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Mrs. Melissa Franzosi Cherry Hill High School West Guidance Department Junior College Night 2013.

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1 Mrs. Melissa Franzosi Cherry Hill High School West Guidance Department Junior College Night 2013

2 All Juniors should create a resume to highlight their involvement through-out high school. Resumes can be shared with Colleges/Universities during the application and/or interview process. Students can distribute resumes to High School Administrators, Counselors, Teachers, Coaches, etc. for letters of recommendation. Resume creation can be easy using Naviance!


4 Using Naviance, the Template will generate student name and mailing or address first. Objective, Education, Academic Achievement are listed next. Students then will input Extracurricular Activities, Volunteer Service, Awards, Work Experience, E

5 Varsity Baseball-9,10,11; Captain 12 ***NOT 9 th grade- Band Baseball-Varsity 10 th grade-Band Baseball-Varsity Spanish Club **State name of activity, length of time, and description.

6 For Example -Extra-Curricular Involvements: Private Vocal Lessons One Act Plays *Almost Maine (Hope) *Cut (Shannon) Musical *Hairspray (Ensemble) *The Wedding Singer *Grease (Lead-Sandy) 2012-PresentChamber Singers 2012-PresentPiano Lessons

7 It is preferred that you choose activities that are meaningful and /or productive, stick to them and rise to positions of leadership within them.

8 Academic Awards/Honors: National Honor Society Spanish National Honor Society Extracurricular Activities: Varsity Soccer 9-12, Captain Chess Club, Varsity Board One 9-12 Martial Arts, 3 rd Degree Black Belt (compete K-12) Career Oriented Programs: Rowan Universitys Intro to Engineering (Rise) 2013 Drexel Universitys Science/Engineering 2013


10 Cherry Hill High School West Mrs. Cynthia Snowden Junior College Night 2013 Guidance Department

11 College visits are essential in researching potential schools. Before students and families commit several years and thousands of dollars to a college, they should be sure the student is choosing a place that is a good match to their personality and interests.

12 Try to schedule your visit while school is still in session. By visiting while students are still on campus, you will get a better feel for campus life.

13 Talk to the current students. Specific questions may yield interesting and helpful answers. Take the campus tour which will allow you to see the full array of opportunities at the college. Most colleges have information sessions and tours several times a week. Stop by the admissions office and introduce yourself. You can also collect contact information at that time. Colleges do keep track of which applicants have demonstrated genuine interest in the school, and this is a great way to demonstrate your interest!

14 Some schools sponsor overnight programs where you can stay with a current student. Schools will also invite admitted students to spend a weekend on campus. Even if you do not stay over, most schools will allow you to sit in on a class if the request is made in advance.

15 As you compare schools, you will be able to determine which aspects you like and which aspects you dont like. Keep track of details from each school and record your feelings during the visit. Remember, you want to end up at the school which feels like home. Resources:

16 Cherry Hill High School West Mr. Nick Caputi Junior College Night 2013 Guidance Department

17 Connect to something personal to you, something you are passionate about…the college essay is really a personal essay. Humanize the numbers; the who, not the what. Use your voice, your perspective, and your uniqueness; perfection is not required. Combine emotion and intellect (sophisticated essays could be void of emotion, thus theyll be void of that personal essay feel). Do not overdo the emotion!

18 Try to avoid trite topics (if you cannot, then make your common experience an uncommon essay). Never assume your reader (be careful with sensitive/controversial topics). You are revealing a part of yourself to a school to elicit a reaction from the reader and to make them feel something.

19 Tie into the Fit; remember, colleges are trying to put together a school community. Respect requested limits. Dont let Bill Gates be your editor.

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