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A tour to future. Introduction to E-commerce To understand the complexity of e-commerce and its many facets. To explore how e-business and e-commerce.

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1 A tour to future

2 Introduction to E-commerce To understand the complexity of e-commerce and its many facets. To explore how e-business and e-commerce lift together. To identify the impact of e- commerce. To recognize the benefits and limitations of e- commerce. To use classification frameworks for analyzing e- commerce. To identify the main barriers to the growth and development of e-commerce in organizations What is Electronic Commerce What About E-Business E-commerce, E-business, Who E-cares? Impact of E-commerce


4 From the Eyes Of Manas Ifinet By Internet commerce, we mean the use of the global Internet for purchase and sale of goods, services, including service and support after sale. Internet commerce brings some new technology and new capabilities to business, but the fundamental business problems are those that merchants have faced for hundred - even thousands - of years: you must have something to sell, make it known to potential buyers, accept payment deliver the goods or services, and provide appropriate service after the sale. Low Risk No Bargain Reaching Target Consumer becomes easy Less Manpower

5 What About E-Business ? There are many different definitions and understanding about E- Commerce. According to Frederick J. Riggins and Hyeun-Suk Rhee, a recent pilot survey shows that some practitioners and managers view E- Commerce --> buying and selling goods and products over internet. However, researchers believe the E- Commerce practice should include a wide variety of presale and post-sale activities. Customer-to- business Intra-organizational

6 E-commerce, E-business, Who E-cares? Some analysts and on-line business people have decided that e-business is infinitely superior as a moniker to e-commerce. Thats misleading and distracts us from the business goals at hand. The effort to separate the E-commerce and E-business concepts appears to have been driven by marketing motives and is dreadfully thin in substance. Heres the important thing: E-commerce, E-business or whatever else you may want to call it is a means to an end.


8 E-commerce and e-business are not solely the Internet, websites or dot com companies. It is about a new business concept that incorporates all previous business management and economic concepts. As such, e-business and e-commerce impact on many areas of business and disciplines of business management studies. For example: Marketing – issues of on-line advertising, marketing strategies and consumer behavior and cultures. One of the areas in which it impacts particularly is direct marketing. In the past this was mainly door-to-door, home parties (like the Tupperware parties) and mail order using catalogues or leaets. This moved to telemarketing and TV selling with the advances in telephone and television technology and nally developed into e-marketing spawning e-CRM (customer relationship management) data mining and the like by creating new channels for direct sales and promotion. Computer sciences – development of different network and computing technologies and languages to support e-commerce and e-business, for example linking front and back ofce legacy systems with the webbased technology. c Finance and accounting – on-line banking; issues of transaction costs; accounting and auditing implications where intangible assets and human capital must be tangibly valued in an increasingly knowledge based economy. Economics – the impact of e-commerce on local and global economies; understanding the concepts of a digital and knowledge-based economy and how this ts into economic theory.

9 Production and operations management – the impact of on-line processing has led to reduced cycle times. It takes seconds to deliver digitized products and services electronically; similarly the time for processing orders can be reduced by more than 90 per cent from days to minutes. Production systems are integrated with finance marketing and other functional systems as well as with business partners and customers (see Intel mini-case). Intel launched their on-line business in summer 1998 when their sales shot from zero to $1 billion per month in the first month of operation. The reason for this is that they totally re-engineered their processes to include small and medium-sized businesses. Previously only Intels larger customers were connected to them by expensive EDI networks, leaving the small and medium-sized companies sending faxes or phoning in orders or requirements. Intel concentrated on procurement and customer support for a range of their products (including computer chips and microprocessors), developing an extranet (which is the linking of a number of intranets using Internet technology with added security creating virtually private networks). By using the extranet, authorized small and medium-sized business partners could place orders, track the orders and look at product documentation on the site. The savings for Intel and their customers were large – they eliminated 45,000 faxes in a quarter to Taiwan alone – saving on time, telephone charges and fax paper. Eleven of the larger Intel companies were connected to another system which let Intel link to customer plants across the Internet to track part consumption.

