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Presentation BUBBLUS. State the significance of Judaism Tell what Judaism means to you.

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3 State the significance of Judaism Tell what Judaism means to you

4 Give a brief overview of what youll cover in your presentation

5 The word Torah is Hebrew for teaching or law. The first five books of the Bible are called the Torah. Torah can also refer to all Jewish law and teachings. Moses wrote the Torah. The Torah retells Gods creation of the world The selection and growth of the family of Abraham and Sarah The exile and redemption from Egypt of that family –become-nation known as Israel Israels wanderings through the desert until they return to the land of Canaan Israels covenanted relationship with God Gods rules for governing a just society and Gods rules for establishing appropriate worship.

6 Make a timeline of the important historical events

7 Jewish ritual and religious observances are grounded in Jewish Law, Halakhah, meaning the path one walks. Below are the three most common Jewish practices observed.Halakhah Brit Milah Bar Mitzvah Mitzvah Visit Rabbi Scheinermans Judaism website to discover other Jewish practices.Rabbi Scheinermans

8 Meaning Covenant of Circumcision This ceremony confirms the transition of the male infant from being a child of Adam, to a member of the Jewish people thus entering the covenant of Abraham. Upon the birth of a male child, circumcision can be expected before 8 days has expired.circumcision >Back to Religious Practices

9 Meaning son of the commandments From youth, a boy will not formally be a member of the Halakhic community until he turns thirteen. This ceremony bestows full responsibility and devotion on learning the Torah. The same ceremony for girls is called bat mitzvah, meaning daughter of the commandments. >Back to Religious Practices

10 Meaning the fulfillment of a commandment In this case, the first commandment of the Torah: Be fruitful and multiply as it related to marriage. Here the wedding symbolizes the transition from the basic Jewish institution of home and to the responsibility for the welfare of the community. >Back to Religious Practices

11 List the beliefs

12 List some ways Judaism is celebrated.

13 Provide a brief summary of your presentation

14 Directions for student assessment

15 List the grading rubric for assessment.

16 Fishbane, M. (2011, Sept 22). The life cycle of holiness. Retrieved from

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