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Interpersonal Relationships A Christian Perspective.

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1 Interpersonal Relationships A Christian Perspective

2 Our view of God determines how we see relationships Atheism the scientist; the scepticAtheism the scientist; the sceptic Agnosticism the philosopher; the seekerAgnosticism the philosopher; the seeker Polytheism the multiple-choice personPolytheism the multiple-choice person Pantheism new New Age personPantheism new New Age person Theism Jews, Muslims, ChristiansTheism Jews, Muslims, Christians Man the final authority God the final authority Spirits / energy the final authority

3 Q: What is Christian? A mansion with many rooms (C.S. Lewis) Main entrance: Historical creedsMain entrance: Historical creeds –Athanasian, Nicene, Apostles Creeds Once in entrance hall, you choose a doorOnce in entrance hall, you choose a door –Denominational doors –Cross-sections from various denominations Charismatic movement is an exampleCharismatic movement is an example Lord and Saviour movement is another exampleLord and Saviour movement is another example

4 Door of Creeds Apostles Athanasian Nicene Mansion of Christianity Lord and Saviour Cross-section BaptistCatholicOrthodoxPentecostalReformed Other

5 Lord and Saviour Christians Not yet ChristianObedient ChristianDisobedient Christian Wall of Sin I I

6 Christian perspectives on relationships Love of God and love neighbour is basicLove of God and love neighbour is basic Basic love is agape-loveBasic love is agape-love –to desire, choose and act for the highest good for God, the other, creation and self –only possible if Jesus Christ is on the throne We need to build basic-love bridges between our heartsWe need to build basic-love bridges between our hearts

7 The basic-love bridge between two hearts KnowKnow TrustTrust ServeServe

8 How Jesus Christ built relationships The smaller the group the more time He spent with them 1 3 12 120 The multitudes The Father Very good friends Good friends Friends Other people

9 How some build relationships 0 1 0 120 The multitudes

10 How does your triangle look? F Best friends Good friends Friends The multitudes

11 How well do you build basic-love bridges? KnowKnow TrustTrust ServeServe

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