10 Visualize It!




14 Vision Statement Mission Statement To be the safest, most progressive E-commerce Provider relentless in the pursuit of Client and employee excellence. To capitalize on the efficiency of Information Technology Industry to serve Clients. WE strive constantly to make Manas Ifinet a winning competitor both today and in the future. We embrace bold strategies that will lead to our success in the marketplace. We aggressively leverage our unique set of assets to provide exceptional value for our shareholders and Clients. Manas Ifinet Empowering IT Solutions

15 Founded in 2010 as a small company with a big vision. Maintained a phenomenal growth over the years. Achieved total financial stability since inception and grown solely based on internally generated funds. Consistent record of over 80% of business coming from repeat customers. Spotless delivery record of many successful project deliveries over the years. A dedicated team of brilliant advisors, for innovating new ideas for our loyal clients & investors Fact Sheet

16 Milestones Year 2010 & 2011 Corporate Performance Web development center with an infrastructure to support web2.0 & software services which include Business and System applications development. Financial year was closed with the revenue of $63,000 & $105,300 respectively Global Initiatives Establishment in India – Varanasi & New Delhi Strategic Initiatives Reached end consumer with offers which is available nowhere else in the industry. Empowered Consumers through Affiliate commissions & Spiff.

17 Why we are different? Manas Ifinets E-commerce portal is different from our competitors in lot of ways: Affiliate incentives Loyalty Incentives Greeting our clients on their birthday & wedding anniversary Lucky Draws Huge pay per sale commission for vendors Lucky draws & performance based gifts/prizes for vendors & agents

18 Affiliate incentives It is the most unique concept, which opens a new segment in the era of consumer empowerment. Manas Ifinet empowers a common consumer to fulfill their shopping needs without paying anything or without referring any other consumer for the amount of up-to 25,000 INR *Terms & Conditions apply 1 Details about this can only be provided after NDA is signed

19 Loyalty Incentives We value our consumers loyalty! It is an unvalued respect & loyalty to have consumers who shop from us on several occasions. We respect and thank them for their support. As a piece of thanks is given to our loyal consumers/clients once they shop from us 3 rd time within 180days. Loyalty incentives are up-to ` 50,000 *Terms & Conditions apply 1 Details about this can only be provided after NDA is signed

20 Greeting our clients on their birthday & wedding anniversary As we go on, we never forget important date of our end consumers. We greet them through mails and texts. Our consumers are also greeted with surprise gifts which is shipped at their home on the day of anniversary. *Terms & Conditions apply 1 Details about this can only be provided after NDA is signed

21 Lucky Draws We have a spiff program which is planned for weekly monthly & quarterly basis. Both for agents & our clients. Employee & Consumers programs oppose to each other. *Terms & Conditions apply 1 Details about this can only be provided after NDA is signed

22 Huge commission & incentives Commission is based on the no. of sales hit or exceeds the daily target. Commission examples per sale(for vendors only): 1. ` 2,500 for one sold package 2. ` 4,000 for one sold package 3. ` 900 for one sold package 4. ` 2,000 for one sold package 5. ` 500 for one sold package Commissions are up-to ` 12,000/ *Terms & Conditions apply $ Commission differs from package to package 1 Details about this can only be provided after NDA is signed

23 If E-commerce than why Tele-Sales? Thousands of companies rely on the phone for a substantial part of their sales. Telephone sales now surpass direct mail as a form of advertising for businesses. Out-bound telemarketing provides the opportunity to make sales calls, to upgrade mail orders, do prospecting, or speed up cash flow to the corporation.

24 What we sell? Mobiles & Accessories, Electronics, Home & Kitchen, Tablet PC, Laptops, Net-books, Clothing, Bags, Lifestyle, Camera and thousands more… *Vendors will be updated in advance of any change made in the aforesaid categories

25 E-competitors


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