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I Love Guinea Pigs By: Dick King-Smith Genre: Expository Nonfiction Authors Purpose: Inform Skill: Text Structure Compiled by Terry Sams, PiedmontTerry.

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2 I Love Guinea Pigs By: Dick King-Smith Genre: Expository Nonfiction Authors Purpose: Inform Skill: Text Structure Compiled by Terry Sams, PiedmontTerry Sams

3 Summary Guinea pigs aren't pigs, although the males are called boars and the females are called sows. These chubby rodents, originally from South America, make great pets. They live a long time (for rodents) and they're not fussy. They eat and "talk" a lot. And if you treat them well, they can become fond of you. Are they the perfect pet? Dick King-Smith, the author of I Love Guinea Pigs, sure thinks so!

4 Genre: Expository Nonfiction Nonfiction is writing that is based on fact instead of on imaginary events. It is a type of literature that deals with real people, events, and experiences. It explains the nature of something, or tells what something is like. It uses definitions, examples, classifications, and comparisons.

5 Comprehension Skill - Text Structure Text Structure Text Structure Knowing how a piece of text is organized helps the reader to make better sense of the information. Fiction is often organized in the order things happen. Nonfiction can be organized by patterns such as sequencing, cause and effect, fact and opinion, compare and contrast, and main ideas and details.

6 An opinion is a statement that tells what someone thinks. Opinions also can change. Comprehension Skill – Review Fact and Opinion Fact and Opinion A fact is a true statement. Some facts never change. But some facts can change. A fact that can change: The food is hot

7 Practice Text Structure – Fact and Opinion TE 195b Fact and Opinion TE 195bFact and Opinion TE 195b FactsOpinionsPersonal Experience Guinea are pigs rodents. Guinea pigs are such sensible animals. Ive had hundreds of guinea pigs over the last 50 yeas. They have special front teeth that are great for gnawing. Theyre awfully easy to keep, because they arent fussy. I used to give my guinea pigs lots of others kings of foods.

8 Now you Practice – Fact and Opinion TE 195b Statement Fact or Opinions? How Do You Know? They dont like the cold, of course, or the damp... (p.187) Guinea pigs need plenty of food. (p. 189)

9 Vocabulary Skill - Homographs Homographs Homographs are words that are spelled the same and sound the same. They can be pronounced differently. Examples – read – read record present sow – sow record present Homophones (homonyms) are spelled differently but pronounced the same.Homophones there – their – theyre your – youre too – to - two

10 Literary Device – Onomatopoeia TE 195i Words that imitate the sounds they describe are called onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia makes meaning clearer. Onomatopoeia makes writing livelier and more interesting. Examples: Compare guinea pigs make noises with guinea pigs say putt, chut, and tweet.

11 Practice Onomatopoeia Go to page 191 to locate words that imitate the sounds guinea pigs make.

12 Research Skills – Charts/Tables TE 195j When doing research you may find information in charts or tables. Charts and tables show information at-a-glance rather than with words. Charts organize information in a way that is easy to follow. A table is a kind of chart that presents information in rows and columns.

13 Weekly Fluency Check Go to pages 188-189 I once had a... or Go to page 191, Another nice... Read with Accuracy – Use your knowledge of word structure to pronounce words correctly. The word cauliflower can be broken down into 4 parts and sounded out. Look for and decode any difficult or many syllabled words in the passage as you read. (The teacher will listen to you read.)

14 Review 1.How are guinea pigs and pigs alike and different? 2.What does the author think about guinea pigs? 3.How does the author know so much about guinea pigs?

15 Review 2 1.What does an owner need to do to make his guinea pig friendly and tame? 2.What does the author want you to remember the most about guinea pigs? 3.Why will the author never forget King Arthur and Beach Boy?

16 Writing Assignment Write a paragraph explaining what you have learned about guinea pigs from this selection. Be sure to proofread for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. You may use the information on the table on Workbook p. 79-80 for information.

17 More Good Stuff Interesting Facts More About Guinea Pigs Guinea Pigs Reading Test Spelling Test ABC Spelling Words

18 Say It! boars fond gnawing sow varieties

19 More Words to Know ancestors cavy conversation guinea pig rodents

20 fond loving and liking

21 boars male pigs or hogs

22 gnawing biting and wearing away

23 varieties different kinds, types, or sorts

24 sow a fully grown female pig

25 ancestors persons from whom one is directly descended

26 conversation friendly talk

27 cavy any of the family of South American rodents

28 guinea pig a small, fat animal with short ears and a short tail or no tail

29 rodents any of a group of animals with large front teeth used for gnawing

30 The dog was gnawing on the shoe.


32 There are so many varieties of guinea pigs to choose from.


34 These rodents are from the cavy from South America.


36 The guinea pig males are called bears.

37 The guinea pig males are called boars.

38 The ancestors of the guinea pig came from Dutch Guiana many years ago.


40 Rats and mice are also rodents.


42 The guinea pigs like for you to have a friendly conversation with them.


44 A sow can have babies several times a year.


46 Have you ever had a guinea pig for a pet?


48 Terry is fond of her guinea pig.


50 Spelling Words Compound Words baseball basketball upstairs myself highway classroom anyway newspaper something sometimes

51 Spelling Words Compound Words chalkboardchalkboard earringsearrings nighttimenighttime motorcyclemotorcycle downstairsdownstairs softballsoftball weekendweekend classmateclassmate doorbelldoorbell drivewaydriveway

52 This Weeks Word Wall Words Click and type your own words for this week:

53 Lets review our words. Watch carefully because they will flash on the screen for just a moment. We will clap as we spell the word.

54 baseball

55 basketball

56 upstairs

57 myself

58 highway

59 classroom

60 anyway

61 newspaper

62 something

63 sometimes

64 chalkboard

65 earrings

66 nighttime

67 motorcycle

68 downstairs

69 softball

70 weekend

71 classmate

72 doorbell

73 driveway


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