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Chemistry of Love The foundation for humanity or a biological oddity?

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1 Chemistry of Love The foundation for humanity or a biological oddity?

2 Magical

3 What we buy for love Jewelry Cars Fragrances Hair styles Cosmetics Cards Cars Clothes Food Travel Movies Gym Alcohol Gifts Education LOVE is a trillion dollar industry.

4 Oxytocin The Cuddle chemical Associated in promoting bonding between people Has noted roles in rats when nesting and retrieving young Produced in high quantities after sex Could this be why you dont mess with this sex? It produces chemicals in your body that make you feel bonded to that person. When you deny them… it causes feelings inside of loss, depression, and like coming off of an addictive substance… not to mention what the other person can do to you socially.

5 Oxytocin The Cuddle chemical

6 Norepinepherine The heart pounder Effects: Increased heart rate Increased blood pressure Blood rushing to the head and face Sweating Hypersensitivity to sound Increased alertness

7 Vasopressin The bonding chemical in the brain of males: example – Male vole rats had this chemical receptor blocked in the brain and males had no bonding with the females. Women state that attachment is what they say is the key component in a successful relationship.

8 Vasopressin

9 Phenylethynamine Chocolate has curiously high levels of this stuff. The comfort feeling Makes one feel at ease Feelings of pleasure Increases sugar levels Increases dopamine levels Commonly thought to put women in the mood

10 Serotonin The antidepressant – addiction People in love and people with mental illnesses we both observed to have 40% less serotonin in their system. Part of the reason why you see people in love addicted to one another. Broken hearted people display behavioral withdrawl similar to people coming off of cocain.

11 Cost? When love goes bad… Loss of love can create or be the basis for 4 or the to 5 most expensive habits to break. Alcohol Smoking Overeating Drugs Between them half a trillion dollars were spent on these addictions annually. What causes all of this?? You dont see ground hogs taking to the poppy seeds when their mates hook up with another male!

12 Interesting comment… The brain: The area of the brain associated with love is very small and very different from the areas associated with anger and fear. So the brains of people deeply in love do not look like those of people experiencing strong emotions, but instead like those of people snorting coke. - Andreas Bartels and Semir Zeki University College, London.

13 Interesting comment… The conclusions of Professor Cindy Hazan of Cornell University are based on 5,000 interviews across 37 cultures and medical tests on couples. The conclusions challenge the romantic ideal and suggest instead that men and women are biologically and mentally predisposed to be in love for only 18 – 30 months. That is just long enough for a couple to meet, mate, and have a child. After that, there is no evolutionary need for the sweaty palms often associated with the high point of love. - Professor Cindy Hazan Cornell University.

14 All of this is predictable All of these chemicals are either proteins, or hormones created by the cell, via some interaction with the cells DNA. Which means that with a DNA scan you can predict the probability that your mate will show love, be attached, be faithful, and how sexual they may be.

15 Voles and their impact… Love programming: In the study of the Vole and took the DNA of a less Vole that mates for life and the second generation of vole was significantly more attached to its mate. - Andreas Bartels and Semir Zeki University College, London.

16 So … how do we know… … he or she is right? Physical looks, emotional depth, personality… What do you look for? Make a list of the top 5 or six things you look for in a potential mate

17 So why is it that… Our biology can have genes so closely in common with Vole mice, yet at the same time… Humans are the only species that has pain during child birth. Kill themselves or others over love Cant have other mates without tremendous amounts of psychological suffering. Have to deny their biological nature to do what is right.

18 Why is religion so pro-fidelity… Is it because it really knows how our biology works? What would happen to relationships if humans acted like monkeys, deer, or dogs with their mating habits. What would happen to families? What would happen to your ability to focus, think, work? (Can you work with a broken heart or be productive?)

19 Is this all there is to love?

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