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Federigo’s Falcon By: Sammy Dolan, Julia Bartelucci, Kelsie Lowell, Regina Barts, Nikki Park.

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1 Federigo’s Falcon By: Sammy Dolan, Julia Bartelucci, Kelsie Lowell, Regina Barts, Nikki Park

2 Giovanni Boccaccio Giovanni Boccaccio was an Italian writer, humanist, one of the founders of the Renaissance, born in Paris, and son of an Italian businessman and a French woman. Studied business in Naples, but abandoned it eventually to pursue his literary interests. Around 1340, Boccaccio returned to Florence. Here, he continued writing, making poetry, and also began diplomatic work for the city leaders. His most famous work was the Decameron. Which has been famous for more than 600 years.

3 Federigo is a young man who falls in love with a beautiful married woman, Monna Giovanna, in Italy.

4 Federigo spends lots of money on Monna and eventually all he is left with is his small farm and his falcon.

5 As time goes on Monna’s husband dies
As time goes on Monna’s husband dies. Her son and Federigo become friends, and the boy loves Federigo’s falcon.

6 Monna’s son becomes very sick, and he tells his mom the bird may help him get better.

7 Monna goes to Federigo’s house to apologize for her coldness towards him, and she will have dinner with him, but he has nothing to give her so he cooks the falcon.

8 After eating the falcon Monna tells Federigo she needs the falcon to make her son well. Federigo starts crying and gives her the bones and feathers. A few days later her son dies.

9 Eventually Monnas brother tells her she must remarry
Eventually Monnas brother tells her she must remarry. She remembers how good Federigo was to her and will have no other man.

10 Falconry When training the bird wears a hood which is used to keep the raptor in a calm state. The hood is the most important piece of equipment. It is important that the hood fits the raptor in a comfortable way or the raptor with reject the hood, making it very difficult to train. A bell, or pair of bells, on its legs which can be heard from a fair distance. In most countries they have an identity band. Gauntlets or gloves are used by the falconer to turn the arm into a suitable perching surface. Training birds is more difficult then when reading it in a book. It’s a mutual bond based on respect, forged in food, patient, and trust.

11 Continued... When feeding the bird they use a weighing scale. The scale must be reliable. Its important when dealing with small birds, as they may be endangered by even small weight differences when at flying weight. The successful hunting weight may vary, usually increasing as the bird is flown and develops more muscle. If it means blow the weight the bird will be low and weak. If it means above the range of the weight, the bird will be unresponsive in the field, lacking motivation to hunt or returning to the falconer in a timely fashion.

12 Continued.. A falconer bird is usually housed in mews. The mews are carefully designed to prevent bodily injury and feather damage. During the day when not hunting the bird might be kept perched in a grassy field. Some Europeans feed meat based on its nutritional value to control how hungry the bird is. They feed additional “roughage” which is fur, so the bird can digest properly. Americans feed their birds whole foods such as mouse or quail. They eat a strictly carnivorous diet. N.p., 22/08/11. Web. 9 Sep 2011.

13 Character Illumination
Federigo Filipo Alberighi Fake Facebook Profile -

14 Book Questions 1. A) How Does Monna Giovanna view Federigo’s love for her? ANSWER: She doesn't notice in a loving way, she see’s him more as a giver, not a lover. B) What is the difference between saying she “took no notice” of his love and saying she did not notice it? ANSWER: Taking no notice means she notices his love, but doesn't care. Not noticing it means she has no clue he loves her.

15 Questions Continued C) Why is this distinction important? ANSWER: Because if Monna didn’t notice him then she wouldn't of known he loved her. 2. A)What social and moral problems arise when Monna’s son asks her to obtain Federigo’s falcon ? ANSWER: Monna doesn't want to because that’s all Federigo has. But her son says he’ll get better if she brings him the falcon. B) What does her resolution of these problems reveal about her character? ANSWER: She’s willing to do anything for her son. 3) A) How is Federgio’s decision to kill his falcon similar to Monna’s decision to ask him for it? ANSWER: He killed it so Monna would have a meal worthy for her to eat. And Monna’s willing to take the falcon for her son.

16 B) How do both these actions relate to the theme “magnanimity”?
Continued B) How do both these actions relate to the theme “magnanimity”? ANSWER: Federgio is giving up his falcon for her, while Monna is trying to save her son by taking the falcon. 4) A) In what way are the two main characters models of behavior? ANWER: They will sacrifice anything for each other, and love conquers all.

17 B) Do they have any faults?
Continued B) Do they have any faults? ANSWER: Federgio killed his falcon for her, when that’s really all she wanted in the first place. 5) How is this story about loss and restoration, for both Monna and Federgio? ANSWER: Federgio lost his falcon for the love of Monna, and Monna lost her son in order to love Federigo.

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