Alvin Ailey Powerhouse in world of dance Became Artistic Director at Ailey upon his death in 1989

12 JUDITH JAMISON ARTICLE Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News Jamison's Feet Accompli A Dance Is Born In Channel 12 Special September 14, 1988|By Barbara Beck, Daily News Staff Writer Judith Jamison always looked so much like an ebony goddess on stage that you almost have to curb an impulse to kneel when you meet her up close on television. But this tall, angular woman, who has been one of America's greatest dance talents for two decades, is demanding, warm, energetic and funny in Channel 12's documentary "Dancemaker," airing at 9:30 tonight. The 30-minute film follows Jamison through the long, arduous process of creating a dance from ground zero - holding auditions, working with the composer, imagining the steps and finally, watching the opening-night performance. study-modern-dance-alvin-ailey study-modern-dance-alvin-ailey copyright 2011

13 ARTHUR MITCHELL Born in New York City, 1934 Attended New York High School for the Performing Arts and later SAB Joined NYCB in 1955 as first African American dancer Martin Luther Kings assassination inspired him to open Dance Theatre of Harlem (first African American Classical Ballet Company)


15 DISCUSSION/DIALOGUE/MOVEMENT Continues discussion on how students interpret the articles and relate to the experiences of these artists bell hooks asks them: Do you relate to these people? Are you inspired by them? While considering your own identity, and exploring your own voice lets move.

16 THE END Thank you for listening to our AMAZING presentation! Have a great winter break See you next year in 2012!

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