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Marriage as a Sacred Institution Kori da Silva Marques.

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1 Marriage as a Sacred Institution Kori da Silva Marques

2 What has happened?

3 Cont…

4 Cohabitation Statistics 53% of first cohabiting unions result in marriage. People with low levels of religious participation and who rate religion of low importance are more likely to cohabit and less likely to marry. Marriage no longer signifies the beginning of sexual relationships,the beginning of childbearing or the point in which couples establish joint households.

5 Why do People Cohabit? Fear or disbelief in long-term commitment Desire to avoid divorce Want to test out the relationship Reject the institution of Marriage and this is an alternative.

6 What we have bought in to. Germaine Greer The Female Eunuch Sex has become recreational: we have given into the almighty orgasm Procreative power loss: given into the use of contraception. Children and pleasure: women have become much more attached to the male rather than the children.

7 Todays Marriages Are disposable Lack honor Do not stand the test of time No longer a process All about the glitz and glamour

8 Decrease in Marriage

9 Marriage as a Covenant Covenant in the Old Testament God chooses Abraham to be father of a Great Nation (Gods covenant with Israel) Hosea and Gomer Hosea Husband Yahweh Gomer Wife Israel

10 So, whats so cool about marriage? Brings about the fullness of creation. We are creative beings through our counter parts. We get married to save the world by preserving humanity. Helps one get to know themselves better Brings about authentic love. Solo Counter point Intimacy

11 Solitude and Self- Disclosure Sydney Jouard: Perhaps the most important reason for self-disclosure is that without it we cannot truly love. –The Transparent Self. Erich Fromm: The ability to be alone is the condition for the ability to love – The Ability To Love.

12 The Catechism says… The consent by which the spouses mutually give and receive one another is sealed by God himself. From their covenant arises, an institution, confirmed by the divine law,…even in the eyes of society. The covenant between the spouses is integrated into Gods covenant with man: Authentic married love is caught up into divine love 1639

13 St. Thomas Aquinas Love and Charity – teleous by which we can be united with God through human love. Conjugal Love: First movement of the will. Eternal bond between man and woman. Expressed through matrimony. Facets of Love: Liquefactio Delectio Fruito Langor Fervor

14 A Sacred Marriage Offers… Friendship Ecstasy Passion Pleasure

15 Conjugal Love is… Human Gentle Affection Whole of Life Uniquely Expressed Equal Dignity Available Sensitive to Change Loyal, Service, Obedience (Must be mutual) Forgiving

16 Did you know… Up until the 16 th century love had nothing to do with marriage. 2 Adjectives for marriage: Primary (Procreation) & Secondary (Love) 1917 Marriage is a contract 1930 Pope Pius, love is a means to reach perfection. Vatican II removes the 2 adjectives, neither is more important than the other.

17 Essentially… GodHusband Emotionally Spiritually Physically Wife

18 Marriage should be exciting

19 Marriage is an adventure

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